How Do I Tell My Parents I Have A Boyfriend?

Baby With Parents

If they start to freak out, let them know you’re willing to work with them on this. For example, reassure them that it’s not going to affect your schoolwork. Suggest letting them meet him, if you’re comfortable with that. If they lay down a few rules, like giving you a curfew or saying you can’t go out with him on weeknights, agree to them. You can always talk to them about changing these rules in the future – but if you flat-out refuse to do them now, that’s only going to them angry.

Remember to stay calm and mature through the whole convo… and lastly, be gentle with them. I don’t know how old you are or if you have any brothers or sisters, but I’m assuming that the reason your parents don’t want you around guys is because they’re worried about you. They’re probably just trying to protect you and I’m sure they don’t want to see you get hurt in any way. As much as you don’t want them to see you as their little girl, they probably still do, and you having a BF is going to be a big adjustment for them.

Make sure to keep in mind that arguing, yelling or acting stubborn isn’t going to help this situation at all. Hopefully, they’ll have a positive reaction, but if not, just give them some time to get used to the idea. The more mature you act, the better!

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Is it normal to feel a little distant from your family? Heather advises.

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  • dani

    hI IM 29, Ilive with parents, I met a guy online, which no one knows yet, I met him in public place busy café not far from home.
    dads very strict he wants I cant sleep over his house he cant sleep over at ours.
    cant come home late. He has to be the first person I tell if dadting a guy or he will go mental once told sister first he goes how come you told her first. hes very nosey. I don’t go out as I have no car or job at moment. he babies me and I’m 29 I’m the youngiest daughter left at home.

  • charlene

    Ive seen someone that is very special to me i dbt knw how to tell my uncle ive got someone in my life cos hed very straigt and im scared off loosing him . And i wanna make more time for him but my uncle is wondering what doing when im away from home true the day

  • Jessy Divine

    Hi I’m jessy and I’m 14 years of age. So there is this guy I met in band and we will have been together two months tomorrow. I really want to tell my mom about him but I’m scared. He has spoken to them(mom and dad) at a game they attended after we played our field show. They spoke but didn’t ask about him. He’s 15 in the tenth grade I’m 14 in the ninth. What should I do and how should I tell them? He’s scared to actually meet them and introduce himself

  • Alice Ember

    I wanna tell my parents I have a boyfriend but HOW!? Im afraid they won’t approve of him because im still in highschool and he just graduated and just turned 18 , now im 15 soon to be 16. We have been together for 1 month now and the only one that knows is my bestfriend. I really want to tell my mom and dad but im scared and dont know how. Help?

  • Mari Isabel

    I am a 19 year old graduate. I’ve had my boyfriend for 10 months now and I have no idea how to tell my extremely strict parents I’ve been dating this guy. Once they found out like a month after Valentines day I made up a lie telling them he just wanted sex…I didn’t mean to say that I was just extremely hurt by the way he broke up with me. Now that me and by boyfriend are dating again its alot different. We both want to tell me parents but I’ve told him my situation and we dont know what to do! We really want this relationship to go farther since we both really do love each other!

    Can someone please help me!?!

  • confused

    I’m an adult now. 19 years of age and I dnt knw how to tell my parents about my bf. He’s a really good guy. But my parents are strict and they don’t hv understanding. Idk wat to do

    • Luisa

      If u r confortable, meet with him and ur parents and first present him as a friend. Once ur parents r confortable with him, tell them being as mature as possible.

  • Lizabeth

    I\’m not easily impressed. . . but that\’s imperssnig me! 🙂

  • Danielle K.

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  • Sohle

    Hey i’m 13 and they think im too young to have bf no what do i do?

    • dana

      depends is it someone that u truely like or do u just want to have a bf . If u tell them he makes u happy they should understand

      • Random????

        I know a lad in my year that makes me smile and laughs at my jokes, even if I don’t mean to be funny, but my parents r always saying that this stuff will affect my work at school. I admit in my French we talk and that but I really like him. What can I do??? 🙁

    • Anonymous

      I know how you feel trust me im the last kid! And if you really like him and he makes you happy your parents should understand from their past love lifes

  • BleedingSun

    I have a simlilar issue, where I know that I’m bisexual and one day will date a girl… but my parents don’t believe bisexuality is a thing. They think that you’re either gay or strait, you can’t like both genders. They have nothing against gays.I have no idea how to convince them that this is a real thing, and it’s who I am.

  • lamiae

    I’m in a somewhat similar situation. The problem is that my parents don’t oppose the idea of me having a boyfriend, so long as they select him themselves. I can’t express to you how many times they’ve seen an attractive young man enter my life, had a five minutes conversation with him, and attempted to force my affections onto him. I’m rather mature, and coming up on 18 in a few months. I’m a good student. I don’t party, drink, smoke, or partake in drugs. I’ve never even had a boyfriend before. I’ve tried to talk to them about dating a good friend of mine, but they won’t hear it. It’s not that he’s a bad person, but they don’t believe that he’s attractive enough for me. They refuse to listen to what I have to say. What do you do if your parents are the stubborn, shallow, and immature side of the discussion?

    • Bea

      That sucks, dude I’m sorry :/ That’s so not cool

      • lamiae

        Thank you. I’ll admit that I’m considering disregarding my parents opinions on my love life. I’m the only person who knows who it is that I need as a partner, and they’ll never admit that they’re wrong about someone. It may very well be the time for me to regain control of my life.