Everyone Has A Normal Vagina But Me–Or So I Thought!

Is there such a thing as a normal vagina?A million questions raced through my mind.

How many different ways can a vagina look?
What if mine’s weird?
Did mine have things hanging down that the other girls would laugh at?
What does a normal vagina look like?
Does everyone have a normal vagina but me?

I had never seen another girl’s private parts, not even my mom had seen mine since I was a kid and honestly I hadn’t really inspected my own all that much. But anytime I did look at it, the word “cute” definitely didn’t come to mind. To me, vaginas were just sort of weird looking. I just assumed that how all vaginas looked!


When the time finally came for us to have our “initiation,” I was super hesitant to undress, but I guess what made me feel more comfortable was that everyone seemed a little bit embarrassed.

When we were all naked standing by the side of the water, waiting for our next cue, I noticed that not a single girl on the squad look the same down there.

Some were hairy, some were shaved, some had longer parts hanging down and some didn’t, some seemed pink and some seemed brown. They all looked so different that it was impossible to compare them! I wasn’t ashamed of mine anymore; in fact I kind of started to like it.

I felt a wave a relief crash over me as I jumped into the lake, realizing that there isn’t a “normal” type of vagina. They’re all different . . . just like girls.

Do you ever wonder about having a normal vagina? Tell me about your own body drama in the comments!

How Much Do You Really Know About Your Vagina?

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  • >>>Sherr<<<

    I don’t think mines normal cause i have two thin skin like pieces that are outside of my vagina i don’t think that’s supposed to be there :/ And i’m 12 :/