How Do I Get Over Him?: Your Complete Guide

how do i get over him 2

There's plenty of fish in the sea, so throw out your line and reel in a cutie! | Source: Shutterstock

You know what’s a great way to get over a stupid guy? Flirting with a cuter one!

Once you’re in a better place mentally and feeling awesome about yourself again (and rightfully so, you hottie!), other guys are going to notice. And since you’re solo, it’s okay to notice them back!

Just be sure not to feel pressured to jump into anything too fast–otherwise you may be re-reading this sooner than you’d like!

Do you have any tips on how to get over him? Have you ever dated a dude you had a hard time moving on from? How’d you handle it? Tell us in the comments!

Imagine This: Being Happy To Be Single!

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  • Edwina Delos Reyes

    What if I don’t need to flirt to the another guy? what if I don’t like to flirt to anyone? Could it be possible I get over of my ex?

  • NanaaInfinity29

    i do all of this….but i still have that hope that we’ll get back together…

  • Fay

    I think it’s also worth mentioning DON’T play love music after you are done morning him.
    If you are like me and love to listen to something always on the go, AVOID ballads, sad and love music. if anything play yourself some girl power sort of song and stuff that makes you cheer up if not want to go out there and dance your socks off!!!