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Spoiler Alert: People are always nicer to me when I wear makeup. You think I don’t notice, but I do, peeps! (Maybe I even do the same to other people!) This didn’t seem like a big deal at first, it certainly seemed vain, but I didn’t know makeup could affect the way people saw my character and values. A recent study concluded that women who wear makeup are considered more competent, trustworthy, and even make more money. So basically, women who don’t wear makeup are F—ed? Sort of.

Nowadays, because we’re so critical of how women look, girls who don’t wear makeup are often considered “brave and courageous” for not “conforming” to the social standards of female beauty. Really? “Oh that Jenny she is a real hero for not wearing eyeliner! But that Sandy sure is insecure for wearing lip gloss!” It doesn’t make any sense at all. If women are rewarded for being done up, why are they still being labeled as having self-esteem issues? And if those girls who don’t want to wear makeup are seen as brave, why don’t we reward them with bigger paychecks? My head is spinning, too.

I thought we were passed this kind of thinking. After all, decades ago the Feminist Movement called to our attention: Why the hell are we girls painting our faces every day? No—why are we expected to? The “expected” part is the important part because it means that any girl who doesn’t wear makeup is allowed to be stigmatized, judged or excluded for choosing not to. I don’t want anyone forcing me into a box just because I happened to be born with lady parts—do you?

This shiz is annoying. Does anyone care what men look like this much?!

So what do I do? Do I wear makeup and inadvertently uphold the shameful expectations our society has imposed on women—even though, heck, sometimes I just want to rock a bright lip color? Do I not wear makeup (which I get a lot of joy out of) just to protest those standards? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I am sick of having to think about this and discuss it. I am sick of debating about slut shaming, weight, and Photoshop. It shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Makeup should be a choice as meaningless as having chocolate or strawberry ice cream for dessert. There are so many more important issues women have to face because of ignorance: the struggle for abortion rights, rape, and sex trafficking. Sigh. People should be able to look however they want. It shouldn’t be an indicator of insecurity, it should be a sign of self-expression. If my makeup is supposed to be my choice then why do I feel judged whether I wear it or don’t?!

Do you wear makeup? Do you think people treat you different when you wear and when you don’t? Let us know in the comments!

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  • jennifer funez

    I do think that people treat me differently when I wear makeup and dont. When I do not wear makeup everyone seems to just go their way and whatever and pretty much do not pay much attention to me. When I do wear makeup I feel like boom all these guys are giving me looks like I am attractive haha but honestly I like wearing makeup because I like how it makes my face look. I like to draw attention to my big brown eyes and just feel better and attractive when I do have it on. I do not wear it because I have to but rather because I just love makeup and how it accentuates my features. It makes me feel very presentable of the woman that I am.

  • Moataz

    It’s bloody annniyog how these articles pretend that the difference is all in the make-up, while the difference obviously lies in the quality of the photography. And all the comments about meeting someone and being scared when you see them without make-up the next day? A load of nonsense. When you meet someone in real life, surely you can tell whether they are wearing a lot of make-up or not? Unless you are shit-faced drunk while picking up some girl in a bar, in which case you deserve whatever you get the next morning.

  • Bea

    Amen, amen, amen. I love you for posting this article <3

  • Abby

    EXACTLY!!! This is the best article that I have ever read on this site. So true.

  • Lexi

    I wear make-up for myself, not for other people. I can and do go out without make-up sometimes, but I don’t feel as confident as I do with make-up. Women are going to be judged with or without make-up. If a woman wears make-up, she’s considered insecure, but if a woman doesn’t wear make-up, she’s considered ugly. It’s unfair, but sadly, it’s a part of being a woman in today’s society.

  • BleedingSun

    I agree fully with this artical. Makeup should be about self expression and nothing more. I for one don’t care what people think and so the issue doesn’t bother me quite so much, but it does bother me that we as wemon are exspected to wear makeup. I wear colourful, designed eye makeup, not to make a statement or too look good but because I feel like myself when I look this way and its fun to do! Who cares what people think?

  • Solène Gredin

    I’m French and It’s almost the same here In France but Guys usually prefer Girls who don’t wear make-up but Truth is … They won’t go out with a girl who’d just go out with all her acne,blemishes, spots and looking Tired as F*** as much as they wouldn’t go out with a cakey-faced girl who looks like a Blind B*** ! Lol Srsly, I do wear make-up, I know I’m still young but So What ? I don’t really care about what people think of me because I don’t wear Make-up because I think I’m ugly nor because I’m insecure about myself and what people think or even to attract guys (They aren’t really worth it ! They aren’t some superior race, Right ? Lol), For me! Make-up is like art or a Game ! Want to look edgy ? Go Ahead ! Cute like a Manga girl ? Go ahead ? , etc… Some others may say “She’s too young, At her age I wasn’t …. (Blah Blah Blah …)” So What ? I’m not on drugs, I do Not smoke nor Do I wear Revealing clothes , I chosed to keep my V-card until I’m Married, I have a Good realationship w/ my Mom, I have GOOD Grades and I speak 5 languages so… STFU ! Everybody does what he seems to be good for him ?! If you’re doing something and thinking “Why do I do this ?” then it means that you aren’t really doing it for yourself but for others .. You want to do something ? Take your responsabilities and Go Ahead , if you don’t want to do something who everyone’s doing then Don’t ! Why would they affect your life just for some Society and comformity Bulls*** ?
    (Sorry if I seemed rude or something ^^ I’m just like that so Yeah Sorry ^^)

    • Simone

      I LOVE your reply!!! I hardly ever wear makeup even though I am 16 but what you said is so true!!!