Your Complete Guide To Crying In Public

crying in public

It happens to be the best of us, so don't beat yourself up over it! | Source: Shutterstock

Whether you just lost a big game, bombed a test at school, listened to a Whitney Houston song, or got really bad news while you were out, it still stinks. You’re upset to begin with, and then it starts: your eyes well up, your bottom lip begins to quiver. You take a deep breath to try to stop it, but to no avail: You’re bawling.

Crying in public sucks. A lot. It’s awkward, frustrating, and embarrassing. Your eyes get puffy, your makeup runs, and you feel like the whole world is in your business and thinks you’re some kind of nutter. Ugh, the worst!

Luckily, since everyone’s been there (seriously!), there are some tips and tricks to deal with losing your shiz in public. Now cheer up, buttercup!

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  • Jassie

    I’ve done it many times but have never quite mastered the whole ‘it’s alright, I’m fine, my life isn’t falling apart thing’. I guess the only tip I can give is to keep your head held high. I know it sound stupid but even if you’re sitting with a. Brith red tear stained face, if you look proud then o ones gonna question you, and if they do you’ll feel a lot more confident.

  • angel

    i know it sucks but after you cry you kinda wander that wasn’t a big deal well sometime to me that happens i cry pretty much once or twice a week it’s like when i fight with my brother i try not to cry or when he hits me on my head(witch really hurts)i try to suck it up and run to my room and cry for a long time i never cried in public like in school or other places like that its because i do home school i’m quite sensitive if people call me names or even if my brother or my mom and dad call me names i cry but not in front of them so this my story by..

  • Elana

    i always try to hide my sadness in public, which luckily I’m not too niticable so all i need to do is not cry & It’ll be all good. Last year close to semsesters end i ended up crying in public, and it was really bad. I was failin gone class & it was my first F ever!! I was crying about it at school, and my friend came over to me to ask what was wrong (she heard me all the way down the cafiteria!!! im a very loud cryer and it sucks!) & so i told her and she tried cheering me up anyways she could, like everyone gets F occasionally, or after your first F you get use to it, and stuff like that. honestly, she didnt help at all, but i was happy that she tried to help.

  • LilOrange

    The last time i cried in public was after i watched the notebook, i watched it at a friends house and walked home, my other friend was walking with me while i was sobbing because my house is on the way to hers, she later told one of our guy friends that i was crying the whole way home which he teased me about, but i just came back with a “Hey, it was a sad movie, and you cried when you watched alvin and the chipmunks!(which he did.) thats way worse!”

  • SpontaneousGurl

    Sure i’ve cried in public a few times but it is no big deal.
    I normally wait till’ i get home because then you can really let rip of the pain you feel there.

  • Mariah

    I am a major nerd. (Yes, I have glasses and straight A+s.) Whenever somethig goes wrong, or I forget something, I cry. Here are some of the times in the past year:
    One day at school, we were watching Happy Feet, and since it is rated PG, my parents had to sign something that I could watch it, but I forgot. I freaked out, and forged my mom’s signature (opps!). I sat next to my BFF at the time, and she told on me, just before I was going to turn myself in, and I started flat out baling talking to my teacher. Luckily, since I was such a good student, my only punishment was not to watch the movie, so I got sent to other classrooms where I read (my favorite pastime) and watched other movies.
    I carry lotion in my backpack in the same part as my library books. One day, I didn’t close my lotion tight enough and it spilled all over my library books. We only had 5 min. to unpack and I got in late, so I was stressed and started crying. Luckily, my teacher gave me extra time and helped me ‘clean’ my books.

  • Aysia

    its hard not to cry while your in public or while your with your parents…i just suck it up till i get home then watch movies n eat like crazy !!

  • audrey

    i cry all the time… like all the time. at least once a week… guess i’m super sensitive or something… idk. the thing is, i’ve learnt not to care if people see me, unless they’re people i know because out of politeness of course they’re gonna ask you what’s wrong and well i dont really like to tell, prefer to keep these kinda things to myself, and i dont want them to worry either.
    also, i remember once i was crying in the subway (i’m not really the hysterical crying type, just a few tears running down my face) and some lady who was stepping off the train, came and gave me a handkerchief and a smile before she left. i felt automatically better. 🙂

  • Ally

    I cried over my ex but it was so hard not to cry around my parents and in public!!

  • TrendyNerdLuvMB

    8^`{ (Bwaaaaaahhhahaahaaaa!!!!…. sniff sniff…)

    -TrendyNerdLuvMB Out! 8^D

  • Lucy

    I cry really easily too! A few years ago, loads of people teased me because I cried so much. Now, it’s kind of better, but sometimes I can’t really stop myself crying. I sometimes try to think of something that makes me happy, but since that never works, I usually close my eyes for a couple of seconds.

    • Mariah

      I try, but that NEVER works for me

  • A

    The most obvious thing to do is go to the restroom. Go in a stall, calm yourself down, pat your eyes with some toilet paper, and splash your face with cold water at the sink. By the time you come out, you’ll look a little more collected. Most importantly, take a few deep breaths, girl!

  • BleedingSun

    I found this quite helpful, though much of it I already knew, since I cry a LOT and most of the time it is in public. Another trick is to learn the signs before you start to cry so you can calm down before the tears come (ex, my nose stings). Looking up and blinking to get rid of the tears that have begun to form helps too.

  • Mariana

    I should hace tras this 5 years ago! I’m way too sensitive, so I’ve had my fair share of public weeping