What Are Blue Balls? Are They Even Real?

Dudes complain about girls giving them blue balls all the time–“OW, you don’t understand what it feels like, I have blue balls, you’ve got to have sex with me!”

Major eye-roll.

So, what are blue balls, anyway? Are blue balls real? Can a guy die from having blue balls? Let’s set the record straight!

First of all, blue balls are a real thing that happen to dudes when they’ve been sexually turned-on, but have not had the release of an ejaculation. See, when a guy gets aroused, more blood than usual goes to his penis and testicles (i.e. his balls). If the blood stays there for a long time, and there’s no release, it can be painful. Now, obviously I’m not a guy, but I’ve heard that it can feel like anything from a slight throbbing pain to super terrible, someone-kicked-you-really-hard pain.

Okay, so now that we know blue balls are real, and what causes them, here are some handy facts to keep in mind the next time a guy complains to you about blue balls:

* Nobody will die from having blue balls. They hurt, sure, but they’re not deadly.

* Guys can bring themselves to orgasm on their own if needed to release the pressure and get rid of blue balls–or, eventually, the pressure will go away over time.

* Just because he has blue balls doesn’t mean you should feel guilted into having sex with him! It’s not your fault, you did nothing wrong, you owe him nothing, and he can fix it on his own if he wants.

Has a guy ever told you you gave him blue balls? What do you think about guys who tell girls they “have to” have sex with them because their blue balls hurt? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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  • Albe

    I never tell anyone when I have it. I mostly just wait for it to go away. It is annoying and painful.

  • Johnson blueball

    Ball ache is the worse pain imaginable, imagine being punted the vagina with a size 12 boot several times, then dealing with it for hours after. That’s an under exaggeration.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds somehow i know its really hurt but most guys cause it.

  • Cheri

    A guy once told me that I had given him blue balls, but, thankfully, I knew that was just a ploy beforehand. I’m not squeamish about masturbation, so I just deflected him and told him to go handle it himself. Problem solved.

  • Pfffft

    From what the dudes are saying this just sounds like the male equivalent of menstrual cramps (and yes they’re that bad)

  • Azz

    I’ve been in a car accident and broken bones in ALL my limbs and cracked some ribs, that pain was not even close to when I got really bad blue balls. Guys lie about it a lot, saying they have blue balls at random times, and sex DOES NOT HELP OR RELIEVE IT. The guy is lying if they say that. Blue balls is because the testes are EXTEMELY sensitive structures, girls will never understand how painful it is when they’re kicked or have blue balls (also different on a person to person basis) but most guys like myself, would rather break a couple of bones than get kicked in the balls or get blue balls. But really, blue balls last 5 hours minimum – 3 days in my experience, and makes you want to curl up into the fetal position because it literally sends shock waves of pain up through the groin to your abdomen, it feels like your kidneys have ruptured or exploded inside you. Ejaculating after blue balls has set in does NOT relieve it, it merely shortens the span of time to about 5 hours, and remains painful. So girls keep that in mind, if a guy says he has blue balls and wants sex, he’s playing you. If the dude really had blue balls sex would be the last thing on his mine, and primary to that would be to keep still as possible to avoid pain shock waves from moving.

  • Maurice Williams

    A guy told me that I gave him blue balls. And I don’t give a shit.

  • Someonewhoknows

    That was some of the dumbest crap I have ever hears. Ok. “Blue balls” are VERY REEL and VERY PAINFUL!!!! No, of course you can’t die from it but don’t EVER say its a merger eye role. For you ladies out there, if you can imagine you nipple being the size of a gum ball and some biting on it HARD. Then the pain shooting up into you tummy. Ok, that’s what it feels like to have “blue ball” after a few hours it lets up but if you touch them or move too fast it comes back, and it’s like that for about a day. So, a man CAN’T just “release” on his owe it relieve the pain because he can’t even touch them. That being said, the more times gets it, it’s not as painful, BUT it will do damage to the blood vessels in his balls and makes it harder to keep the dick hard during sex. I’m not saying you should let him force you into sex, but just let him “release” on you. Especially it your the one to start the sex. Take it from someone that knows, I have them now, and it herts!!!

  • Robert

    How long will the pain last if a guy get blue balls

    • Lando

      If you don’t wank the pain can last for weeks and the Vas deferens swell up

    • charm

      It can last hours or even days even after u ejaculate..worse pain Ever…….

    • John

      The pains would last for days depending on how long and how serious his blue balls were. But untill he ejaculates, it could last a whole week. Worst is, if someone, a woman dosent give him a helping hand to make him ejaculate, he gets aroused easily, even at the sight of an ugly girl and that would make his balls to get deep blue. It hurts, really. I have it all night when I look at the pictures of this sexy lady I met online and the pains would last throughout the whole day. she sent me her steaming nude pictures 😉

  • zelle

    Blue Balls are a result of “congestion”. When a guy is sexually aroused and remains in that state for hours, the pelvic area ( similar things can happen with girls too when aroused and horny but not sexually relieved) remains congested and the blood pooling in there does not abate. Hence this “load” ie the congestion brings on the pain. The only way to relieve the pain is with pain killers ( not advocating this) and sexual release ie ejaculation in males. How you bring on ejaculation does not matter.
    The testicles are extremely tender and painful and the guy will have severe back pain and a kind of dragging sensation in his back. It is extremely uncomfortable.
    It is a real situation and guys are not making it up.

    • holly jeanne

      it happenes a lot wit my bf. It only gets better wen he has sex wit me. It is really sore or him.

  • Miaa

    I had to come find out wat blue balls we’re cause my bf was going crazy telling me that it hurts and he wants head or sex I didn’t know it hurt that bad till I read about it now I feel so bad for him but the pain is real and painful

  • Mandy

    I relieve my bf with a blow job when he has blue balls. It is real and it is painful. But, it is a real relief for him when he cums. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but it happens when we have prolonged intense foreplay and his balls become so sensitive even to touch. At times I let him f**k me but I ride him when that happens because his back is too painful. Also his cum is lumpy when he has blue balls.
    He really loves to eat me out and this gets him real horny but brings on blue balls. So I feel responsible in a way and hence I really dont mind if he wants to f**k if it relieves his pain.

    • joblow

      “At times I let him f**k me” what a shit GF you are. And must be a terrible lay. Lmao, your BF is so pussy wiped. You are a c-unt

  • I’ve had it

    Yeah, it’s definitely real. And it hurts…but not just the testicles…the pain goes up into what feels like your kidneys…a throbbing deep painful ache in your lower back and abdomen. It’s really painful and it can last all day for some guys like me until it’s taken care of. Even right after ejaculation the pain takes a while to subside. It’s basically a build up of other fluids meant for ejaculation, not blood, that cause the ache. It feels like really bad cramps sometimes. (And no it’s not impossible to have sex or masturbate while having it, as those are the fastest ways to relief.)

  • LeeAnn

    Ive recently started having sex. I lost my virginity a few weeks ago. When we hook up and me and my bf are doing stuff he seems to have this problem a lot. It happens to him so frequently and he is in pain. He says the only way he will get relief is if he f****. His back and his balls hurt a lot and I feel bad because I feel guilty for making him feel that way. I lost my virginity to him because he said he had to relieve himself and needed to f***. Is there anyway I can make this better for him? He f**** real hard when he gets that way till he cums. Then he feels relief ad he falls asleep. It happens all the time when we have prolonged foreplay and heavy petting and he has an erection for a long period. He tells me it is a common problem with guys if they are sexually excited but havent been relieved or havent had an orgasm

  • Littleking21xD

    Thanks its good to know I do believe blue balls can disapate or even absorb and heal themselves I don’t not feel it is needed unless your born with a infection to get meditcation but thanks for the articule 😉 I guess I don’t need to like jack off 69 times now 😉 peace

    • Someonewhoknows

      Actually if its not to painful it will help in the long run if you can jerkoff but it will hurt too much until the next day

  • Don

    In your article you said”
    * Guys can bring themselves to orgasm on their own if needed to release the pressure and get rid of blue balls–or, ….”

    Not true, once a guy (really) has blue-balls (and isn’t lieing to the girl to get sex) , a guy has to wait for the pain to go away, having sex when a guy has blue-balls is almost impossible.

    Blue-balls can last for hours (or even for more than a day) .
    Time is the only cure for blue balls.

    • Michael

      A male can get rid of blue balls by themselves by ejaculating. They could also have sex too, it’s an excruciating pain but its not recommended that they would have sex if in pain. Ejaculation helps the men to get rid of blue balls because semen lurks around in their testicles so when they ejaculate, it forces out the semen and helps the pain to go away. The pain could take a while for it to go away and if they still hurt, you might need to ejaculate because there still might be a little bit of semen in your testicles.

  • You Will Never Know

    I Received a text message from my potential Boo, and he says ” smh, I have blue Balls” My reaction was, ” WTF Is that. I hope he not saying I gave him something because I know im clean” (lolbs) So I asked my friend what was Blue balls, and she told me what it was! I had to look it up for myself. LMFAO… So I asked him and he says He’s Horny and needs Sex… Laugh of the week!!