The Great Gatsby Trailer: Gatsby Meets Jay-Z In 3D

Whenever you hear “The Great Gatsby” you probably just roll your eyes at that summer reading list. Good thing the movie version starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan is about to drop–as evidenced by the trailer for The Great Gatsby that just came out today!

Now future generations of confused students (and a few slackers) will get a Gatsby primer into the scandalous lives of New York City’s elite. (Sounds familiar? Oh, yeah, it is.)

Gatsby is actually one of my favorite books and just like when Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games came out, I am half excited to see it turned into the movie, half pretend-mad about how they are going to “ruin” it. Too bad we’ll have to wait until Christmas to see if the movie lives up to the epic book.

What I am excited about:

* Even though I’ve only just seen The Great Gatsby Trailer and not the actual movie, it’s obviously visually stunning and looks like a party. The crazy, debauchery sometimes doesn’t come across in the book! Remember when Romeo and Juliet came out in theaters and we finally knew what Shakespeare was going on and on about? You really have to read between the lines to pick up on all the drama, sex, and yes, drugs. They don’t call it the roaring ’20s for nothing, folks!

* The soundtrack. I am a sucker for the “old meets new” cliche. Jay-Z and Kanye sending off a scandalous story about 1920s’ drama. Yes, please. Again, it makes the movie feel like a party (in a way the book was unable to with just words) and totally makes it more relatable.

* The fashion and the drama. I am a huge fan of Mad Men and Downton Abbey. Anything where I can see a bunch of melodramatic people in vintage clothing gossip about each other is awesome.

What I am pretend-mad about:

* 3D! Why does this have to be in 3D? Do I need bow ties and Leo DiCaprio’s forehead popping out at me?

* The casting. Hmmm? Tobey, Leo, Carey … hmmm. We’ll just have to see.

* Race and Sex. The 1920s were a time where racism and sexism were at its peak and the feminist movements were just beginning. The book itself doesn’t really handle these things very well, will the movie? Is this something that can be ignored just for the story? Especially when The Great Gatsby Trailer is set to hip hop. We’ll just have to see.

Check it out! Oh, it’s so good!

What do you think of The Great Gatsby trailer? Have you read the book? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kid Omega

    I am so upset about this trailer… I’m a book purist and a bit of a literature snob, so I suppose that’s what it stems from. But this whole trailer just looks wrong to me. First, it’s completely overdone. I abhor the modern music, most especially because the twenties were a time so rich with their own music that it seems completely ridiculous to me for any other music to be included. I despise the way Toby is acting as Nick: like some wonderstruck tourist straight out of the bourgeoisie, who is totally approving and awed. Nick is critical, disapproving, and upset throughout most of the book. He would never approve of this trailer. In fact, he would probably be offended. I hate how important characters like Tom are barely in this at all. Obviously one can’t tell how involved they will be in the film from one trailer, but in two minutes 30 seconds I don’t see how they couldn’t have at least shown some involvement.

    More things I hate: the entire atmosphere of sex and parties and boozing it up. Gatsby is supposed to be about how activities like that will ruin you in the end. The trailer doesn’t even acknowledge prohibition! It’s all flashy lights and dancing women and helicopter shots of New York. In fact, if you changed the title of the film to Iron Man and added a bit more flying and sarcasm, this could pass as it. The lens is too modern, the direction is wrong; the visuals are so artificial I think they might be cancerous.

    This film is everything wrong with modern cinema. It takes a classic American novel that so many teens read the Sparknotes for and never look at again and copies the latter action. There is no thinking involved, no symbolism. It’s a bit of eye candy that the mindless masses will eat up. In an age where the best things out seem to be remakes, 3-D rereleases, and awful B-comedies, I hoped The Great Gatsby might just be the light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s not. It’s a flashy light as we drive through, leaving behind the roads of better times for a place where we won’t have to think for ourselves anymore. Fitzgerald is probably rolling in his grave. His novel of love, betrayal, class struggle, and madness has been desecrated.

    – K.O.

    • bramble

      I disagree
      I loved the film
      the cinematography was stunning and bought the book to life
      leo did a great job and tobey fitted the character of nick