Reader Hookup Confession: I Farted During Oral Sex!

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I love getting oral sex. And I really don’t think my boyfriend minds giving it! One day, we were hooking up and things started getting pretty intense, so we moved into him giving me oral sex.

In the middle of the whole thing, I FARTED! It was so embarrassing and was a total turn-off for me. My boyfriend laughed but I was totally disappointed and felt so embarrassed.

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This girl embarrassed herself in front of her crush and her whole class

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  1. avatar Kizzy says:

    It farted the first time my boyfriend fingered me right before an orgasm and I played it off saying I queefed lol

  2. avatar James says:

    I would have asked you to marry me on the spot.

    But seriously…why be embarrassed? It is a natural thing and EVERYONE does it. So one slipped…he took it well. I would have chuckled and moved right on. I’ve held them back during…it takes all the concentration in the world. Any man that is turned off by that is a fool. I am not saying they should find it a turn on, but it happens. Same with queefing….I have had girls that were mortified when it happens. I shrug it off…just telling them “it happens…there is NOTHING to worry about”.

  3. avatar suzi says:

    i farted once
    during sexual intercourse
    DAMN!! it was so embarrassing :|

  4. avatar Ass Lover says:

    i beg my wife to fart during oral. so sexy

  5. avatar Moni Auraai says:

    LOLZ at least he didn’t make a deal about it and that he didn’t mind. Honestly i think it’s kinda sweet that he didn’t mind it, shows that he must really like you :3

  6. avatar Gisele says:

    Ohhhhhh I’m gonna die if I was in that situation

  7. avatar Countrygurl says:

    Well GOOD THING that your boyfriend didn’t make a big deal of it! I probably would’ve cried of embarrassment…

  8. avatar ladykaay88 says:

    I’ve had a similar experience. . . Everytime I tried to move and change positions, I queefed. I’m not sure if everyone knows what that is but its when you fart from your vagina. It was totally EMBARASSING! lol. But all he did was laugh and make comments like he liked it… It was weird.

  9. avatar basschick says:

    at least your bf took it well! XD

  10. avatar CRazy says:

    I’m a guy that loves to give oral. I’ve had my GF fart a number of times while I’m down there too. She’s polite enough to tell me about it in advance and I just rest my chin on her pubic bone and let her do it on my throat.

    She some times gets on all 4′s with her butt up in the air and her shoulders down. She relaxes and that causes her anus to open up and release any pressure built up over the course of the day.

  11. avatar ebony says:

    Even tho that was very embarrassing., At least he took it well at laughed it off and didn’t even car.Just shows how cool he really is.And hey if it didn’t bother him don’t let it bother you. Because at the end of the day every one makes mistakes. Good luck bye.

  12. avatar Mirra says:

    Sounds like it is more of a turn off to the girl than the guy.. I didnt expect that. it seems like it would be the other way around. When I think about it a guy would have to be very shallow for that to make him be grossed out by you.

  13. avatar Crooks says:

    At least he didn’t freak out! I had a boyfriend once who was a real girl when it came to even mentioning farts. God forbid it ever happened, especially during that. He’d leave the room and lock himself in another if he even thought he heard one.

  14. avatar Missfiction says:

    soooo embarrassing but at least he took it well!

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