What Are Blue Balls? Are They Even Real?

Dudes complain about girls giving them blue balls all the time–“OW, you don’t understand what it feels like, I have blue balls, you’ve got to have sex with me!”

Major eye-roll.

So, what are blue balls, anyway? Are blue balls real? Can a guy die from having blue balls? Let’s set the record straight!

First of all, blue balls are a real thing that happen to dudes when they’ve been sexually turned-on, but have not had the release of an ejaculation. See, when a guy gets aroused, more blood than usual goes to his penis and testicles (i.e. his balls). If the blood stays there for a long time, and there’s no release, it can be painful. Now, obviously I’m not a guy, but I’ve heard that it can feel like anything from a slight throbbing pain to super terrible, someone-kicked-you-really-hard pain.

Okay, so now that we know blue balls are real, and what causes them, here are some handy facts to keep in mind the next time a guy complains to you about blue balls:

* Nobody will die from having blue balls. They hurt, sure, but they’re not deadly.

* Guys can bring themselves to orgasm on their own if needed to release the pressure and get rid of blue balls–or, eventually, the pressure will go away over time.

* Just because he has blue balls doesn’t mean you should feel guilted into having sex with him! It’s not your fault, you did nothing wrong, you owe him nothing, and he can fix it on his own if he wants.

Has a guy ever told you you gave him blue balls? What do you think about guys who tell girls they “have to” have sex with them because their blue balls hurt? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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  • Joshua Feldhacker

    Blue balls can actually damage the testicals. The blood you speak lacks oxygen and the blood vessels expand on the inside chasing slower blood flow and eventually permanently damaging testicular tissue.

  • Thalia

    Okay so if i ask a guy to come over an he tells me he gonna shower an her take 2 in a half hours can he be fucking an would his dick will be still hurting when he comes at 7

  • pb

    First off–I’m a guy and I can tell you that “blue balls” is a complete myth. Any male having reached the age of 12 knows how to deal with that particular difficulty. In point of fact, I’d say that “dealing with blue balls” is the most popular recreational activity for adolescent males as well as their older counterparts. Why do you think there are locks on bathroom doors? Why do guys spend so much time in the shower? Do you honestly believe we’re just getting squeaky clean? I guess you could say we are indeed!