Could Your Sex Sounds End Up Online?!

sex sounds loud sex

They may want to keep it down if they don't want their sex sounds recorded! | Source: Shutterstock

You’ve probably heard horror stories of people recording themselves–or even others–having loud sex and putting it online, or posting naked pics to the now-defunct Is Anyone Up. But one neighbor got revenge on a sex-crazed couple in a new way that most people wouldn’t expect–with sex sounds.

Banging headboards, squeaking springs, loud moaning, dirty talk, the occasional (or frequent!) scream–you’ve heard, and possibly made, sex sounds before. But could your own loud sex sounds end up online? Possibly!

One web-savvy SoundCloud user got really fed up at a neighbor’s constant loud sex that they recorded the sex sounds and put them online. The audio erotica was taken down soon enough by SoundCloud since it violates their terms of service (no sexually explicit stuff is allowed), but not before 2,000 comments were left on the sex sounds track. Could you imagine 2,000 people listening to and leaving comments on your own loud sex? Yikes!

And guess what? It’s not illegal, so it can happen to you!

sex sounds loud sex

Take away all the airbrushing and these two may have the right idea. | Source: Shutterstock

Mark Rasch, who used to be the head of the computer crime unit for the Department of Justice, said that you probably can’t prosecute anyone for recording sex sounds, even without your knowledge–as long as they didn’t intrude on your property to do it. “It’s probably offensive and silly and all that stuff, but probably not a crime.”And uh, creepy too!

What can you do to prevent your own sex sounds from being recorded? For one, you can make sure you have a ton of privacy. And if you’re into really loud sex? If you’re not sure that some perv or pissed neighbor is listening through some thin walls, you may wanna invest in carpeting and foam to add some sound proofing.

And if you’re annoyed by a neighbor or roommate’s loud sex sounds? Our advice would be to leave them a little note under the door. They probably have no idea that you can hear and will be way embarrassed (and more quiet next time!).

What would you do if someone recorded your sex sounds and posted them online? Have you ever been busted for loud sex? Tell us in the comments!

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