AnnaLynne McCord Tweets Makeup-Free Photo: Stars Break Out, Too!

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AnnaLynne McCord isn't ashamed of her struggle with acne. You don't have to be, either! | <a href="http://"}Twitter

Even if you’re not a fan of the new 90210, it’s easy to be a fan of one of its starlets, AnnaLynne McCord, especially after this weekend. The stunning actress showed off her humanity–and her acne–in a makeup free Twitter photo.

AnnaLynne wrote, “I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect – and that’s okay with me!”

Honestly, seeing someone as gorgeous as AnnaLynne still struggling with breakouts makes us feel a little better about running to the store without putting on a ton of coverup. Chances are most people won’t even notice, and if they do? No one’s gonna judge you. Anyone who does is pretty shallow and lame and not anyone you’d want to hang with anyway, so who cares?

A lot of stars have spoken out against the body image standards that Hollywood and the media can present, and how girls can be pressured to be a certain size or have certain proportions, but this is one of the first times a starlet has come out against being required to have perfect, poreless, porcelain skin.

Obviously, the girl is human. When she hits a red carpet event, she wants to look her best and she’ll likely cover up those bad boys then–just like how a lot of you may not wear makeup to the gym, but will get glammed up for prom night.

Sure, a lot of celebs are photographed without makeup, but it’s usually in a few situations: paparazzi shots they don’t have control over or staged shoots where their flaws are likely Photo Shopped out later on anyway. AnnaLynne willingly showed that despite having access to lots of money and resources (you know she can afford a badass dermatologist!), celebs can still get zits just like the rest of us. They just have makeup artists and air brushers to hide them a little better than we can.

We salute you, AnnaLynne, for having the balls to not only call Hollywood out on its insane standards, but also to put yourself out there. Go, girl!

Do you struggle with acne? Do you cover up your zits or let ’em breathe? Do you think Hollywood’s beauty requirements are excessive, or do you think that they represent an ideal we should all strive for? Do you think AnnaLynne McCord was brave to tweet a makeup-free photo or that it’s no big deal? Tell us in the comments!

So What’s The Big Controversy Over Makeup?

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  • jeannie

    I think this is extremely refreshing and awesome.

  • Bea

    How dare you be so rude jasmine. Your comment is disgusting and you clearly have no idea what it is like to suffer with acne. There is nothing that cures acne for everyone, not even Accutane so your comment is completely wrong and misinformed. I’m sure you have your flaws. AnnaLynne is beautiful with or without makeup, something that cannot be said about most people.

  • Jasmine

    Hi all,

    I’m sorry but I really prefer to see a flawless complexion. It reminds me too much of middle school and high school through 10th grade to see zits and/or oily skin. In this day and age of ProActive and Accutane, you would think help would be just a phone call or E-mail away. Anna Lynn is a beautiful woman but you would think she would present a more polished image to the world! (What you look like WITHOUT make-up and the face you present to the world, those are two different things!)

    • s.linnane97

      thats horrible.

    • s.linnane97

      thats horrible of you to be completely honest

    • TheMusicNerd

      I’d like to ask you if you’ve ever actually struggled with acne. It’s not fun, and not always easy to get rid of. It’s painful, and to be honest, it sucks. Getting rid of acne isn’t as simple as getting ProActive. A lot of the people you see with acne have it because they’ve tried everything available to them, and it doesn’t work. Not only that but, most skin systems aren’t cheap and economies everywhere are tough right now. I’m sorry but I feel like you’re just not seeing the big picture. People should present their personalities to the world, pimples or no pimples.

    • jeannie

      Proactiv does not work for a lot of people. And Accutane’s side effects are worse than the actual acne. It’s not that easy.

  • olivia

    I just love her for this by showing people that she’s not perfect and that she thinks that Hollywood’s perfection requirment is ridoculus

  • Meee

    I, myself, struggle with a bit of acne and I try to cover them up as much as possible but after seeing this I don’t think I’ll care as much! I definitely think Hollywood’s idea of ‘perfection’ is ridiculous and not at all realistic or possible. I LOVE her for doing this-she’s awesome and so brave!! xxx

  • DiamondDucks

    I admire her greatly! 🙂 Not a lot of people could do this.

  • Sequoia

    Wow, she is truly amazing and still beautiful but the best part about her posting a pic like this is the positive impact she’s had and is going to have on a lot of younger and older girls that are struggling with the same acne problems in their lives. She is a very cool girl for that! <3

  • Missfiction