My Sister Has Big Boobs . . . I Don’t

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Growing up, my older sister and I were a lot alike. We both had red hair (still do!), loved the same books, crushed on the same pop stars, and liked the same toppings on our pizzas. When she got glasses, I insisted on wearing frames without the lenses just so I could be like her.

Then something happened that made her so much different from me: she grew breasts. And these weren’t just any breasts–we’re talking big boobs, here. I was pretty little when she started wearing bras, but seem to think she skipped the training bra stage entirely and went to super industrial sized mondo-support monster bras. The cups were big enough that at six and seven years old, I’d tease her by putting them on my head as hats.

Yes, I know. I was a very mature second grader. Whatever.

Anyway, I figured that within just a couple years, my time would come. I’d have a super curvy Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe, knock-you-out-with-my-knockers kind of figure, too. So I waited. And waited. And waited for my big boobs.

My super-sized rack never arrived. Instead of a diva-esque D-cup, I peaked at an A/B. And holy moly was I annoyed. The strapless dresses my sister had worn that I hoped I’d grow into never fit. In fact, no strapless dresses ever did, unless they were made of spandex, which just showed off how flat I was! Where people (including cool guys) thought my sister was older than she really was because of her big boobs, people (including cool guys) thought I was a baby because of my tiny ones!

I started teasing my sister relentlessly: telling her her breasts were meant to be like tea cups, not tea kettles. And one day when her bikini top came untied and actually washed away in the ocean during a beach trip? I couldn’t stop laughing and making jokes about how “those things” just couldn’t stay contained.

Now that I’m older, I realize that having big boobs didn’t make my sister’s problems any smaller than mine. While I was frustrated and sick of being treated like a baby, she was getting all kinds of unwanted sexual attention from creepsters–including a mall Santa at Christmastime–when she was still just a kid! And where I can’t wear strapless dresses or certain halter-style tops, she can’t wear most button-up tops or ever get away without wearing a bra.

And as for those “cool guys” who used to give her attention because of her figure and ignore me because of my tiny top? I think my sister and I have both realized that the coolest guys of all are looking for way more than perfect breasts in a girlfriend (although a certain boyfriend of mine wanted me to say that he thinks mine are great!).

I wish I hadn’t been so mean to my sister about her body–and that I hadn’t been so mean to myself about mine, either. Body snarking is way too freaking common among girls–in fact, I’d be willing to bet that most girls spend more time thinking about and talking about other girls breasts than dudes do–and it’s really just stupid.

You know why? Here’s the secret: It’s your confidence, not your cup size that makes you beautiful. I just wish I’d known that a long, long time ago.

Are you jealous of other girls or siblings with big boobs? Do you have big boobs yourself and hate them? Are you proud of your boobs just the way they are? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Shelly Feller

    It sounds like my life and my older sister almost exactly same sizes and everything, I have the big boobs and my sister has the small ones 😉

  • Truth/Time/Love

    This story is fake.
    The story starts with “my older sis and I”
    then we read “Where people (including cool guys) thought my sister was older”
    it’s just someoe abusing you.

    Be yourself. Be so good in your mind that you will see truth everywhere.

  • cassandra

    My sister has bigger boobs than me, and i wear a sports bra only. it sucks!

  • cestin_forever

    on my dads side the women have cip DD and my mom is a 34b and iim a 34b. my grandma and aunt says im gunna have big boobs. i highly doubt that cuz im 15 and im tiny. im tiny all around. i hate where i cant fit into strapless dresses also -_-

  • Silver

    I am a little bigger than my older sister when it comes to boobs. But i am only a cup size B where as my aunts from my mom’s side are size D’s and what not and my mom is only a C , after she had my sister. I am still in the process of growing so does that mean i too will be small like my mother? On my dad’s side the sizes run to the biggest a C.

  • layla

    My mum has small boobs, but all the other ladies in my family have massive ones. I am actually bigger than my mum, and I’m worried that I’ll get too big. I love myself at the moment, because for me, being a ‘C’ cup is perfect. (and btw, my sister envies my boobs because she is only in year 8, and she’s an ‘AA’. So cute.)


  • beautyqueen22

    my boobs are tiny and am ok with it even sometime i wish i had bigger boobs

  • Cheyenne


    I have small boobs, I mean, I know im still growing and all but yeah. My grandma on my dads side, was a DD. my grandma on my moms side, D. but my mom is a B, and Im bearly a B. I abselutly hate the fact that i cant wear strapless tops(heck, I have wearing dresses too) I feel so insecure about it, but at the end of the day, i love my figure:)

    • Julia

      OMG! Same thing with me, like, my mom has A/B my dad side grandma has like a E and my mother side grandma has like a C and I have an A.

  • malissa

    hello im malissa,
    i have very large boobs, like my mom
    she is 46ff and im 44eee what do i do
    i love the way im looked at. god its great..

    • randy

      mmmm i would the way you look to luv booooobbies

    • ron