What To Write In A Yearbook (When You Can’t Write The Truth!)

what to write in a yearbook


Get out your rainbow of glitter gel pens and take some aspirin for that pesky carpal tunnel syndrom because…it’s yearbook signin’ time! But is what you write always what you mean? HAHAHAH no. Good heavens no. So here’s what to write in a yearbook when you have no idea what to say. Or even when you know EXACTLY what you want to say, but kind of just know better.









Your Exchange Student Chem Partner


She meant: If I never have to hear you tell me, in detail, about the Liverpool soccer team, it’ll be too soon.












Your BFF


She meant: I can’t. Five thousand pages couldn’t hold all the words to tell you how rad you are—so I won’t even try!











Your Crush


She meant: I know where you live and I fully plan on doing drive-bys all summer and have already memorized your soccer practice schedule.












That Weird Girl Who Your One Friend Hangs Out With


She meant: Yeah but until you do, please leave me alone. I’m awkward and unpopular enough as it is without a girl wearing a pair of paper mache fairy wings trailing behind me.











The Frenemy You Hate


She meant: Game on, bitch. There will come a day when your tampon string will wander outside your bikini bottoms. And when it does…I’ll be there.












Your AP English Teacher















Do you worry about what to write in a yearbook before you sign? Have you ever planned it out or regretted signing something weird? Tell us everything in the comments!

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  • morgz

    one time i wrote HAPPY GROWING SEASON ON MOST OF THE GIRLS YEARBOOKS which wasnt takn about plants LOL 😛 oops

    • dadadadora

      What was it talking about then?

      • Rylee