Ask A Guy: How Can I Get Dudes To Stop Staring At My Boobs?!

Although you can’t control where guys are going to look, you don’t have to hide under Spanx or tight undergarments that constrict. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your desirable endowments! Instead — if I may play your straight Tim Gunn for a moment — there are ways to tastefully accommodate your curves without showing them off. Don’t feel like you need to hide your awesome bod for anyone!

But no matter what you decide to wear, the more confident and self-accepting you are, the more guys will pay attention to you for all the right reasons. When you’re able to own your body without apologies, you can more easily focus on being the real you, and guys find that self-assuredness attractive. Just remember that while no dude is immune from stealing a glance now and then, any guy who’s incapable of seeing who you really are isn’t right for you in the first place!

Good luck!

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How much do dudes really care about big boobs anyway?

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  • Diasa232

    Never a day goes by when guys don’t stare at my boobs. If its a hot guy, then I don’t mind but most of the time its really annoying. My boobs are absolutely huge, much bigger than all of my friends. I don’t understand why my friends want big boobs. My boob size has made me famous in school. I want to be known for something more then parts of my body. I might get a breast reduction when I’m older.

  • Jarry

    I’m not into relationship but sometimes it really piss me off whenever I do reports infront of the class. They always looked at my boobs, not the board. That’s why I ended up tight bras to punish these boobs. And WORSE, even my besties brag along the hall and sometimes at the gym where players are… “Hey GUYs! My friend here has biggie tits!!”

  • Rain

    I LOVE boys staring at me. I have BIG (REALLY BIG!) boobs and a nice wonderful butt! When they stare at me I walk over (only if they are cute) and in a flattering voice ask them if they would like to have a trip all over my body after school in the school basement. If they say yes, (they almost always do) after school in the basement I undo my jeans pull up my shirt take of my underwear and bra, he takes of his shirt and pants and underwear and we lay on the floor and he moves his hand over to my boobs. I walk my hand on his side and when I reach his penis I zap my hand over and feel it, moving it around my hand. At this point he pees on me. (NOT on purpose) Then he feels my butt and…….

    • Sasha

      Why would you…

  • icantloveu

    ug dudes are such perves! theres this one guy and he’ll stare at us girls (me 2 🙁 )
    and he’ll kinda have this smile on and it just feels likes hes gonna rape u!! D:

  • Becca

    I’ve been dealing with this problem since I was 12 and its gotten to the point that I’m on a verge of a panic attack whenever I’m stared at.

  • Artemis95

    I have been living with this unfortunate situation since I was about…12. The worst part is I tend to run in very conservative/religious circles. Clothes that look perfectly modest on mostly every other girl always are extremely revealing on me. Guys tend to assume I’m easy, until they actually try.

  • I’m forever alone

    What if I’m not talking to a guy, he just stares? I’m 14 and not attractive at all with little boobs and that’s the only thing my male classmates would look at. If only I was a guy, that’s why when I grow up, I’m going to scientist to make enough money to get a sex change. and I love girls so I just want to be a guy so bad! what do I do?

  • Anonymous

    When guys of my age stare, it can be flattering … especially when I find the guy MEGA attractive. But I do get a little shuffly and uncomfortable. But when I see OLDER MEN looking, my dear God I want to go and hide in a hovel. It’s such a horrible feeling … it also makes you want to go and have a chemical bath, because it makes you feel that dirty. EW! Back off. I hate it.

    • MaKayla

      I was scrolling down to basically put the same comment but then I saw yours! XD

  • CaseyGurlEH9494

    Shift your upper torso! It works for at least a little bit. Nothing to obvious, just a sudden jerk to bring him (or her) back to reality!

    • Ethan Fixell

      Ha, not a bad tip, I guess. Something I wouldn’t have thought of!


  • kittykatt

    i know after not seeing anyone from my old school for almost 2 years i finally see all my guy friends and the first thing they say is your boobs and butt got huge. when i tell thm, “my eyes are up here.” they say, “no there right there” while pointing at my nipples. why do guys hav to be such perves?

  • Ari

    I have a similar problem – but it’s just my boobs that are huge.
    I absolutely hate when people stare – it’s pretty obnoxious when the first impression you give is “Whoa, she has huge boobs!”
    Because of that, I sort of subconsciously started to slouch, and I don’t buy clothes that accent my waistline so there’s not such a sharp contrast and it’s harder to tell.
    That being said, I wish I could just wear whatever I want and not have to worry about double-takes all the time! I hate being judged based on my body, and not my personality.
    It sounds like the only think to really do is learn to embrace it, cause things aren’t gonna change for anybody.
    Yeah… I’m working on that. But until I get out of high school (with all its little freshman boys that make me feel like a pedophile whenever I walk by), I don’t think I’ll be flaunting it.

  • JadaBug

    Whenever i talk to my best friend he always does that & i’m saying “hey my eyes are up here!” even though i don’t have large boobs they still do that.

    • Ethan Fixell

      Ha, men will be men… Sorry Jada.


      • Nobody

        Some guys like big boobs, some like small boobs, and some like mid-sized boobs. The size of you boobs just change which guys will look.

  • SuperFlirt ;*

    So true thankyou Ethan

    • Ethan Fixell

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading.