I Farted In Front Of My BF and I’m So Embarrassed. Now What?

If it happens again, don’t panic. Instead, try to make the situation funny. Laugh or make a joke about it. Showing that you’re comfortable enough with yourself to fart in front of him and then giggle about it is only going to show him that you’re a totally cool chick. One thing that almost all guys can appreciate is a girl who knows how to laugh at herself. Some guys would be super impressed that you could fart and not freak out. I mean, I’m not saying you have to start ripping some big ones every time you two are together, but just don’t take it so seriously!

And if this dude is totally grossed out and can’t get past it? Um, he’s so not worth your time, girl. Like I said before, farting is normal. Everybody does it, and sometimes, you really just can’t help it. So there’s no need to stress if it happens – trust me, a good sense of humor will go a long way here.

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  • anonymous

    I can fart not intentionally so, but if she does not fart, I would get worried, what more is she hiding from her closet Mhh!!!!

  • nikkicole003

    actuallly if ur comfortable to have sex with your boyfriend, you should be able to fart in front of him, shit my boyfriend thinks its funny. we’re best friends. <3

    • Maria

      I have known my husband since I was 14 we got married I feel of fart coming on during sex I hold it back when I feel climax and then my climax goes away I feel embarrassed to let it out after all this time I don’t know if he would be surprised or laugh or grossed out

  • Joan Hart

    Love isn’t “easy”, “It’s hiding who you are at all times. It’s wearing make up to bed and going downstairs to the Burger King to poop.”

  • Cookiess

    Dont worried it ok!

  • MIA

    Jajaja! WOW! I’ve never farted in front of my BF but I know I would LMFAO if I do! Or if HE does it! It’s something completely normal although a little embarrassing… What probably embarrases you the most is that it happened while HOOKING UP! And thats kinda of a big deal… cause… you know… but it’s normal! The best thing to do is laugh it off.

    I DO have a friend that farts in front of her BF but PLEASE dont be like her… She doesn’t even try to hold it in! she just farts all the time… If you farts a couple of times its fine but dont give guys a reson to think your a pig… I mean… what if you guys dont last too long?! Then he’s going to think/say that you farted all the time! Just be comfortable that if a fart bursts out it’s ok and laugh… but if you can hold it and go somewhere private where you can let it out thats better!

  • anonymous

    don’t be worried (especially if you were ‘fully’ hooking up) the uterus is close enough to the end of the digestive system that stimulation of the reproductive-wall may press against the colon wall and release gas. it’s totally normal, most guys would probably think girls over-think things like that anyway

  • Syed (sigh-eed)

    Haha! XD! It’s normal… Ya he prob does fart alot =o But look at it this way, while you two were havin fun.. ever thought that he was thinking if I fart “My Gf will think I’m weird :S”

  • Cassidy

    Haha, love the articles on this website. They cover things that literally no other website would cover.

    • Margunn

      About time farts became a topic of intseret I had a similar experience recently. A colleage of mine and me walked into the bathroom together the other day he went into a booth and I to the urinal Well, we both started our business, and I heard him pushing, and getting some airy results you know, the first stage of a good number 2 ! Anyway, I started to giggle I love a good fart as well as the next man but I was afraid of making my laughter too loud ! What could I do ? I was about to explode in laughter and embarass him (and me) . So, I let a loud one rip just to be even. That stopped me from laughing (all the air was expulsed from below). Anyway, suffice to say, I stopped laughing. Left before I broke down again. Needless to say, I have seen the colleague a few times since and have not mentioned the noisy incident. From : you know who !

      • zeenat khan

        LMFAO !!!!!!! Oh gosh that is hilarious. I’m just picturing this and can’t stop laughing. U handled it well tho :’) awesome story