Help – I Can’t Stop Stalking My Boyfriend’s Facebook!

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Besides the fact that this is harmful to your own mental health, it’s simply not a nice thing to do to your boyfriend. If he doesn’t know you’ve been checking his Facebook, I’m sure he won’t be too happy if he finds out. How would you feel if he was snooping through your Facebook everyday? It’s an invasion of his privacy – it doesn’t matter how long you two have been dating, that still doesn’t give you the right to go through his things whenever you want.

And if he knows you have his password, then consider this: he knows you can see things he does on FB. That means if he’s going to do something shady, he knows better than to do it on that website. I’m not trying to make you more paranoid or worried, because I have no idea if he’s doing that or not, but it’s definitely something you should realize.

Trusting someone who has betrayed you in the past is super hard. But snooping around and going through his things isn’t the answer on how to gain it back (for more advice on trust, read my advice here). You’re really the only one who can make yourself stop going on his Facebook. The next time you have the urge to do it, get yourself away from the computer immediately. Think about all the times you logged on and found nothing and ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Start by only allowing yourself to log on once a week, or twice a week. After a while, go down to even less than that. And if you really can’t do it on your own, confess to your BF. Tell him to change his password so that you have no choice but to stop.

If you honestly don’t trust your BF enough to stop stalking his Facebook, then you need to talk to him about it. I know that whatever he did in the past hurt you – but if you want to stay with him, you need to learn to move on and truly forgive him. What you’re doing now isn’t fair to either of you.

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  • Cheese Louis

    It’s definitely not easy, but you should fully trust him, by default, unless you know he’s that kind of guy. :3

  • arley

    I go on a daily basis but he gives me the reason when I ask him about something he changes the convo and he is always on his phone even when we are eating and he hides things such as when there is a discussion on a status and I pretend to wonder about it even though I know what the whole fuzz was about he changes the names of girls to guys and story and I have confronted him about it but am just getting bored of it its always something new I find in his facebook new girls that he talk to and he calls them love and shitty stuff.

  • barbara

    My boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me and I came to know through his messages on fb .I confronted him about it and he regrets it.its been 4 years and he has changed. I haven’t told any of my friends either.this is the first I’m talking about it.I think it helps to keep tabs on your boyfriend’s fb account once in a while to make sure he’s not up to something fishy.

  • Freddy

    I don’t know if my girlfriend goes on my Facebook or not, she knows my password, but I doubt she uses it. Even if she did use it I would’t be too upset: It is a invasion of my privacy, and I would tell her that I don’t mind her going on it from time to time, but if she goes on it on a regular basis I would be creeped out.

  • Zoe’s

    I have a huge problem not checking my bf Facebook page every once in a while I’ve actually found things i weren’t cool with mostly statuses and I always take it to heart ! I feel like its become a big problem for me I actually believe everything I see and instantly become distant smh help me !

  • John

    well i think it all depends on how you and other pepole look at it!!! but to me i think it is and it isnt i hope that made any sense. and im a teenager too but pepole should fine someone that they can actually see and be safe with! online datin can be dangerouse

  • Syed (sigh-eed)

    Here’s what you do: Buy an Xbox 360, Buy games (Recommend Portal 2 ‘ cause it drives you more crazy:), then eat snacks ^_^