When Should You Say ‘I Love You’ To Your BF?

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LilBD said:

When is too soon to say love? My boyfriend hasn’t directly said it to me. I’ll jokingly say, “I hate you” and he’s all “Awwww love you too!” But it made me think, when would be an appropriate time to say it?

I personally have a sort of fear of the word. I don’t want to say it before I’m sure. I know I like him a lot. I have no doubt about that. However, I don’t want to say “love” and get mixed feelings later on. So even when I’m positive that’s what I’m feeling one day, I’m not sure if I’ll have the confidence to say it still after that anytime soon.

So the questions:

When is it too soon to say Love?

If you were friends or best friends for a time prior would that have an affect on it?

If you don’t feel ready to say it how can you communicate that clearly without hurting your significant other’s feelings or the relationship?

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  • duf

    when you ready to….simple

  • ebony

    I think the right to say i love you to your boyfrined is when ever you feel it i mean you know when you can feel love its not something you can’t. You have to take that risk and say it i mean what’s the worse he may not say it back and that’s cool just go find someone who will.Chances are you both might feel that way just scared to say it first. I mean i said I Love You to my boyfrined three days after we started going out and i can say 7 months later we are so happy and untouchable lol. It’s funny because later on he told me he felt the same way and wished he said it earlyer but he was scared and didn’t want me to think he was a “freak”. But any way i guess what iam trying to say you will never know unless you say it and intell you say it you will never know so try., I mean what’s the worse.?

  • strawberrykittyx3

    I would totally feel awkward telling him I love him. How do you know you love someone when you’re so young? I would wait until at least engagement.. call me old-school, but I like to do things right. I think I’m even afraid of relationships.. I want one of the nice guys you see on TV, and it’s really hard to find in Riverside, CA. It’s like Jersey Shore here and I would wait a heck of a long time before saying something so sacred.

  • alicia

    should i tell my crush i love him and i think he is cute he already knows i have a crush on him

  • GothicEmoChick

    Where I live it’s said as commonly as the word “homework” actually, which is kinda sad. MY boyfriend tells me constantly, he was before we went out too. I’m not the same – I tell him when it’s just us together and just before I kiss him. It’s all good tho 😛 xx

  • Jess

    (In reply to the person who asked when is it too soon to say I love you to a boyfriend)

    Let me ask you a question: should you be going out with him if you’re not sure you love him or not enough to tell him?
    Just a thought:)

    • TOM

      People seem to confuse the feelings of love with security and fondness. There shouldnt be a feeling of who should declare their feelings first or last. Let me just say that if your BF/GF said it to you before you had declared it then imaging how you would feel.
      In this day and age feelings are commonly used as weapons, but dont you feel that the other person deserves to know this and it could strengthen the bond.

  • Razan

    Say it when you’re ready . First of all , you have to be dating this guy for a sort of long period , I mean , couple of months , so you’d be sure of your feelings , you have a lot of time to know wether they’re true or not . Second of all , pick a perfect moment , for exemple , when you’re all alone , flirting or having a deep conversation , look at him in the eye , and tell him , I love you . Finally , don’t ever spill that 3 magic words until you’re 100% sure of it and sure that he loves you back , in order to don’t fake things and to don’t be confused later 🙂