What Is Discharge? Besides . . . Gooey?

All of us girls deal with it. It shows up in your panties, sometimes in your swimsuit over the summer, and can be a little . . . weird. So what is discharge, anyway? And is discharge normal?

The good news is that discharge is totally normal and healthy. In fact, it’s something your body needs to stay clean and in tip-top-shape.

If you’ve ever wondered about that down-there goo, here’s all the info you need:

* Most girls start noticing a little bit of discharge before they even get their first period.

* Discharge helps keep your vagina clean and healthy by washing out any irritants or bad bacteria that might be up in there. It’s a good thing!

* The amount of discharge a girl has will vary throughout the month. Sometimes it might be thin and watery, sometimes it can be thicker.

* If you ever notice your discharge smelling strongly, or having a color other than clear or milky white, you could have an infection. Get to the doctor as soon as you can!

Now that you don’t have to ask, “What is discharge?” anymore–let us know what other body questions you have in the comments!

Do You Have A Normal Vagina? Find Out!

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  • Just a NYC dude

    So ladies, I have a story about the ignorance of some men….so this guy I know was going through his girlfriends dirty laundry and searched her panties… He comes across a white looking stain in the crotch area and immediately gets angry… Trust issues!!… The guy automatically assumes that its dried up semen from another man!… To make a long story short, they break up over her “normal” vaginal discharge…

  • Girl

    I’m only 14 and it’s never happened to me and I was never taught about this in school I know basically nothing. Just wanted to know how often it happens and does it ever stop??

  • Shelley

    This really helped thanks!! And my mom who is a nurse also said that when you get a lot of discharge, it can mean a good time to get pregnant, if you are looking to have a baby. And if you do not want to get pregnant and you don’t believe in birth control, then that can be a good way to know, to detect, when not to have sex, so that you don’t get pregnant.

  • dont want to say my name XD

    this really helped 🙂 I barley started my period about a month or so, and I had a discharge and I kept on wondering and wondering what that was and now I know I thought something was wrong with me or something XD thank goodness! thank you so much on this information 🙂