Reader Hookup Confession: My BF and I Got Caught Hooking Up In Church!

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My boyfriend and I had been getting it on as much as we could. We always use protection (don’t want a baby at 17!). Anyways, we were at church and I wanted a soda, so we went downstairs to the soda machine, which is under the stairs in a secluded room. Let me tell you, worst idea ever. We were so used to messing around any chance we got that we started making out IN CHURCH!

Just as I was about to go down on him, my Sunday school teacher walked in! I felt so bad for the 60-year-old woman! In the end, I was grounded and couldn’t be alone with him for a while. Lesson learned: don’t let things get steamy in church!

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  • Cakes

    Dude, even though i am not religious i would never do or even plan on hooking up in a church. It’s just plain disrespectful. Churches are a place of worship and you are supposed to show your respect. Like you couldn’t wait until you two got home?

  • Aala

    Sadly. my first and i did it at church camp. and didnt get caught. i felt so guilty. and now i cant really go into that church becuase it brings back those memeories

  • hermielle

    seriously?!?!?!?hookin up in church?sry,but that’s kinda dumb

  • Rinnie

    I don’t understand how you can do that in a church.
    Don’t do it again.

    • It’sjusthowitis

      Hello I’m Joel,
      I was looking up on the internet to see if i could find some incident where two young kids were making out in a church and got caught. The reason for this is I went to Glory of Zion Church in Carthage Texas with my girlfriend, the church had this conference going on and we were attending it. The conference went on for 3 days, and the last day at this church which is one of the largest Pentecostal churches out there, My Girlfriend and I went on a walk through the church and we kept finding places to make out! But then it all went wrong.This church has security, and many cameras everywhere! But we had never been there before and we did not care to look. We got in the elevator and started making out, I had the switch on so the elevator would stop, and then I started sucking her Breast which I had never done before! I could never forgive myself later. And the security has it all on tape. So after we come out of the elevator the security guard says “Alright you two lets go NOW” and we are escorted by 9 guards to the end of the building where the ask ” How old are you”? I answer them saying I’m 17 then they ask my girlfriend “How old are you and is your mother or Father with either of you?” She answers them saying ” I’m 19 and no we came alone 😉 ” and the look on their faces was epic when she said her age LIE!!! We did not come alone Her mother was with us! then they tell us that this is a house of worship and we should not me making out in it. I said sorry and told them it would not happen again.Her Mom was still in the building, and we have a worship serves starting it ten minuets, we were just throne out of the Church!!! how could we go back inside and show our face??? We have to make up some lie and say I’m sick or something! My girlfriend says yeah that should work! And so I go to the side of the building to get to the coffee shop inside and find her Mother, as I’m walking I see one of the guards standing by the door, I ask him if he heard about what happened he says in reply ” Not only did I hear Brother! I saw it as well! but don’t worry I’m sure you won’t make the same mistake again right? I answer him saying ” Yeah of coarse not! I said I was really sorry and I hope God can forgive me for the wrong I have done. He then says to me “Why don’t you and your Girlfriend go back into the church and ask for forgiveness?” I said that the guards wont let us in, and he says he would call all of them off to stand down. So I watch him as he puts his finger on the coiled ear piece and calls them off, he says for no guard to come near us and to let us back into the Church for the serves. We then go to church and get back to the hotel that night without her Mom finding out! Praise God for he is Good.

  • KK

    I can believe it happens quite often with younger kids… Ive been there expect my boyfriend and I went all the way at church and didnt get caught but told our parents… Sin is Sin is it disrespectful to do it in church yeah but god wont look at you any different your judged the same and it is NO HUMANS place to judge…

  • Kate

    I did the same thing…. but I didn’t get caught, thank god! I didn’t exactly do the same thing, I just went all the way with my guy. I was freaking out and had to keep away from everybody at church for a about twenty minutes to calm down. Nobody knows at all but my best friend. If I got caught, I’d probably never get to see the sunlight outside again.

  • basschick

    in a church? wow. that is pretty bold! (also pretty ramantic if you made it all the way. 😉 haha)

  • lexasweetheart

    thats so sad why in a church, in all places in the world you had to do that in a church, i wonder how God feels like watching you do that
    sorry thats so sad

  • dawesome

    I don’t see why someone would be so disrespectful, I’m guessing it is true, because I, unfortunately, know people who have done similar and worse things in churches, talk about filth. I’m guessing only trashy people do that.

    • Cassie

      i completely agree with you. how can you do something like that in the house of the Lord? like i dont understand people these days…

  • Anonomys

    Guess it’s a good thing I’m agnostic. Lulz.

  • Alexis

    i don’t care how horny forget about it the preacher can walk in on us I’m more afraid of what God done said! LMBO

  • star

    i think this story is fake. sorry :/

    • Bridgette

      Well it is possible. My ex-bestfriend got caught making out with her boyfriend in the boys bathroom at her church…and if I remember correctly her dad caught them.

    • s.linnane97

      I do agree that it is fake.. The making out bit isn’t too bad but then you say your going down on him ? Um ?

  • Allison

    Well, think about it. Is it really that much different than having sex in your parents bed? I think teens do stuff like that to seem rebellious. And at least she learned her lesson and hopefully stopped getting dirty in church!

  • Bea

    As soon as I saw this on the homepage, I was like, NO. I’m not an ounce religious and I’m sorry but- have some judgement!

  • amn

    why were u doing that in chruch in the first place