I Turned Down This Guy – Now He Won’t Leave Me Alone. Help!

how to say no

If you don’t feel comfortable telling him the truth in person, then do it in a way you do feel comfortable – Facebook messaging, a handwritten note, an email – whatever works for you. All you have to do is say that he seems like he’s a cool guy, but you’re not interested. Don’t try to make excuses like you just need to focus on school or you’re not ready for a relationship. Saying things like that will continue to make him think there’s a chance you like him. By flat-out saying you’re not interested, it’s hard for him to take that any other way. And if he presses the issue, say that you’ve already made your decision and nothing he can say will change that.

Try to keep things between just you two, but if this dude continues to be seriously creepy and perverted, say something to a trusted adult like a teacher, school counselor, or your parents. Maybe if a person of authority tells him to back off, he’ll listen. The main thing is that it’s not okay for him to make you feel uncomfortable with sexual remarks – that’s not cool! Don’t be afraid to tell someone about it.

In the meantime, avoid this guy when you can. I know you might feel guilty for rejecting him, but don’t feel like you need to be overly nice to compensate for it, because that will give him the wrong idea. Unfortunately, rejection is a part of life, and he’s going to have to learn to deal with that.

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  • kayla2703

    i have the same problem. Ther is this guy and his name is keonte and he folled me at the mall and he also folloed me at school.

  • Syed (sigh-eed)

    Call the Girl COPS! That’s what they’re for!! XD!! Ya some guys can be extremely weird :S There’s this Old Mexican lookin dude (could be Hispanic) but any ways I ride the city bus to school and he tends to like lookin at girls Butts >_> I mean I wont deny that I dont… -_- I’m ashamed but I’m young and stupid >_< But this old guy constantly looks at em.. I know when to stop.. He like looks down the freaking *aile* (Crap I don't know how to spell that word X_X.. now its gonna get on my nerves.. like pathway…) And then there was this one black dude with fair skin that was interested in me while walkin home :] Aww how sweet of him! (He actually stated that I was Cute) ^_^ Unfortunately I'm a freaking GUY -_- So I literally ran to my friend scared shitless :S I repeat Call the Girl COPS! Guy cops are weird to….

  • Jessa

    This happened to me a couple of times. I tried ignoring them which worked, sort of, since none of them went to school with me. It’s easy to avoid people you hardly see. In the end I always found that the best thing to do was be straight with them. I didn’t want to hurt them but it was the only way for them to see that I wasn’t interested. I eventually became friends with 2 of them again. I’m happy about that.

  • Katherine

    that happened 2 me once, only it was over the internet and there was an ODer and he asked me out. i said no and 2 this day he is stalking me.