WTF? Why Are Docs Dissecting Dead Women To Find The G-Spot?!

We suggest you NOT read this over lunch, because you just might lose it.

Speaking of losing things, guys and girls have been debating pretty much forever on where to find something in particular–the G-spot. Until recently, it’s been kind of like Bigfoot–people have claimed to have seen it, but no one has pictures or proof beyond anecdotal evidence. And c’mon, the G-spot can’t even leave footprints, so who do you believe?

Until now, that is. One semi-retired doctor claims he found the ever-elusive G-spot… By dissecting a dead 83-year-old woman. Uh, WTF?!

We just can’t help but be really creeped out by all this. Imagine a newly dead elderly woman’s vag being cut open, inspected, dissected, and analyzed. This isn’t gross to you? The doc in question, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, claims he doesn’t like all the publicity and attention he’s getting from this. Then broski, why publish it? Especially since it’s only a study of one dead little old lady and a lot more research needs to be done?

The same guy has made a name for himself in his Florida medical community as a gynecologist who specializes in things like vaginal rejuvenation (which makes you “tighter”), labioplasty (altering your labia minora and majora)–which are a whole other rant entirely, since chances are there’s not a single thing wrong with your lady bits.

We’re all for science and medical advancements–who doesn’t want to be healthier and live the best life possible? It’s just the inherent fascination with the G-spot, which still hasn’t been proven or disproven to exist–that bugs us.

Why not let women and girls find out for themselves what feels good to them, especially since everyone is different? The idea of anyone telling us what should and shouldn’t bring an orgasm makes it kind of nervewracking, doesn’t it? Because then if something doesn’t particularly turn you on, you may feel like there’s something wrong with you.

Guess what? There isn’t. There is, however, a lot wrong with people’s obsessions over our private parts and private lives. Maybe if everyone could relax and let us do what comes naturally and what we enjoy, we wouldn’t need to research G-spots so frantically–because it wouldn’t matter!

Do you think doctors should keep researching the G-spot or that they’d be better off leaving it be? Do you think the G-spot exists? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Nobody

    The G- Spot exists
    if your laying on your back it is on the upper part of your vagina about two inches deep (all girls are different)

  • seawind


  • Holly Kennith

    I believe in the g-spot because my boyfriend hit mine todayy when he was fingering me, i mean, I’ve never hit my g-spot doing that, but his fingers are longer andd i think he hit mine today.

  • Alli

    I felt like this whole thing got blown out of proportion. Firstly, do I agree with Gurl’s point of view? Yes and no. But with an above comment, I do agree that it was pretty hyperbolic. The man was simply trying to figure out a medical mystery, and they focused on his action rather than his discovery. But I do think it’s logical to say that such a private thing is a little weird to want to know this much about. For one, I would really find it distasteful to have my body used for that, and for two, if you look around and listen on TV, there are literally tons of G-spot jokes! People are a bit over preoccupied with the G-spot, and I think that’s what Gurl was trying to transition to. They were trying to say that this was merely an example of the preoccupation with the G-spot and that women shouldn’t feel smothered with all of the constant preoccupation, that they should figure out what turns them on without worrying about the rest of the world’s stance on our va-jay-jays. (But I seriously still don’t get why they didn’t just tell us what he found. Seriously, wtf…) In the future, I hope Gurl writes articles that are a little more informed and a little less biased, no matter how good the original point is.

  • Sammy

    Well if I were going to die I would not like some guy disecting my vagania to see where I get turned on, and then telling everyone about it… And I think it would be better to stay unknown and let people find out on thier own cause telling girls how they are meant to get sexual pleasure might cause those who’s G-Spot’s arent where the say it is to be subconscious.

    • Gurlyatrippin

      I agree and I must say that first words made me laugh. Haha

  • Shanelle

    Some of you are being mighty ridiculous about this. I would like to point out that there was pretty much no reason to cut up an old woman just to look for the elusive G-spot. I think that it IS pretty stupid that they’re using a body donated for science to fiddle around with for stupid purposes when they could be using the cadaver for more important purposes. If the doctor doesn’t like the publicity, too darn bad. When you go around poking around in dead people’s va jay jays, YOU’RE GOING TO GET BAD PUBLICITY. Maybe it does exist, maybe it doesn’t but so far as I can tell, just because you say it exists and think you’ve experienced it doesn’t mean that other women do. Maybe it’s an anomaly that is only present in some women. Who knows? Definitely not the scientists. Also, nowhere in the article did it say that you weren’t free to spend money on altering your body. It pretty much says that they think that there is “not a single thing wrong with your lady bits” which is to say that you are perfect the way you are. If you don’t believe in something self-empowering like that, fine. And another thing, some people will find it gross and some will find it interesting. I don’t find it particularly gross myself more than maybe a little disturbing and enlightening. Glad some scientists are more focused on the G-spot and other trivial things while there are others working to cure cancer and AIDS. I know I’m judging, but let’s just stop now.

  • Ari

    I completely agree with all the comments above.
    This article seems very out of character for Gurl. It feels like someone’s trying to stretch what happened a bit too much to make it fit into the box they want to put it in.
    No, the supposed discovery of the G-spot (whether or not it’s real) does not mean women can’t figure out what feels good to them. That’s kind of like saying the discovery of chocolate means women can’t decide what kinds of sweets they prefer. Sure, most people think chocolate rocks… but there are plenty who like Skittles better! And nobody’s saying people who don’t like chocolate are wrong.
    It also doesn’t sound like this discovery means people have an “obsession over our private parts and private lives.” Doesn’t that sound a bit hyperbolic to you? It does to me. I mean, really. He was interested in researching the way the body works. That in no way means he wants to take over the way people “get it on” around the world. 😉
    I’m also not a fan of the judgmental tone of the article. Let the man do what he thinks is interesting. We should -all- be allowed to do our thing, as long as we don’t harm others in the process. Isn’t that what Gurl is all about?

  • Chelsea

    What? This isn’t gross at all. I think it’s just you, and you’re overreacting.
    If he dissected the old woman, it means she donated her body to science of her own free will, and I don’t think her business is any of yours.

  • gURL

    Doctors dissect dead bodies. What did you think they did?

  • Megan

    This is literally the stupidest article I have ever read on Gurl. Yes they cut up an old woman, they had to cut up someone to find out and apparently she was the lucky one. Who cares if it’s gross it’s for science. I’m sure dissecting any part of anybody is disgusting. And of course the doctor doesn’t like the publicity, obviously because it’s bad publicity and Gurl isn’t helping at all… Besides, the article doesn’t even say what the guy found out from the dissection. It just cuts him up and makes him sound like a pervert. Maybe he figured out some cool stuff?

  • Bree

    First of all, this sounds extremely uneducated. The “G-Spot” exists. Next, Doctors publish journals about this to gain funding. Sex is an industry, and can contribute a lot to said funding. People who want to spend money on altering their body are free to do so, for what ever reasons they wish. Finally, if this does sound so “gross”, don’t go posting a article about it.

    • Moni Auraai

      It may sound uneducated but girl isnt JUST about education it is also about opinion. Yes i understand all the funding and stuff. I agree people who spend money to alter their body are free to do so , but is it really nessacary? Because in the end you are never satisfied. And i do not agree with if this sounds “gross” don’t go posting a article about it because everyone has a right to state their opinion, no one said you had to like it, nor did anyone say you have to abide by it 🙂