What Is A 69?

what is a 69

What’s so funny about this number? | Source: Shutterstock

The teacher just said to turn to page 69 and the dudes behind you started snickering. Okayyyy. *69 used to be the number that let you dial back whoever just called you. And clearly, 69 is the number between 68 and 70, but, um, what gives?

What is a 69? And what the hell makes it more funny than, say, 14?

Sixty-nine describes a sexual act where two people give each other oral sex at the same time. You see how the round part of the numbers 6 and 9 looks like someone’s bobble head? If you think of one person as a the number six and the other person as number nine, the two people’s bodies are turned upside down to each other so that the mouths and genitals are together.

Got it? Good.

So, here’s the deal, ladies. Like any other sexual act, not every person or couple does 69 or has to. If you’re into it, it’s cool. Oral sex is totally normal and can be super fun for both of you. But if some dude is pressuring you into it? Not cool. It’s your beautiful body. Anything you want to do or not do with it is completely up to you.

And if you’re like, “Woah! I haven’t even gotten my first kiss yet, and now I’m supposed to kiss his WHAT?!” Don’t freak. If you make it to age 69 without ever doing a 69 it’s nothing to worry about. But at least now you’re in on the joke!

Now that you’ll never have to ask,”What is a 69?” again, what other sex questions do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Dick

    want6380some39 ????????? A hot woman’s nickname
    Anyone know what it means????

  • jamie

    Have any one try a 69 yet

  • Jamirah

    Wow never knew that meant now I know when friends ask me about would I ever do a 69 I’ll say “never in my life”

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  • Hithere


  • Ain’t Perfect

    Now I wanna try to tie a cherry stem…

  • heather

    sounds like fun lol

  • shacoco

    Can you have sex wit a condom on when the girl is on her period?
    well that get her pregnate?

    • heather

      you can have sex on your period and you will not get pregnate

  • kohal

    What are other positions???
    I am a bride to be and quite shallow about such stuff. Can u enlighten mee with some good and fun positions?? Thank you.

  • emmsplace

    I remember me and a friend explaining 69 once to our other friend in high school. She was using all these hand gestures to explain it when the science teacher walked past, it was obvious he knew what she was talking about!

    My fiance loves doing 69. I like it too but not as much. I feel self conscious being so close to his face and I don’t really love oral sex. I like giving it but not getting it so much. So its fun when I’m in enough of a good mood to not be self conscious but also eventually your legs start really hurting

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  • Asa Summs

    If a dude laughs about 69 then that is so immature.
    Hahaha oral sex , not very funny. :/

  • Missfiction

    lol i had no idea what it meant!
    Can you tell me why my parents say not to twist a cherry stem into a knot? They say its nasty idk why though lol

    • bitchplease

      Because if you can, it means you’re a good kisser.

      • keny-mccoy

        i didnt know that

      • TheSunInHerEyes

        I can’t tie a cherry stem in a knot … 🙁

    • Ashley

      If you tie a cherry stem into a know with your tongue it usually means your a good kisser and good at giving oral sex. Most guys, if they see you doing this, will snicker or think that it means that you’ve given oral more than once.

  • Sammy

    Now Iget the joke! On Twitter everyone Tweets “What comes after 69? Mouthwash” Omw thats so stupid hahaha