The Mysterious Boob Scarf

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This is what happens when you search: “weird boob stuff“. I just got a new iPhone and realized that I will never ever have to be bored again. If you’ve ever been trapped in an internet rabbit hole of endlessly clicking related links until 3AM, then the iPhone is definitely for you. One of my favorite pass times is coming up with weird things to Google just to see if there are any actual search results. This is how I discovered the elusive boob scarf.

No, it’s not a scarf for your boobs; it is a scarf of boobs. Huh? My deep investigative reporting revealed that this was a huge trend in Japan a couple of years ago, but was recently picked up by an Etsy seller under the name boobsRus. Brilliant.

I am not sure what it means to wrap a pair of long, saggy boobs around your neck. Is it empowering to embrace images of the naked body? There’s so much shame we attach to being naked. Remember the episode of Rugrats where Tommy just wants to be “nakey” but his parents won’t let him? We judge women who dress “too revealing” as if displaying your bare body is somehow immoral. It’s just flesh, fat, and muscle, yet we’re taught so early on that it’s wrong without any real explanation. (It might be unsanitary to be naked all of the time but having your boobs out at the beach isn’t that big of a deal, right?)

Or maybe the boob scarf is just the opposite. It’s making a mockery of the female body. Boobs are just a joke; they’re something to be objectified–either sexualized or made fun of.

Or maybe, just maybe, the boob scarf is just too crazy to mean anything at all. Maybe it’s something so strange it can’t be offensive or positive like Weird Al, Vajazzling, or Josh Groban.

What do you think about the boob scarf? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Aisling

    This is…weird. I’m not really that fond of the “whipping out your tits is empowering” side of feminism. Yeah, they’re there, and they’re awesome, but wearing a scarf of boobs? Nobody needs to constantly be reminded that you’re a girl and that you’re proud of being a girl. If guys went around wearing penis hats, I would kind of be annoyed. It’s using boobs as some sort of statement, and it’s really obnoxious. So is that vagina jewelry. I liked the glow in the dark undies, but a big, pink and wrinkly genital isn’t exactly something I would want to see when I go out to dinner, and I would frankly be very embarrassed to wear something like that.

  • Tearra

    I think this is an awesome trend especially in the support of breast cancer. My mom was a survivor of breast cancer and I think this would be a great way to show support for breast cancer awareness.

  • megan

    this is disgusting…empowering?? seriously!?!

  • Kristen

    Why is Josh Groban listed as one of the strange things with Weird Al Yankovich and vajazzling?
    Seriously not understanding that one.