Think You Want A Baby? Think Again!

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This won't be cute after five minutes. Seriously. | Source: Shutterstock

Babies are pretty cool. They’re usually happy to see you, they’ll always love you, and they’re super cute! But that doesn’t mean having a baby right now is a good idea. In fact, as a teen, it’s normally a pretty bad idea.

First off, babies are freakin’ expensive. We’re  gonna throw some numbers at you: 80 percent of unwed teen mothers have to go on welfare to support themselves and their babies. Having a baby makes going to school and/or work a lot tougher. Plus, it’s harder to get a good job considering only one-third of teen moms get a high school diploma. And with the economy being so rough that people with college degrees often work minimum wage jobs, you can’t even imagine how hard it’d be to get work with limited availability and limited education. And continuing on with your education is tough too–only 1.5% of teen moms go on to get a college degree. It’s a pretty vicious cycle, and it’s one best avoided completely.

Then there’s the emotional toll having a baby will take on you. You can pretty much say “peace out” to hanging out with your friends, going to the movies on a whim, or taking a spontaneous weekend road trip with your girls, because you’re going to need to hire a sitter–which usually costs money that most teen parents don’t have. It may be harder for you and your friends to relate to one another, because when they’re talking about who’s wearing what dress to prom, you’ll likely be stressing about onesies and Desitin.

And don’t even think that having a baby will keep your boyfriend around. In fact, stats show that he’ll probably bounce–8 out of 10 guys who get a teen girl preggers don’t marry her.

Additionally, you can bet having a kid–or even just announcing that you’re pregnant–will cause a big strain on your relationship with your parents. Your having a kid likely isn’t their fault–but it will inevitably become, at least in part, their problem. And that’s not really fair.

teen moms

This won't be cute after five minutes. Seriously. | Source: Shutterstock

Oh, and dude, let’s not even get started on how gross diapers are. Do you really want to be responsible for something that poops up its own back? I sure don’t…yet!

Don’t believe us? Well, you can take a dry run at parenthood and see for yourself. You and your pals can test out’s The Pregnancy Text for a day and see how having a rugrat of your own affects you. You’ll get text messages throughout the day that mimic taking care of a kid. It’s a wake up call for sure–and it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the drama a real baby would bring you. What we love about this program is that it’s geared to girls and guys. So many teen pregnancy campaigns only target girls and we all know, boys make babies happen just as much as girls do. In addition to a hard taste of parenthood, participating will enter you to win a $2,000 scholarship to college. Teen pregnancy awareness and money for school, thanks!

Having a kid when you’re still one yourself limits so many fun and exciting opportunities that you’d otherwise have. You have your whole life to get pregnant and start a family. It’s worth the wait to enjoy your youth while you can–and thankfully, a lot of teens are catching on, because the U.S. pregnancy rate is the lowest it’s been since 1940!

If you’re looking for someone who will always be happy to see you and drool on you (and that won’t talk back in its teenage years), your best bet now is to get a puppy–and use protection.

Have you ever thought about having a baby? Would you want to be a teen mom despite all the risks and hardships? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Rachel

    I am trying to get pregnant right now and I am very excited. I know that it’s not glamorous. But, it’s worth it when a baby says mommy and smiles at you or gives you a squeeze of the finger. I have thought a lot about this and had been planning it for over a year. I don’t have any dreams that a baby would prevent me from pursuing. I want to be a published author and one day open up a bakery(several years from now). Having a family of my own is my number one dreams and I am going for it. My brother had his child at sixteen and Noelle is the most beautiful little girl in the world. They are living with me at the moment, I simply adore children. I hope people respect my opinion. I wonder if there are any other girls like me out there that want to be mothers now?

  • Talia

    Teen pregnancy is not good. You will not believe the amount of sites that say otherwise! Don’t get pregnant now! WAIT!

  • Lexi

    I am 16 and I have been sexually active with a beefcake biker type for 6 months now. He is triple my size, my weight and more than double my age. He is 44 years old and we have been having unprotected sex the whole time because he doesn’t want to use a condom and I turned out to be 3 months pregnant with his child. I’m sure he used me for sex and my body. I am scared and excited about having a child but I wanted to do something with my life before I had kids especially not some enormous beefcake my parents age. I respect each of you girls for what your going through as a teen parent. All the best.

  • Dannie

    So okay, I’ve got two foster brothers – their biological mother(my cousin) got pregnant with her first of five children at the age of fifteen, and dropped out of high school. Then she had kids with a *registered child molester*, and had to spend her time with six kids couch surfing – the father was abusive and it was just terrible and it’s effected the children all the way until now. We’re in the process of adopting my brother as we speak, but teen pregnancies aren’t all glorious.

  • Billie

    I find this article truly inspiring, I myself am a teen mum. my mum despised me for falling pregnant and about a month after she kicked me out. I moved in with my boyfriend as I had no whereelse to go. I find it extremely hard looking after my baby girl but as Alyssa, my daughter is my unplanned blessing. I was 14 when I fell pregnant with Morgan x

  • Secy

    I defenetly think having a baby at a young age is hard . You should be able to enjoy your teen life , you shouldnt be worrying about a baby or even thinking about having one . And it doesnt matter if your boyfriend wants to have a kid with you , next thing you know he would get tired and leave you with all the responsiblity . Think twice , thats what im doing ^_^

  • Christian

    Everytime I walk in the baby aisle of Walmart and look at the adorable little cribs and clothes, I want a baby right there and now. And so does my boyfriend. But I have big dreams and nothing will stop me from accomplishing them. So AFTER I become a bigshot in the Fashion World, I’ll have a kid. Until then, I’m just going to enjoy my time being one.

  • Ashlyn

    I’ve always wanted a baby. I’m a virgin, and plan to stay that way for a while, but if I could have a baby now without having sex, I would do it. I’m almost 16 and all I want is to have a family. I would give up a career in a heartbeat for a family but there is no way I would give up a family for a career.

  • mallory

    I got pregnant at 17 and even though i love my boys to death i wasnt as fortunate ar some of these girls that had parents to raise my baby while i went to school i had to do it bymyself! and i shouldnt have even been having sex no one should before marriage it just makes u another name on a dudes bang list and the gurl above me doesnt realize that babies need their dad and he will feel a void when he gets older and blame it on her i kno cuz i didnt have a dad anyway if u like sleep if u like having friends and being able to do what u want dnt have a baby. Everything revolves around that baby when u have it u dnt matter anymore if u want something cute to dress up buy a dog babies are people think about it this way if u r still living with ur parents at least one of ur parents has a job to get u clothes or food and anything else u want or need if they didnt have a job or money u wouldnt have anything and dnt say foodstamps cuz food stamps is made by working peoples taxes so my point is if u dnt have a job ur baby wont have nothing may God bless yall

  • boomtiing_ox

    That’s all well and good Alyssa but you got lucky because you have very supporting parents. Some girls don’t have kind of support and it’s extremely difficult for them. Please don’t use the “it’s not the end of the world” excuse because that’s encouraging young girls to get pregnant.

  • Lola

    That’s very encouraging Alyssa. Of course you adore you’re son now that he’s here. But this article suggest you should avoid teen pregnancy at all cost. Could you be a successuful teen mom? Of course! But why have something–or SOMEONE, some very dependent person to worry about. Plan, plan, Plan!

  • Alyssa

    I am a teen mother. My son is my unplanned blessing. I never planned on a having a child at a young age but it happened and I stepped up and took the responsibilties that come along with it. I am a single parent. My son’s “father” has chosen not to be in his life. Yes, things are more difficult for me but I don’t let that stop me. I will be graduating high school on the 25th and I am going on to college. I have the wonderful support of my parents. Even though things a tougher on me and I have to work harder to support my son and myself I wouldnt go back and change a thing. I can’t imagine life without my son. I just want to let any girl know that getting pregnant at a young age isn’t the end of the world. If you try your hardest and do what you need to do, you can still succeed and be a great mother.