Is Your Guy Friend Into You? Probably.

guy friend is he into you

Chances are, her guy friend is thinking about more than a friendly hug. | Source: Shutterstock

Most of us have a guy friend or two that we’re really tight with–you play video games, grab pizza, watch stupid movies, and ask him for advice on your crush. It’s a pretty sweet arrangement, but admit it–sometimes it can get awkward, like when people assume you’re dating or ask if you guys are an item. So is he into you?

According to a new report, chances are he is. And let’s be real, can you blame him? You’re rad. Problem is, if your guy friend is into you, it sorta complicates things in terms of having a normal platonic friendship with him.

The report suggests that in terms of friendships with the opposite sex, guys are generally more attracted to their gal pals than girls are to their guy friends. As if that weren’t uncomfortable enough, the study also shows that guys tend to overestimate how much you’re attracted to them–if you are at all. So annoying!

It sucks when you think you have a legit platonic connection with a guy… And then he randomly confesses his feelings for you one day or tries to kiss you, or you might catch him checking out your butt or staring at your boobs, because then it makes you wonder: What were his motives all along? Was he only my friend to try getting in my pants? It just raises so many questions that you’d rather not deal with or think about. And it’s worse coming from a pal than some random guy, because with a guy friend, you have a history and actually care about his feelings–so you have to shoot him down carefully to avoid crushing him, but at the same time you’re paranoid from that point on about accidentally leading him on. Urgh!

What’s more, the study shows that guy friends can complicate relationships with dudes you’re actually dating (and if your guy friend has a girlfriend, this goes for her too). The study shows that people who are attracted to their  guy or girl friends are less happy in their own relationships. Yikes!

This all isn’t to say you can’t or shouldn’t have guy friends. When everyone knows where they stand in terms of their friendship, having a guy friend is awesome–you have automatic male perspective on things, which is so important and cool–in addition to just being fun to be around in general. Just make sure everyone’s on the same page: Is he into you? Probably. Just make sure he knows you’re not into him. And if you are? Make a move already, girl!

Have you ever had a crush on a guy friend? Has your guy friend ever revealed his feelings for you? Would you ever date your best guy friend? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Gaby

    Me and my guy friend have been best friends for a couple of months now, and really close friends previously. He used to invite me everywhere with him, but now he has started meeting up with another girl from our friend group with out telling me. Is he scared I will be jealous???
    So I Completely Thought That Him And This Girl Had Something And I Was Just Starting To get to terms With It. Next, He Practically Makes It Official Right In Front Of Me By Spooning And Basically Laying On Top Of Her.
    Here Is Where Things get Interesting……. So me, Him And The Girl are Round One Of Our Other Friends House. We Have This inside Joke About Me Being A Girl And “weak” So We Were Play Fighting Through out The Day. Next Thing I Know, He sits On Top Of Me and pins me down. We stared into eachother’s eyes before we rolled over and started cuddling. He kisses me on the cheek and then BOOM! We are making out!!!
    This whole thing felt pretty weird and good at the same time. I went downstairs and he kissed me again on the couch. I was certain that him and the other girl had something, and then he tells me that he was sorry and that it felt weird because we were such close friends.
    In other words……. I’M VERY CONFUSED!!!!!

  • Katy_kat

    My crush came over while I was hanging with a guy friend then he just gave my friend a stare, by any chance do he like me?

  • Biotech

    I’m in college and just recently got out of a 2 year long distance relationship, another story, and my bestfriend and I were hanging out in his suite lounge watching car videos and being the engineering geeks we are. We’ve been hanging out a lot more recently, but I though it was okay, we’re just bestfriends and this is normal, I used to have a guy bestfriend like this in highschool, then yesterday in the early morning I was tired after watching videos, so I leaned on his shoulder and he petted my hair and arm like he usually does, then he leaned his head towards me I looked up and he kissed me! I kissed back as well ! this lasted awhile and happened at least once more, but later on before both of us decided to go to sleep, he said that he didn’t think that “We should happen and let this go through” because we work so well together, we’re going to be on the board of our club next year, and overall we both just got out of relationships in the past couple of month and he doesnt want our friendship to be ruined, he asked me what I thought and I just sorta agreed. I have strong feelings for him but im not sure if he totally reciprocates or he’s afraid of knowing if he does. *sigh*

  • Anon

    I’m a college student who hangs mostly with guys and a few girls between classes. Most of the time we just hang or chill, but in the past year I’ve had three different guy friends try to ask me out. This was just after a major break up of my first crush of 7 years. Of the 3, I had a brief 5 month relationship with one of them. The others more or less just talk to me on FB and in person. Now it’s come to the point where I don’t want to date because of how badly the first one ended, and yet I do want to date.

  • Jules

    I was about 13 years old when I met my best friend. We both went to the same camp, and well, we just kind of clicked. It was funny, I was always friends with his older sister, and became close with his younger sister, all before he came into my life. One day after camp had ended we had gotten in touch and just became great friends after that. Since we live in different states, we would always meet up in a city nearby. As we got older and our relationship evolved over the next three years, we had definitely developed feelings for each other. I still dont know his side, although it was pretty obvious he had a thing for me. We talked daily, if not weekly and kept the conversations relatively PG. Meaning, we never really talked about each other’s love life or really personal stuff. He knows who my friends are, but I rarely complain to him about anything. Now, as we’ve grown closer over the years, our trips to see each other have become more frequent. From seeing his football games, and being invited to family functions, I’ve definitely picked up on vibes that weren’t purely platonic. Now recently he invited me to go with his parents to his house across the country and it just confused me to no end because who really does that without any motives. However, he is really sweet and respectful and it seems that he couldn’t make a move on me if he wanted to. The trip is in a little over a month and I’m excited yet scared if anything is going to happen.

  • Millie

    I had a guy best friend and we made out at school it was pretty romantic but we stopped being friends so 🙁 but don’t do this if he has a girlfriend but he will ignore u like my guy best friend is and I really need some help we haven’t talk since March 16 2015 I miss talking to help

    • XNDR

      Yo, I’m going through the same thing right now! You’re not alone. I don’t like him, lol, but we have made out before and now he has a gf and we’ve barely talked for like 2 months now. :/

  • Oblivious queen

    I have a best guy friend from college. He’s had a girlfriend for years but we text and talk when we can and love to party together. We dance together a lot, he flirts with me in joking ways and whatever but I NEVER thought anything of it asides from him just joking around a lot. He’s kind of a goofball n flirt anyway. He’s had other girl best friend before me.

    Well, we’ve been staying in contact since after graduation, we still hang out. But recently him and his girl have been having some problems. One of the last times we went out, he French kissed me. We were drunk so I ended the kiss and never talked about it because I figured it was just a drunk guy thing. Now him and his girl broke up and he admits he had feelings for me and jokingly says that’s part of why they broke up. I didn’t really respond..kind of tried to change the subject. Because I felt so weird, uncomfortable, and shocked by it. I honestly Never thought of him like that before.

    I’m just shocked by it.. I feel do oblivious and honestly didn’t even think I was his type. And I like his girlfriend. And now I’m questioning if I could see myself with him, but even if I did, I kind of already turned him down so I doubt he’ll bring it up again. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship but now I’m wondering if we were ever really friends to begin with…

  • Anon

    Ok, so I’ve had this huge crush on my guy bestfriend literally since I first saw him in y7, we got of flirting straight away and he always said no to a relationship, I’m in y10 now and I’m still best friends with him, he knows about how I ‘used’ to like him and he’s admitted about liking me at times. Ok, so this is the part that weirds me out, about 2 months ago, we where chilling having a movie day as normal and kind of cuddling on the sofa at the scary parts, I was enjoying it and he was getting a bit touch so I looked up and he kissed me, I obviously kissed back and he pulled away, i later asked him if it ment anything and he told me he didn’t know so I was really confused. I also heard reports from my other best guy friend (his bestfriend too) that he’d told him he liked me. I also heard the same thing from another girl that were both close to. If the situation wasn’t confusing enough. 3 weeks later he got a new girlfriend and I don’t know what to think because I think I might love him and it breaks me to think that this new girl is making him happy. Help.

  • Happy girl

    Sigh’-he was and is my friend,i developed feelings for him right from my degree ,he has girlfriend so i ask him if he could be my brother ,he aggrees,!i had my first boyfriend that happens to be his friend,and he always teases me by calling me sister-in-law!i wonder if he ever loved me once;-(