Confession: I Leaked Naked Pics Of My BFF

She didn’t take anyone’s advice and eventually went back home. Then one day, after not hearing from her for months, she showed up at my door step with a few bags and asked to stay the night. It seemed like no big deal at the time. Well, one night turned into two and a half years!

Almost immediately after staying with us (which my parents were so supportive of, how cool is that?) she dropped out of high school and started doing drugs. When I told her that she couldn’t stay here unless she went back to school she basically ignored me. My parents didn’t want to kick her out because how could they put a 16-year-old out on the streets?

We lived in the same house and literally did not speak for two years. I was devastated. I had lost not just a friend, but my sister. I was angry one day so I logged into her email (we shared all our passwords) and found naked pictures of her and her boyfriend fooling around. They were full frontal, totally none of my business—so naturally I thought the best revenge would be to show them to my friends.


I sent them around to about ten people—who didn’t know her since she and I went to different schools. After I did it I immediately felt guilty! No matter how horrible she was to me, which was pretty bad sometimes, it was a terrible thing to do.

I would never do anything like that again and ever since I swore that no matter how crappy anyone ever treated me, spite and revenge are totally not the right thing to do.

It wasn’t until years later when I was in college that we sort of became friends again. We’ll never be as close as we were as teenagers and even though we only see each other a few times a year, she’ll always be my sister.

Have you ever done something bad to a friend? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Juliee

    Blahh i did the same thing but to an ex xD , dont feel guilty at all he deserved it !

  • Brook

    so i had this best friend in fourth grade and we were so close in fifth grade i moved to another town and we stayed in touch but barely ever actually talked in sixth grade i moved back and went to the same school and find out from some girl that i didnt even know that my “BFF” had been calling me a bitch behind my back and i dont know why but i tried to fix our friendship and i thought i had until she moved back to her home town in the middle of the year and “brokeup” with me over facebook saying that i was a part of her past even though she was still friends with everyone else so i told all of her friends (also my friends) that she masturbated with a toy lightsaber i know it was wrong but i think she deserved it

  • Nicole

    This isn’t as bad as some people’s confession’s on here but oh well!
    I feel so bad because of what i did.
    Basically one of my BFF’s went out with the guy i liked,I didn’t tell her i liked him because i knew how much she liked him! Anyway one saturday he asked me to go out with him for the day as none of his friends was out that day. I didn’t think anything of it at first but when i was with him i didn’t really care that he was going out with one of my best friends. So the next he asked me to go round his just to hang out and watch tv, I really liked him at this point and my crush on him was getting worse! I didn’t tell Jade (my BFF who was going out with him) that i was with him the one day and that i was going round his.

    But my other BFF, Charlotte, knew all about it. She said it wasnt a good idea as Jade would think something was up. But I just said ‘Jade wont care, its not like me and him are doing anything’ But that night when i went to his we went strait to his room, his mum and dad was home so i knew nothing would happen. But we ended up getting of! He kept pulling me towards him and he wanted me to have sex with him. In the end it was too late and i had to go home. He asked me to go round the next day so i just told him i would think about it.

    I ended up NOT going to his the next day and we stopped talking for bit. I felt really guilty for what i did, i mean she’s my best friend and i nearly had sex with her boyfriend! I fell out with Charlotte because she thought it was all wrong. But we’ve made up now and Troy (the boy) told Jade what happened between me and him because we both felt really bad about it. She said its fine as long as it doesn’t happen again. I knew it wasn’t fine and i knew she was hurting bad because of what happened but she wouldn’t admit that it hurt her. We used to be really close but since then we haven’t been as close as we was. I know its my fault but i do hope that we will someday be close like we used to me.

  • bella boo xox

    okay can i just say that no i have never done anything like this and all the people saying that we have all done stupid shit like this no most people haven’t because no matter how bad things get with your best friend no one should do this even if it wasn’t illegal back then it is still wrong and can you imagine how you would feel if you knew that peole had seen pictures of you naked? geezz people stop telling this chick that its okay! it not she shouldn’t of done it. it was bitchy and mean and it was worse than anything she could have done to you.

  • Suze

    Some of those who have replied to this post are sooo WRONG. This happened YEARS ago which means there was NO LAW REGARDING TEEN TO TEEN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. This law has only been in effect for like the last 5 years. And, clearly this happened long before that. I can understand where you are coming from. I also had a friend who at the best of times was like my sister & at the worst of times she treated me like a stranger. Although I didn’t do anything like this to her. But, when I tried to talk to her about the wrong crowd she was hanging with, she stopped talking to me ALL TOGETHER. And, that’s what hurt the worst. I get having someone use you & treat you like garbage when you’ve done nothing to deserve it. I also get wanting to make them feel the same as they’ve made you feel.

  • sneakily

    I don’t understand how degrading someone who clearly has no respect for herself is “retribution” for her doing drugs/being mean to you. Alas, what do I know? You were only a teenager with a broken mindset. It happened in the past, but I don’t see how anyone can move on from a situation where all the people involved are not informed.

  • EmoGirlsRule!

    I will ignore the fact that that is wrong in so many ways!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cwilhelmi827

    I think it was good, but why say her name??? That is a little rude, don’t ya think?

    • Maria

      Im pretty sure a girls name is “Manny”
      it’s most deff a nickname, so chill.

  • Roger bunny

    I think the worst thing you could do is talk about this on the internet. Not to mention NAMES. Some problems can be solved by giving a subject to this site. Ever heard of the FBI hacking websites to catch confessors over the internet. They get involved because one its a crime to do that and two the internet goes through every state in the country. Also though i think your “friend” was completely stupid to do all of those things and to be so rude after all you have done. She deserved some sort of punishment for her terrible actions. Also, how did she get into college if she dropped out of highschool and “did drugs”.

  • kpcsantos

    That was an awful thing that you did…she was you best friend and instead of helping her you did that..

    • kpcsantos

      But it’s in the past so you should move on and support your friend.

  • BabyBlu

    Wow. If it were a guy telling this story he would be getting soooo much hate mail. Am i the only one who automatically thought “double standard”???

  • emeli

    that is the worst thing you could have done. Now she will have to live with your “mistake”

  • shane(im a girl)

    you shouldn’t listen to these other people saying you should be in jail I mean this is no one should judge anyone because in our heart we all know that we’ve done something like this I’m just glad you can admit to yourself that it was wrong and that you’ll never do it again.

  • kplusj

    I couldnt take a dirty pic of myself… I know people who got into trouble for that kind of stuff… But you were mad so i dont blame you… And also, i dont get how sending nudes of a minor to another minor would be wrong.. I mean if it were a minor to an adult i get it.. But why if they are the same age? Can some one explain this…?

  • SnowBunny

    Don’t Listen To Those Assholes. You Made A Mistake , It’s Over Now . Move On .

  • Michael

    Yeah ur def goin to jail now.

  • Erol Sipar

    No matter what gender you are you are convicted of child pornography and shall be sent to a detention centre. This is a cruel matter, and I therefore also the law do not tolerate this sabotage. Learn to be good for god sakes, what bloody hell has been happened to these young girls and the society of ours.

    • emeli

      i agree with you 10000%