Could You Get A Free Car Just By Going To School?

free car going to school

A free car for going to school? Sign us up! | Source: Shutterstock

Most of us get an education for going to school, but one lucky gal in Apple Valley, California got only good grades–she also got a free car! Say what?!

High school student Sydney Toney had perfect attendance this year–go, girl!–so she won a free car. Pretty sweet deal, right? It wasn’t just Sydney going to school that helped her earn a brand new Jeep, but also a bit of luck. A total of 962 students in her district had perfect attendance, in part because of the contest, with 93 in her high school alone. Sydney and four other students with perfect attendance were selected at random and each given a key–the winning key started the new Jeep, and Sydney was the victor. Congrats lady!

The school principal, Pat Schlosser, explained that going to school not only got students the chance at a free car, but also kept their grades up. “We’re excited. We knew that this would be a motivator for students to want to make sure they came to class every day,” Principal Schlosser said. “The students who are here, who have better attendance–-not necessarily perfect-–but the students with good attendance, they just do better.” Seems like a no-brainer, right? You can’t learn much if you don’t show up!

free car going to school

Sydney's only a sophomore, so she can't drive her free car just yet! | Source: Shutterstock

Going to school didn’t just get Sydney her smarts and new wheels. She also got $500 to give to a “deserving teacher.” We bet she earned a ton of extra credit this week!

Sydney’s pretty stoked about her prize, but there’s one caveat: She can’t drive it yet! Her mom is going to be behind the steering wheel of her free car until she gets her permit and license. Thankfully, Sydney doesn’t mind… Not that we would either. It’s a free car!

Do you think students should be rewarded for going to school? Do you think a free car is suitable for a student with perfect attendance? Or is a good education and good grades enough of a reward? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Janice

    That´s amazing!! My school should do that, too. I have perfect attendance!! jaja, well, good for her!! It must be just awesome!!