I’m In Love With Two Guys. Help!!!

Now ask yourself a few questions about your current boyfriend: What do you love about him? Do you two have a great relationship? Could he possibly be a rebound from your ex? This might sound ridiculous, but make a pro/con list for both guys. It might help you really consider what you like and don’t like about both of them and help you make a decision.

If you still can’t make up your mind once you really think about everything, you should break up with your boyfriend. It’s not fair to him for you to stay with him while you have feelings for someone else – especially since you’ve already acted on those feelings. Be honest with both of these dudes and tell them you’re super confused and you need some time to yourself to think. Maybe clearing your head and being on your own will help you figure out where your heart is.

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So you cheated… now what?

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  • Gene Ephraim

    i am NOT in a relationship. i have been single for a few months. But i have two friends um S and D ( i wont put names) and S has been around longer than D but he also dated my sister. They didnt date long, nothing serious. But everytime he asks me out, i tell him i am not ready for a relationship. And D is the new guy, i dated him once already, and like my sisters relationship with S, it was nothing serious and not long. Well i have been flirty with the both of them, nothing wrong with it right? im single, no one is betrayed..but, they both want to be with me n tell me they really want me to be their GF. i dont know what to do, i dont want to have to choose and risk losing one of my few friends!! What do i do? D keeps buying me stuff, like, a phone and all that. i need help. S is leaving n i know im going to miss him lots…:/ i want the both but i know i can only have one if any at all. How do you choose between two people?

  • yolanda

    inlove with two guys diffucult sitution really ,one gives attention the other love ,but both close to my heart no i have to leave the one as im in serious relationship with one .how do i do this whats wrong seem so right.

  • Anica Snyder

    Same situation only far, far worse. My husband got bored of me and our sex life and pushed me into having sex with one of his friends. Well, loooooong story short, I’m hurt that my husband didn’t want me to himself, he’s cheated on me, I’m sick of his drama, and I’m in love with his friend who I slept with who only likes me as a friend with benefits. He’s sweet about it, but is clear that this is all he wants from me.
    Yes, it sucks.

    • nei

      I’m sorry but you really dnt love ur self how do u sleep with a man ur not married to because ur mentally retarded husband made you do it gal love ur self very hard n never let a man treat u lyk trash

  • aubrey

    I know how difficult that is but in the end you will have to choose only one because you only have a heart not HEARTS.

  • Keb

    Hmm i am i de same situation as yurs bt myn is worse bcs Am still in luv with dee x ..nd am a srs relationship ..bt i think yu shud jst choose de onr dat yu luv de most .bcs datun 2 guys at de same tym is bitchy.!

  • Brooke

    So I’m dating this guy and he is super dramatic but I still love him. There is this other guy that I might like a lot more. I mean they both are great guys but my boyfriend keeps getting pissed at me. My crush is kinda my best friend. I need help.

  • Samie

    I really like these two guy and I’m just totally stuck. One kinda gives me mixed signals flirts of and on. Some days it seems like there’s a strong connection between us the next it’s like we are strangers. The other guy I like barely see him but I think I have a crush on him he’s totally cute and we flirt a lot but hen we have those days that we are very distant cuz we don’t see each other. The first guy today was extremely flirty with me and I’m gonna see how it goes tomorrow and then maybe hopefully my emotions will make p there mind! Btws I’m white and both of theses guys are Latino if ur wondering lol

    • Xphiya

      Lord, same here. I honestly think you should spend time with both and talk to them. It may seem hard but there’s always one who appeals more. I’m in a worst situation because they both are best friends. Help? xo

  • tia

    See I have a boyfrend an I love him so much but I have a friend also an I also as feelings for him what should I DO?

  • Neejan

    I’m in love with one of my teachers and my counselor. It’s very awkward, and only the teacher knows. They’re both incredibly nice people, but they have very different personalities. They even look very different. Hell, one’s 47 and the other’s 32. But I… would drop everything I have, and give everything I am to either one of them in half a heartbeat. I don’t even know how to cope.
    I feel like I should have a boyfriend by now, considering I’m thin, fit, and reasonably pretty, but none of the teenage guys seem very interested in me and all I can see are those two older men in my life. Very VERY awkward. I hate being a teenager.