Did Taylor Swift Get Breast Implants? WHO CARES?!

Taylor Swift Breast Implants? We don't think so

Did Taylor Swift get implants--or do people just need something to talk about? | Source: Shutterstock

Following the posting of some paparazzi photos of a bustier-than-usual Taylor Swift, certain outlets have been asking: Did Taylor Swift get implants?

The whispers started when these photos showed up–Taylor’s wearing a fitted dress with horizontal stripes, and her girls do look a little more ample than usual–and grew louder when she was spotted bra shopping at Victoria’s Secret. A bunch of plastic surgeons who have never treated (nor likely even met) Taylor commented on her chest, saying she looks like she went from a “small A to a striking C” cup. She also garnered comparisons to country legend Dolly Parton, but for her breasts, not for her music. WTF?!

First off, what makes a C-cup more “striking” than an A? Not a stinking thing. Second, considering they’ve never seen her in person, how can they be so sure? And third, whose business is it? Taylor Swift is an adult who makes her own money and her own decisions about her own body. If she wants to go up a size to feel more confident, good for her! If she’s happy as she is, even better. It’s her life. Her business. Her decision.

Did Taylor Swift get implants

Since Taylor Swift implant rumors started, she's been compared to buxom country legend Dolly Parton. | Source: Shutterstock

So all that aside: Did Taylor Swift get implants? No! Sources close to Swift completely denied the implant allegations, and we agree. Taylor Swift is so busy all the time that we don’t even know how she’d find the time to even get implants. Plus, so many things can affect how your chest looks: your cycle, whether or not you’re on the pill, how many sandwiches you’ve eaten that week, those horizontal stripes, and–hello!–your bras. (Padding and pushups can go a very long way!)

And come on, really? Since when does buying underwear mean you also bought new boobs? Are all Victoria’s Secret shoppers secretly carrying around fake boobs under their shirts? That’s news to me!

Do you think Taylor Swift got breast implants? Have you ever considered plastic surgery? Would you think of Taylor Swift differently if she got implants? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Bill Schultz

    Whatever it is she looks awesome

  • Rabeca

    Dude, a LOT of things can effect how big your boobs look. My younger sister is a very small A cup, and I know for a fact that you can get your boobs to instantly get your cup size from an A to a C with a different kind of bra. Its just ridiculously padded. Even IF she did get implants, who the fuck cares??? Shes a mature adult. If she wants bigger boobs, she can get them. Its as simple as that. Anddddd, to be quite honest, I never really think about getting breast implants. Im already exceeding a DD naturally, I think Im a DDD if that even exists. lol.

  • akeila smith

    omg the girl breast grew that the hell is wrong wit ppl

  • kate

    it`s just a push up bra, and that is not a striking C cup.

  • Allison

    I have never seriously considered implants. I wear a small D, so I have a large bust compared to other girls especially considering I have a very small body. My boyfriend loves my boobs but sometimes I wish they were a tad bigger. But no way am I going to risk my safety to look good. I look fine the way I am. And If Taylor wanted bigger boobs who can blame her? If it helps your self confidence, go for it!