The Condom Broke. Could I Be Pregnant?

Okay, now don’t freak out after reading that. For one thing, if you are using an alternate form of birth control and your boyfriend did not ejaculate inside of you, then it’s safe to say that you’re probably not pregnant. And if your boyfriend really did notice immediately that the condom broke and pulled out right away, you’re most likely safe, whether you use another form of birth control or not. But since I’m not your doctor and I wasn’t there that night, I can’t say for sure.

How long has it been since this happened? If this just happened recently, your best bet is to take a pregnancy test. That can be terrifying, but taking one will calm your nerves and give you an answer once and for all. If you don’t want to take one on your own, go to your gynecologist. Sitting around wondering about whether or not you’re preggers is only going to stress you out – and all of that stress can actually put a hold on your period, which will only lead to more stress. It’s better to take a test or see a doctor to get a real answer. And there’s no reason to be ashamed, because this happens to people on a regular basis!

And if you’re not using another form of birth control, maybe it’s time to consider doing so. Using the pill or the patch will give you double the protection against an unwanted pregnancy. But if you do go on either of those, you should still use condoms. Condoms are the only form of birth control that will protect you against STD’s and other diseases. Ask your mom or doctor about it.

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  • zoe

    I just had sex with my bf on sunday and the condom broke but he claims he pulled out and didnt go back or anything and didnt even come. when I told my mom about it monday night she claims it was too late to take a pill… When I peed today the whole top half of the condom came out and now IM REALLY PARANOID is there ANYTHING I can do to prevent pregnancy? I also just finished my period LAST wednesday the 26th.. I know this might not mean shit but I REALLY REALLY REALLLY don’t want to be pregnant… which sucks even more is this was my FIRST time AND Im only 16

  • Johnb720

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  • leah

    Me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom and den we notice it broke he said he was cumming I felt down dere I think it was his.cum could I be pregnant?

  • Maria

    Me and my boyfriend recently had sex on last day of my period and unfortunatly the condom split but we noticed straight away, I have also been on the combined pill for two years, will the pill still have some sort of protection even when on my period? I am a little scared :S

  • Adorika

    hey Guys I a little scared todae im havin sex wid ma bf n suddenly da condom just broke…n he ran to tha nearest shop for some pills n he said to drink so i take it o nOt N alxo m freakin out right now i might be pregant O not but M really SCARED right now Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Help me out Plzzzzz m beggiN U

  • oldhat

    Nausea doesn’t happen to all women, and anxiety can cause it far more easily. I was pregnant, once. What keyed me into that fact was that my breasts grew abnormally large. After testing positive on a pregnancy test, I went to the doctor and found out I was nearly 2 months along. I had no other signs, except that I was late. However, many things can cause a woman to experience irregular periods, which I’d had since my teen years.

    “E.P.T” is a name-brand pregnancy test, and I trust its results. Women in my family have used that product, consistently, and it’s never given us false results. Just remember to…. USE IT WITH YOUR FIRST URINATION OF THE MORNING. Your urine is more concentrated at that time, and you’ll get a better result.

    By the way, timing out sex to your ovulation cycles does not work. I know this will sound gross, but I got pregnant from sex during menstruation. You’d THINK that would work, but nooooooooooooope!

    And I know this will sound a bit old-fashioned, but that’s why it is best to have sex with someone you trust and KNOW will stick around in case something goes awry. I know none of you want to spend your college years raising a baby.

    That is why you SPEND the MONEY on a GOOD condom, AAAAAND get a spermicidal lubricant to use WITH IT. Some condoms come with that already on them, but extra never hurts!

    By the way, birth control pills are not 100% effective. I was conceived whilst my mother was on the pill. Make sure you COMBINE different types of birth control, or just don’t bother having any sex, at all.


  • Anne

    I just turned 15 last month me and my bf had sex when I was 14 in December and he kept saying the condom broke,but pulled it out right away I’m scared because its suppose to be the time of the month for me and my period hasn’t came yet I’m super scared plssss help!!!!!

  • Nia

    Hello. I was having sex with my boyfriend today and he was about to come. He didn’t want to come that quickly so he pulled it out. Suddenly he realized that he wasn’t wearing the condom. The condom was stuck inside me. I put my finger in to see that it was right at the entrance. I pulled it out, there was no fluid in it (except the lubricant) since my boyfriend didn’t come. We thought that it just stuck there at the instant he was pulling it out. So there actually was no way that his come or precome. Even though this seems like the case, I kind of panicked and now I’m surfing through the net, seeking any kind of advice about this situation. I live in a conservative place so I see a doctor as the last solution. I need to have my period in some time, I think I should panic if I don’t have it. I’m not sure. I’m kind of panicked and stressed.

  • Maria

    Something similar happened with me and my boyfriend we had sex the day after my period and the condom broke but he was nowhere near coming so he put on another one and we had sex again. The second condom had spermicide lube on it so wouldn’t that kill any pre-cum from the first condom(if there was any?) I’m really scared and I can’t tell my parents, do you think I’m pregnant?

  • Maria

    Okay so something similar happened to me me and my boyfriend were having sex and the condom broke and he pulled out right away and he wasn’t even close to coming he put on another condom and we had sex again and the second condom had spermicide lube on it. Even if he had pre-cum wouldn’t the lube kill it? Please help I’m really scared and I can’t tell my parents. Do you think I’m pregnant?

  • Brooke

    I asked if this guy i liked could come over and and he did . Well i guess you know , we had sex , and the condom broke . He told me it broke , but he didnt say when it broke . Im 15 and scared i might be pregnant . I CANT HAVE A KID !! But what do I do ? Im to young to buy over the counter stuff and im not on the pill ….. Help ! (My periods not due til November)

    • ena

      the same thing morless happend to me but om 14 help if you fou d out anything

    • Coco

      shouldn’t had sex then.

  • Claire

    I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday. While we were in the process of he had fell out and when he was pushing back in the condom broke. He pulled out immediately after it happened, he hadn’t come, and there was no fluid on his penis or in the condom . But the very same night after I went home I got sick and threw up, and I don’t know if that’s a sign of anything. We had chicken parm and squash for dinner. I think I cooked the chicken all the way, but it looked kinda juicy inside, and I didn’t feel 100% well after eating all the squash. Am I pregnant, did I get sick from food, or am I just paranoid?

    • Maryam

      Relax! There’s no way that you’ll be getting any signs of pregnancy (especially nausea) before a month. At least!

  • Heaven

    this happened to me last january (2011) on our one year anniversary, right after my 17th birthday. i was on the pill and the condom broke, and i still got pregnant, but i lost the baby at 11 weeks…i am a cautionary tale. dont think that using multiple forms of birth control is ever 100% effective! if you honestly think you’re pregnant, go to a doctor and talk to her about your options. best of luck.