Going Braless: Pros and Cons of Not Wearing A Bra

Miley Cyrus not wearing a bra

Miley Sparks BRAGATE 2012! | WENN

I think I’ve told you about my former hatred of my smallish boobs. I used to think an underwire was a sign of success in the tits department, but mercifully, my girls don’t really need one and I can get by on softie little bralettes. But some celebs choose to not wear a bra at all, no matter the size of their chest.

Case in point: Miley Cyrus. I spied her strutting around Disneyland sans bra, and the press jumped all over her. I wondered if they would care so much if Liam Hemsworth (her BF) was spotted at the mall without boxer briefs on under his jeans. Probably not! But for some reason, boobs seem to be everyone’s business so let’s discuss the pros and cons of not wearing a bra before you ditch Vicky’s Secret altogether!

Pro: No unsightly straps!

It’s so tacky to see a girl in a racerback with bra straps on full display. But then again, not wearing one at all can lead to…

Rihanna let's it all hang out! | WENN

Con: Unsightly Nipples

Some girls don’t care that their highbeams are on, but others are absolutely mortified. If you fall into the latter category, remember that it doesn’t always take an arctic breeze to get the girls at attention…and sometimes, they don’t always firm up together! Just ask Rihanna.

Pro: Saves money!

Why in the H are bras so expensive? Can tell me? I found one I liked at VS and it was $60??!?! Just another example of how guys get off easy in the wardrobe department.

Con: Sagging?

There doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence about the coorelation between going braless and saggy boobs, but it kinda makes sense. Breast tissue isn’t all that sturdy, so your C or D cups flouncing around all the time could take it’s toll over time. Lindsay Lohan never seems to wear a bra and her boobs aren’t exactly perky. Coincidence?

Pro: Comfort!

The best part of my day is when I get home from a party and take off my push-up bra. Sweet freedom! However, free-boobin’ it isn’t all sunshine and smiles…

Is Brit looking hot or not? | WENN


Con: Serious Discomfort

God forbid you have to run or bound up steps or basically do anything besides walk slowly and sit. I don’t know how Britney Spears spent basically all of 2007 without a bra. Ouchhhh.

What do you think are the best and worst things about not wearing a bra? Would you go braless? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Eileen Collado

    I’m an 32a cup and I hate the bra. I only wear it if I’m wearing a V cut blouse or dress. I’m also 19 so my breasts won’t grow anymore. And yes it hurts when I jump so I don’t do it. Going braless give you freedom and confidence even if yournipples are ssaying hi.

  • Ria

    I want to be the first girl to have a ear cartilage piercing for whom it is not at all inappropriate to go braless. I really want to get my ear cartilage pierced before it is inappropriate for me to go braless. I have never seen a girl or woman with a ear cartilage piercing for whom it is completely appropriate to go braless. In fact it is appropriate for me to go braless as much it is for a 6 year old girl to go braless. I am a very skinny kid. I am 5’0″ or 5’1″ in my bare feet. My feet are womens size 7.

  • Faithgirl

    I wear a bra all the time and my boobs aren’t that big at all. I think it feels too airy without one. I think I’m addicted to wearing a bra. I’ve been wearing bras for 3 years. Since I was really young. Crazy, right? I didn’t really need one though. I just wore it for fun i guess. Maybe I’ll take my bra off now…

  • AshW

    Wearing a bra has been discovered to cause sagging so ya. I choose not to wear one because comfort,cost & it feels so much better. I feel only fake boobs should be up to ur chin I don’t find if attractive whatsoever. Women’s bodies shouldn’t need anything to make it look good. They are perfect as they are. I wear a cotton tank, tee shirt under my other shirt/sweater. Good luck 🙂

  • tara

    I never wear bras. Hate the things. I am fortunate. I have perky 34d’s!

    • Bethany

      Damn you are lucky then, I’m 28 and already trying to fight the sag.

      • BobTrent

        Not fightable, honey. The more you support them the more they’ll sag – when the bra is off, that is. Bras prevent sagging only while they are worn.

  • Annex

    As a 34 DDD I can tell you it hurts

  • Mae

    “Lindsay Lohan never seems to wear a bra, and her boobs aren’t exactly perky. Coincidence?” Not necessarily. Lohan has large breasts, and of course something with a greater mass is going to be affected more by gravity.

  • Mike Litoris

    My tits are literally at my feet, none of my bras fit me

  • J

    there are actually studies that show that breast tissues strengthens when not encompassed in a bra over time, as a bra actually does the opposite. So goin bra-less from a young age into old, will strengthen the breast tissue (they will be firm, not hard). Wearing a bra causes the tissue not to develop its strength and thus causes premature sagging.

  • Abel

    My Wife is nearly 60,although she looks about 40.She is 34b,never wears a bra,or knickers.Still gets lots of admiring looks and gets touched up quite regularly on the Tube,in crowds,in Pubs , on Buses and particularly when she gets home and tells me about it.I also love going shopping with her ,as she makes a point of not drawing changing room curtains properly and flashing her breasts and pubes to any unsuspecting husband waiting for his wife,she also asks them to zip or unzip her,as I watch from a distance

  • Meg

    I have not worn a bra for many years. I usually wear relaxed fit shirts with breast pockets. I used to suffer from back pain and pain in my shoulders and neck when I wore a bras but not anymore. Not wearing a bra does limit the fashions I can wear but I choose comfort over pain.

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  • karim

    What the F I want the way that my lover wears its bra she don’t know hwo with naked ggirls wearing the bra

  • Sarahluvscookays

    I’m an 30AA so I don’t wear a bra alot only at like special occasions and at school and I’m only 12 In 7th grade … So heck with it!