Everyone Has A Normal Vagina But Me–Or So I Thought!

Is there such a thing as a normal vagina?A million questions raced through my mind.

How many different ways can a vagina look?
What if mine’s weird?
Did mine have things hanging down that the other girls would laugh at?
What does a normal vagina look like?
Does everyone have a normal vagina but me?

I had never seen another girl’s private parts, not even my mom had seen mine since I was a kid and honestly I hadn’t really inspected my own all that much. But anytime I did look at it, the word “cute” definitely didn’t come to mind. To me, vaginas were just sort of weird looking. I just assumed that how all vaginas looked!


When the time finally came for us to have our “initiation,” I was super hesitant to undress, but I guess what made me feel more comfortable was that everyone seemed a little bit embarrassed.

When we were all naked standing by the side of the water, waiting for our next cue, I noticed that not a single girl on the squad look the same down there.

Some were hairy, some were shaved, some had longer parts hanging down and some didn’t, some seemed pink and some seemed brown. They all looked so different that it was impossible to compare them! I wasn’t ashamed of mine anymore; in fact I kind of started to like it.

I felt a wave a relief crash over me as I jumped into the lake, realizing that there isn’t a “normal” type of vagina. They’re all different . . . just like girls.

Do you ever wonder about having a normal vagina? Tell me about your own body drama in the comments!

How Much Do You Really Know About Your Vagina?

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  • Scarlett

    i thing whether hanging or not, all look GOOD. Mine doesn’t hang!! By the way., where do you have this place where girls go into the water nude? lol

  • Cheyenne

    i love my vagina for what it is.
    i have learned to accept it for all its pink, dangly glory! lol
    so i didnt even noticed my lady parts had changed during puberty. it just happened, i never inspected it or anything. but then one day i decided to shave(i was 13 and hated the fact that i had hair. it absolutely revolted me) so anyway, even as i was shaving i wasnt paying that much attention to it. but then i stepped out the shower and looked into the mirror…
    i loved the fact that i had no hair. but then i saw my pink V just poking through. i hated it. i thought that i was so different from everyone else, and i couldnt talk about it to no one cuz i thought they would make fun of me.
    so i spent a couple of years not feeling comfortable with my body. and people constantly told me how beautiful i was, and what a nice petite figure i had. i thanked them but felt nasty and dirty because they didnt know what was hiding between my legs.
    a couple of months ago i decided to do some research about it. looked up labiaplasty. wondered if i could do it at home without having to let anyone know. but i couldnt do it(im very squeamish).
    but i looked at pictures of other peoples vaginas considering i havent seen any in person before. and it turns out none of them look alike! the more i looked the more i realized how beautiful they all were. the tiny barley noticeable ones. the long ones. the thin, the thick. the wrinkly, the smooth, the brown ones, the pink ones, lol the brown and pink ones. every one i looked at i was in complete awe. now. i am fully comfortable with my flower petals, and it turns out its mostly girls that care about what they look like! okay, there are some idiot guys that think they all have to look the same and barbie dollish. but those are the guys that you are WAY to good for ladies. you deserve someone who will love you for all your natural beautiful glory. most guys love whatever you have, as long as you are sharing ;P
    so moral of the story, love yourself for who you are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL:* i promise you that.

  • Shien

    I don’t think mine is normal cause the vag lips or whatever they are , the other is larger than the other one and it looks like a snail’s skin for me, but the doctor said it s completely fine. But im scared, Im still a virgin by the way and i’ll have sex when my age is right and i’m married to the one i love blessed by God. :) Cause it’s the right time to have sex. ^_^

  • Ursula

    My labia hangs to the floor maybe becuase I’m 89 years of sexual expeirense

  • faith

    My vagina looks really weird and I am scared to ever have sex because it looks dirty but it really isn’t what do I do?

  • Richelle

    My boyfriend is away right now on buisness and all we have to talk is facebook and skype. Although we’ve been with eachother for a very long time we still haven’t had sex, he says he finds me sexually attractive but really…my boobs are mishapen, my vagina looks abnormal and my stomach sticks out.

    My vagina is abnormal because the inside has a weird flab of skin, which is would be completely normal if it didn’t have it. The skin on my vagina is also very fat and puffy, almost looks like a pink taco with uncooked meat falling out of it. I feel like we’ll never be able to have sex since whenever we’re in the mood he always asks to see it. And when he’s not on trips it’s either: 1 let me see your vagina then we can have sex, or 2 i dont have to see your vagina but then all we do is mke out and touch eachother

    Fricken sucks…

    • Xombygod

      No offense, But as a man that sounds nice, The fat ones are soft and cushiony when intimate. In my life I have noticed 4 types. And I like em all, Except for the ones that are shaved and turn all red and infected. After nearly 2 decades of marriage, And about 100 F-buddies before that, There is a vagina is like pizza even a bad one is good. I notice that you women worry more about this that us men about having small wenisis. I can give you some sage advice if you want, If you love each other it don’t matter, if it matters you do not love each other.

  • Bon-Bon

    I’m probably stupid, but what is the “initiation”?

  • Blanca

    I used to love how my vagina looked. It was beautiful(in my eyes) im 18 and have a 2 year old and it changed down there. Its not as small as it used to be. Or as pink. But i learned to accept it and even doh i don’t love it like i used to i know that It’s always going to be unique. As long as my husband love’s it im happy.

  • devyn

    i dont think myne looks normal… im still a virgin, and im going to stay that way until im comfortable with the way i look…ughhhhhhh i hate looking at it and think “its sooo not normal, i want to crawl in a ball” soooo just give me some advice?

  • chloe

    girls dont worry its absolutely fine, if your embarrassed and dont wanna see a doctor, its fine because its what your comfortable with. i wasnt happy with my vagina but i read some comments from other pages and it cheered me up, smile girls, your perfect!

  • Tori

    I’m so paranoid about mine, and i’m a lesbian so i’m so scared that when I have sex with a girl she’s going to think that mine is sooooo weird looking compared to hers…

  • Scared

    I have always been afraid to let my boyfriend see my vag because I think it’s weird looking… I hate this!

  • rain

    i remember when i started getting hair on my vagina. i thought it was messed up. so one day i had a doctors appointment and i had to undress.i did but it was so embarrasing in front of my mom and the doctor to see the hair.and the doctot was a boy

  • erinn

    Hey I’m not comfortable with mine, when I was younger I though I would grow into it or maybe it would change but since I did not I am going to have surgery on it you may think that is sooo out of mind and stupid but if I have sex I don’t want to think about what is he going to say about it so I am going to have surgery I already talk to a surgeon and they said okay just say what you would fell more comfortable with…..I had this one night stand with this guy a few years ago and it help me feel better but I am not fell in it so just go to a doctor and say something but maybe once you get older not with you mom, sister etc. so once you get older and out of the house and have the money and you want to do it go for it

    ps sorry if you see this more then once i dident show up so i re-did it

  • Hannah

    This made me feel a little better about mine, but I’m so horrified that when I get older and I want to have sex the guy will be turned off cuz mine dosnt look like he wants it and I think that mine couldn’t be possibly be cut or anything like that! I think to myself how could anyone want to have sex with me?

    • erinn

      Don’t rush in to having sex it that one thing you don’t want to do with the wrong guy

  • Kaiti


  • Tim

    Look, im a guy. I have never had sex but a vagina is a vagina, I dont care what it looks like. People say that porn vaginas look way better but I dont think that. I think that I can speak for every guy out there that we LOVE any kind of vagina. If anyone wants to you can ask me anything about penises. Mine is 9 inches long without any meds or anything.

    • Iris

      Wow you seem pretty cool and open about this subject. NICE!

    • Anna

      you should be a porn star…I think your full of shit lol

      • Lydia Lockhert

        Thankyou for your comments. They are really helpful and make me feel better about me