10 TV Stars From The ’90s We’d Like To Get Naked With

Let’s face it, if you grew up in the ’90s, no TV show will ever top the amazing-ness of the TV shows that were on during your childhood. Sure, there are some great shows on right now, but what could ever really be better than Full House or Boy Meets World? I mean, come on.

These TV shows were filled with characters who we all loved, and who still make us smile when we think about them today. Some of those characters happened to be really cute, and I’m not ashamed to say I developed lots of crushes. And I’m not just talking about cute draw a heart around his name crushes. I mean super intense, steamy, oh my god I’m not breathing normally and all I do it think about hooking up with him crushes! Check out these 10 characters from ’90s TV shows who I’ve totally thought about getting nakey with.


Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World

Back when I was a kid and watched Boy Meets World as much as possible, I was over-the-top obsessed with Shawn Hunter. Cory might have been the adorably nerdy, perfect boyfriend, but Shawn was the ‘bad boy’ of the show. And there’s no denying he was totally sexy. Even that bowl-cut hair looked good on him. Damn!


Randall Thomas from Home Improvement

Someone please tell me what happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas? He kind of just disappeared off the face of the Earth. For the first few years of Home Improvement, Randall was just another insanely cute child actor – and then he transformed into a gorgeous teen. I know I’m not the only one who had posters of him above my bed. And in my locker. And pasted on my binders. And hidden under my pillow. I’m not the only one, right?


Angela Chase from My So-Called Life

One of the great mysteries of the ’90s is why this show was only given one season. Angela Chase had the whole smart-girl thing down perfectly, and her red hair? Way too cute. But I really had a total girl crush because every time she said something, it was like she was reading my mind. Move over Rayanne! I want that seat next to Angela.


Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell

Blonde hair, blue eyes, cute smile – Zack Morris was the epitome of California surfer-boy cool. And he was funny! Every time he talked directly to the camera, I would imagine he was talking directly to me…over a romantic candle lit dinner with Michael Bolton playing in the background. Um, I mean… never mind.


Sam Anders from Clarissa Explains It All

Thanks to Sam, I spent the majority of my teen years hoping and praying that one night, my crush would find a very tall ladder and climb into my room to surprise me. Obviously, it never happened. Which is probably for the best. I mean, my family had an alarm system. Police interaction is never as romantic as Hollywood makes it seems. Trust me.


Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Before Sookie Stackhouse, there was Buffy Summers. And as much as I love True Blood (which is so much), Sookie just can’t really compare to Buffy. There haven’t been many TV characters who kick butt as much as Buffy did. She was a total bad-ass, killing vampires and still managing to look hot. I could never decide if I wanted to be her or just girl crushed her super hard.


Joey Russo from Blossom

Whenever I saw Joey Russo on my TV screen, only one word came to mind: “Whoa!” He might have been a little bit of a player, but that didn’t take away from the fact that he was still really loveable. I mean, listen to him talk to his dad about condoms. How can you not smile? And then want to tongue kiss him?


Daria from Daria

Okay, okay, Daria isn’t technically a real person – but who says you can’t have an innocent crush on a cartoon character? Daria’s dry humor and sarcasm was so different from so many other female characters on TV, and it was really cool. Total crush material in my ’90s handbook!


Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210

Let’s be real, everyone on this show was beyond beautiful, but there was something extra special about Brandon. That hair. Those eyes. Sigh. The fact that he was into journalism and was a smart guy just made him even sexier. Even as a teenager, I knew Brandon was marriage material. And I practiced saying “I do” to him in the mirror every single day of 1994.


Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Despite all of Will’s ridiculously goofy and colorful outfits, and all of his crazy antics, he was still completely lovable. Between his dancing, his jokes, his big smile and his corny pick-up lines, Will was just overall crush-worthy. And a third wheel date with Jazz? So fun!


Which of these characters did you have a crush on? Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments!


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