3 Underage Drinking “Trends” That Are Urban Legends

This week, the Los Angeles Times reported a “troubling trend” in teens. According to their hard-hitting reporting, the new hot thing is for girls and guys to guzzle alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a way to get drunk.

When you read the article, the (far less sensational) truth comes out that it was only six dumb kids in the LA area who did this–not 600 or 6,000. And how exactly do six idiot kids without fake IDs constitute a trend?

That’s right. They don’t.

This reminds me of a news story that floated around a while back about teen guys and girls shoving vodka-soaked tampons up their hoohas and butts to get a fix. The entire story was based on speculation. Could it be an urban legend gone wild? I think yes. And remember “rainbow parties” where girls supposedly went to parties wearing different colored lipsticks and gave all the guys blow jobs? (In. Their. Dreams.) I’ve never, ever heard of one of those actually happening, and even the New York Times questioned whether rainbow parties were real.

I’m sick of people pegging teenagers as dangerous, stupid people who can’t control themselves and who do idiotic things to get a thrill. The fact is that most guys and girls are essentially too busy trying to keep up with friends on Twitter, dealing with their first broken heart, and negotiating a passing grade in AP Chem to even think about shoving an alcoholic tampon up their butt or plan a hand-sanitizer-fueled bender. If news outlets really want a story about young people, how about reporting on the fact that teenage drinking is actually on the decline–or that teen pregnancies are at their lowest in over half a century?

Oh, right. I guess that would make teenagers look responsible. And heaven knows we can’t have that.

Do these urban legends about underage drinking trends piss you off, too? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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  • Jess Jazz

    This site Gurl.com IS STRAIGHTLY encouraging and promoting PROSTITUTION!! By directly link that online prostitution site!!. Too wrong!! There are young girls in here!

    • Hannah

      It surprises me that you could make such an illogical, false, and stupid comment, yet somehow, be able to muster up the IQ points to be able to spell ‘prostitution’ correctly. Good job.

    • Bea

      Exsqueeze me? Why don’t you try looking up all of gurl.com’s videos on safe sex sometime “Jess Jazz?” Yeah, you’re right. This website is definatley promoting prostitution. teenager girl> real facts

    • Katie

      They are neither promoting nor encouraging prostitution, but encouraging young people to think on their own, and with an open mind. You’re right, there are young girls on here, but chances are, they’re educated young girls, maybe partially because of this site. I have only benefited from this site, and I’m sure other people have too.

  • Kayla

    I have to agree that these reports are exaggerated–most teens don’t do that crap (MOST being the key word).

    I do, however, know someone who has a younger cousin in high school who does do the tampon-soaked-in-vodka then shove it up your whatsits, and so do many of her friends. The problem is that you get intoxicated very quickly, so it doesn’t become a habit, because people get very ill. Therefore, I don’t think it’ll catch on or become a big problem. There aren’t many advantages compared to the disadvantages.