Should Prom Be For Girls Only?!

Okay, let’s be honest about something. I freaking loved prom so much it makes my brain hurt. I went three times and spent months (and probably way more money than I should have) each time on my dress, my makeup, and the perfect hair style. But the guys I went with? Yeah, their enthusiasm never quite matched mine. Of course they had fun, but I think all the glamour and romance of the slow dances was kind of lost on them.

During my junior year, I went to prom with a big group of girls–and I have to say, it was the most fun ever. I thought of that night this morning when I read about a prom in Hamtramck, Michigan that was for girls only. Really! No boys allowed at prom! Not one!

The reason behind this special girls-only prom is that a lot of girls in Hamtramck belong to the Muslim faith which forbids dancing with boys–let alone dating or being without a head scarf in front of boys or men. Without a special prom that was for girls only, these girls wouldn’t be able to have a special night at all!

The coolest thing about this, I think, is not just that all these girls got to get dressed up and party despite their religious restrictions, but that a bunch of girls who aren’t even Muslim went, too! Even though these girls could totally go to the regular prom and dance with guys, they showed up at the one that was for girls only just so they could let loose with their best girlfriends.

And to me? That’s what friendship and being a girl is all about. Supporting and loving and rocking it out with each other, despite of our differences. Love. It.

If there was a prom for girls only at your school, do you think you’d go? Would prom maybe even be more fun without the pressure of dudes being there? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  • Ladan.S

    Being a mulim gurl myself i feel like that would be the perfect solution for some girls but i also don’t think i could do all girls i love my guy friends and i don’t think it would be as much fun with them.

  • Filia_Lunae

    They should have ones like that for lesbians girls. But people are so judgmental I highly doubt they ever will. However I would ditch a boy-girl prom to go to an all girl one.

  • Amanda

    No way. I was friends with a lot of guys when I was in high school, and a lot of the girls were total *bleep*s. I don’t think I could handle spending a night in a room full of girls. I took my best friend–a guy–to Junior prom, and it was a ton of fun. He danced with me and was super enthusiastic about it all. My senior year, I went stag with friends. It was fun both ways.

  • Bea

    This sounds amazing!!! I’d definatley ditch boy-girl prom to go to all-girl prom.

  • justducky423

    I would have loved that when I was in high school (graduated last year). I went with my girlfriends both years. It was way less stress. I felt a twinge bad for my galpals with dates because their dates would’t dance, so my friends spent most of the night sitting at the table while I everyone else was dancing.