My Crush Doesn’t Like Me. How Can I Change His Mind?

Okay, Heather here! I totally agree with Pubertina’s advice and just wanted to add a few things. It definitely stinks that your crush doesn’t share the same feelings as you. I know how much you’re probably hoping he’ll change his mind, but if that happens, it’s something that he’ll need to figure out without your help. This is one of those situations where the best thing to do is back off and move on.

Imagine if you didn’t like a dude, and he kept talking to you and attempting to do things to win you over. It would probably get pretty annoying, right? Continuing to be persistent in going after your crush after he’s already made a decision is only going to turn him off. Be friendly towards him if you’re comfortable with that – maybe in time he’ll see how totally awesome you are and realize he needs to date you.

But keep in mind that that might not happen, and that’s fine. You don’t deserve to sit around trying to make some dude fall in love with you. One day you’ll meet someone who will return all of your feelings and more, and you’ll forget all about this guy!

take care,
Heather (& Pubertina!)

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  • Lexi

    Helped so much

  • ReAnonymous

    I have a crush on this guy But My best friend and him like each other and everyone knows it. I feel super guilty about it and the thing is We use to HATE each other and I Finally went up to him and said “Why do We even hate each other It’s not like We Did anything to each other so let’s be Friends” soon enough We became best Friends and he knows all My secrets and I know all of his that is how I developed feelings for him. The thing is whenever I’m doing something (in school in 10th grade) I always catch him staring at me. He states “that he loves” My Best friend and he is constantly staring at me. HELP!!!

  • Abby

    I have a crush and I cheer and talk to him at track practice and meets but yesterday he told me to come with him and he told me that he knows I have feelings for him and soon told me he doesn’t have feelings for me. But I told him we can still be friends. But at school and track he keeps looking at me. What should I do?

    • Dallas

      abby i have been in a very similar situation before just go up to him and ask him on a scale from 1-10 how good he thinks ur friend ship in my favor it was a 9-10 cuz were close and now we a a tight strong bond friend ship and maybe u dont need a boyfriend u just might need a male bestfriend i hope it helped sincerly dallas ps im a girl

  • Laila

    I have a crush on two really cute guys but 1 is a grade behind me but we hug when we see each other in the halls but the other guy is in the same grade luch and 7th period class and he flirts with me and flirt back but hes really shy what do i do???

  • gem

    Am going out with guy and I like him more as a best friend then a boy friend, I don’t want to hurt his feeling if we break up cos I don’t want him to hate me

  • Cycero trex

    I hate it cause it fail my problems not solve

  • Bella

    There is this boy I really like, people are so saying they are dating, I am sort of believing it, he keeps looking at me, like he really likes me. But I know he is dating that girl. How can I impress him to date me, any make up tips, or tips? (Plus I need a date to the dance and I think they are going together).

  • Sups

    Rejected !
    No Problem.. It Happens,Just Dont Show You Are Hurt & Continue To Be Yourself.. Dnt Let Yourself Down. You Know U Are Awesme Th Way You Are N There Are Many Who Appreciate You.. Enjoy With Your Friends,stay Cool,laugh A Lot.. Be Outgoing,frank.. I Know If U Fal In Luv With Sum1,th Nly Perfct Persn U C Is Them And Noone Else,but Beging Thm Fo Luv And Actn Dsperate Gonna Lead U Nowhere Itl Turn Thm Off Instd.. But If Do As Above.. Tht Guy May C Your Amazng Part And If He Dserves He’l Fall For U.. [My Own Expernc.. Hs Ans Was Hes Nt Intrstd In Rltncps At All, I Tried To Cnvnc Hm Mre Thn Enuf,i Tok My Frnds Hlp..But Nthng Dd Wrk.. I Stpd Sdnly And Nw Afta A Lng Tym Hes Makn Mve And Tries To Fnd Excuses To Talk Wd Me] But Its Nt Good To Go Fal Fr Hm Cmplty Nw Becs Hes Bk.. Dnt Earn A Titl ‘bimbo’ Respnd Smartly.. Good Luck !

    • Yo it’s me

      Can you speak English and not abbreviation language?!

  • Lex

    I asked this boy out…..he said NO… bestie keeps trying to convince him….he still says NO,Never that he wants nothing to do with me so,i moved on……but then i fell in love with another boy who was cuter than him until i found out he and my bestie was on a one and off relationship ….. so im like in the middle of the love meter for both of them.. if you know what i mean……

  • Zoe

    So the guy i am stuck on I’ve pretty much been in love with for the past two years. He’s my ex, but I broke up with him. And recently I tried to start talking to him again, but he simply won’t acknowledge my presence. However, and this is the weird part, in my exams that I have with him he turns around and looks at me everyone now and then out of the corner of his eye. He also told my friend that he didn’t hate me, he just simply “wasn’t my biggest fan”. I keep catching him looking at me, like in the band we play in together and he’ll quickly pretend like he was looking past me. He recently got a girlfriend, which was heartbreaking so I backed off a bit, but I can’t really get over how i feel about him. I wanna know how to get him back, icould never treat him badly ever again, and I try to tell him that, but I guess I’ve just fucked it all up, unfortunately. How do I prove to him that I really do LOVE him and that I’m willing to return the feelings that he has (until recently) had for me?

  • Girls galore

    My friend told my crush i liked him. I was so excited to find out about what he said.
    She came back and said that he said “er… Okay” and looked uncomfortable.
    Now everyones making fun of me.

    • jamie

      it is ok ;D dont lose your self over this. you cant make your own destiny buy you can always give a shot. everytime you fail, you are one step closer to the one. However, dont focus too much on finding mr.right, things will fall into places and what you got to do is just live up your life 🙂

      • Sadness

        I like this boy, and it just so happens last year he almost hit me in the face with a soccer ball. Thankfully everybody was like DUCK! So I hit it away. He felt really bad and he kept saying sorry and I knew he really ment it at the time. Now , after summer break hes in some of my classes. The incident long forgotten. Im one of those girls that dosnt really care if I wear a ponytail everyday and not wear leggings and stuff. Also I have a seriously unattractive over bite. I wouldnt say im not pretty but im pbviously NOT the one the boys I like go for… you know? So I started to like this guy and a few weeks into school im sitting at lunch and his friend comes over. I was curious at what the girls where talking about to I listened to them. The friend said ” he” wants to go out with you. When I look to see who. Clear as day. My crush. My heart sank. The worst part was I had to act like everything was fine when really … I just wanted to be in the bathroom when it happened. I knew it would happen. Nobody really likes me.

  • Janlie M. Bruno

    I LOVE THIS. Thank you so much <3

    • Zoe

      I’d own it, if I were you. Laugh about it and be like meh. Oh well.

  • mwinaw

    Wait …. let me tell you one thing …! One boy loves me and i love his best friend **** who is the most hottest guy in the school and his friend who proposed me is the 2nd hottest guy … nd i truly love only **** what should i do ??

  • ema

    My friend was going to ask my friend a question an He said no no I don’t like wma out of no where and she said no no I Wasn’t going to ask you if you liked her and he said well does it involve her and she said umm idk . Even though he said he doesn’t like me does he like me?because he just said he didn’t out of know where and in class he always stares at me!

    • ema

      My crush said no no I don’t like ema out of nowhere!

      • Michelle

        As we can see he’s a jerk ans he don’t deserve you because a really would not do that so he do your of hand and was acting pretty cowardly ! Youll find your true man someday because remember YOLO! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, you are a girl, he should be begging for YOU not the other way around. Seriously a guy that turns a girl down and isnt already in a relationship is rude, and possibly gay. I am sorry for your rejection, sincerely, anonymous

  • Jaelyn

    Ok I have too horrible problems. #1: I’m fourteen years old, and I still haven’t had my first kiss yet, and I’ve only been out with one guy and I told him straight up Im not kissing him. I have a serious problem with being to shy around guys. #2: I like this guy ALOT and he’s sixteen, and I haven’t even talked to him. Thats how shy and scared I am. I feel like he’s not gonna like what he sees. Plenty of other girls that look better than me…

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, dont stew over it, go up to him and talk to him, if he turns you down he doesn’t deserve you in the first place, if he takes interest in you, lucky you, you might get your first kiss after all.

  • lonner

    Ok I got rejected and hez awsome and ur thing is not helping!!! HELP