Ask A Guy: Why Do Dudes Act So Immature In Front Of Their Friends?


Reinforce these discrepencies with plenty of cultural influences (has there ever been a TV show more frightening for dudes than Bridezillas?), and it becomes less cool for a guy to get tied down. The younger (or less mature) the guy, the more easily influenced – and therefore, cavalier about your relationship – he might be when around friends. In a nutshell, your boyfriend is likely masking his vulnerability, and the fact that he actually loves you lots.

Of course, he might also just have other interests with his friends that you two don’t share. If so, let him re-enact scenes from Jackass with his buddies; ignore his descriptive stories about flaming dog poop. But be sure to lay the smack down when you feel he’s out of line: don’t ever let him disrespect you in private or in public. And if he can’t learn from his mistakes, call one of your girlfriends up to make your own Jackass video by kicking him to the curb.

Good luck!

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  • Perfgirl2345

    I find it annoying when your boyfriend asks a total jurk to u when he’s with his friends and they think there funny but really you act like a loser

  • Coolgirl3

    Sometimes I find it cute when the guy I like is crazy around his bros

  • lovestruckrose

    I know how that feels and I hate it so much he treats me so much better alone but when he’s friends come along he changes let’s he’s friends call me names behind my back I told if he dares to try anything he was goin find himself girlfriendless until varsity I love it when he acts imature with me and his friends it shows me he trusts me but he still treats me extra special

  • lovelylil

    It’s fine when guys are immature with their friends. heck, I’m a total spaz when I’m with my friends! Friends make you goofy and immature and silly and stupid! It’s a frikkin fact.

  • Lex

    hahaha. I’ve grown up with guys, and to be honest i find it f*cking hilarious when they do that stuff. really you just have to learn to laugh at some of the stupid stuff cause it really does turn out funny sometimes. and don’t get me wrong i don’t mean letting them act like total a$s hats to you.

  • Jenny

    Ok dumb ass who asked the question because hes sweet to you cause your his girl friend he acts immature to his friends because he can act himself around his friends cause they don’t care. Lets say this: he burps in front of his friends they don’t care but if he burps in front of you you would thing he is immature. For doing so

  • Countrygurl

    Well honestly I’ve known this guy for a while and we were sorta friends before we started going out. And before that he always acted stupid with his friends, it’s not like I could stop him now? Plus I hang out with all guys all the times anyways so just as long as he treats me right then it’s all good 🙂

    • Ethan Fixell

      Hey, if you’re cool with it, then that’s all that matters!

      Glad to hear you’ve found a good guy.


  • ilovecupcakes

    it is TOTALLY okay for me! i mean its kinda cute 😛 and it makes me feel that i’m special! he treats me in a special way but sure still being himself!