What To Know Before You Get High On Marijuana

get high marijuana

Speaking of applying for a job–or college!–be smart about who’s around when you get high. Remember how Miley Cyrus was humiliated when a friend sold her out to the tabs for smoking salvia (which is legal) and then later calling herself a stoner on video? Imagine how you’d feel if your pals tagged you toking up on Facebook or Instagram-ed you inhaling marijuana. Even if your info is set to private, you can’t control what your friends post and who sees those. A “no camera/no camera phone” policy would be pretty wise to put in place if you plan to get high.

Lastly, don’t assume that just because marijuana is relatively common that you won’t get arrested if you choose to get high. Again: Like it or not, marijuana is still illegal, and the troubles that come with it are a clear risk whenever you buy it, use it, or have it on you. So if you want to try marijuana, be sure to think twice–preferably three or four times–before you get high.

Do you ever get high on marijuana? Do you know anybody who does get high? Do you think marijuana should be legal? Tell us in the comments!

Want To Know About Smoking Weed? Here You Go!

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  • pinky a.k.a 5th ward

    i now people you’ll don’t want marijuana to be a legal.that shit is not right that marijuana is fuckin a legal

  • mr chad dickson

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnFJYxCx7zk The TRUTH about marijuana!

  • Bil

    Kristine…. Gun crime in the UK is going up because of this skunk crap they sell now. It’s addictive and it’s 4x more harmful than smoking a normal cigarette for tar content.

  • Denis

    nikki,A guy who smokes, be it weed or toabcco, may be at risk of low sperm count from what I’ve read, it works like this:Both grass and cigs contain nicotine. Nicotine constricts blood vessels a powerful vasoconstrictor. So, diminished blood flow to the testicles could be an answer to low sperm count. So, to answer your question, “if a guy smokes a lot of weed , is his sperm count low?” No smoking a “lot” of weed does not necessarily drop his sperm count. It COULD, mind you, be something to look at if he’s been diagnosed as having a low sperm count, but just being a stoner does not automatically make his count low.”will he be able to make babies?” Provided a willing partner, I can’t see why not.

  • kristine

    pot is less harmless to you than alcohol. so why is weed illegal and alcohol isnt?

    • Anonymous

      kristine…. people are getting shot and there’s all sorts of crime for pot now. It’s not like the old stuff any more. These new strains are highly addictive.

      • Inmate

        Lol, Hard to find a stupider comment than that.

  • Anna

    And let the comments begin……..