Poll: Your Vagina Nightmares

Ugh… vagina problems. We all have them (even if you don’t want to admit you do). It’s nothing to be ashamed of! There’s a lot going on down there – obviously some stuff is going to happen once in a while. Whether you’ve had some sort of infection, discharge, period problems or pain, we guarantee every girl has experienced at least one weird thing in her vay-jay-jay.

So we want to know what you’ve gone through with your down there area. Don’t be shy, because no one will know what your answer was in this poll! Fill out the questions and let us know what kind of vagina nightmares you’ve gone through. We’re pretty sure we can probably relate.


What really turns you on? Tell us in this poll!


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  • CerebralComa

    Neither queefing nor discharge nor any other type of natural vaginal function is embarrassing or gross! It’s a natural and beautiful part of being a woman.

  • Brittany

    i have access skin down there so im never having sex because whats worse than a guy pointing out the issues with your vagina??!!

    • Kayla

      if the guy you love or even are considering having sex with really cares about a thing like access skin, HE shouldnt even be having sex in the first place. Mature guys are the only people you should ven think about doing it with. & by mature i mean being mature with the female body, not his personality. Cause sometimes, my boyfriend isnt mature but when were intimate, he is. Dont worry about it girl (:

      • Bea

        Amen, girl. Amen.

    • Ashley

      What do you even mean by excess skin? There are a lot of different ways a vagina can look. If the guy loves you he won’t care and you shouldn’t either! You are having sex for pleasure not for how you look down there, even if you don’t love each other, own it!