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sara hoots

Sara is kind of our new BFF--you'll love her, too!

Here at, we love love love talking about the ins and outs of sexy times–which is why we’re so freaking excited about our brand-spankin-new Sexy Times With Gurl video host Sara Hoots!

No, Sara isn’t a Victoria’s Secret Angel or a hip-hop video vixen–what makes her sexy is that she knows how to have fun and be herself.

Here are three reasons we love Sara Hoots (and why we think you’ll love her, too):

* She still has her favorite stuffed dinosaur from when she was little. Loyalty!

* She loves a good cheeseburger. She’s REAL!

* She’s been on Gossip Girl. Seriously! AND she doesn’t brag about it. (So we will for her!)

Beyond all of that, this self-proclaimed nerd payed her way through college and saw the world–including visiting some U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan–as a waitress at Hooters. We get it that a lot of girls aren’t into what that restaurant chain represents, but we dig that she knew a good opportunity when she saw it and used it to get ahead in the world. Sexy AND smart? Love that!

Sara’s Sexy Times With Gurl videos will debut every Friday at 5pm Eastern Time (2pm Pacific) right here on–starting tomorrow! So get ready to have all your deepest, darkest, sexiest secrets answered!

What sexy times topics do you want Sara Hoots to talk about at Tell us in the comments!

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  • Leila

    Was anyone else severely distracted by the incorrect spelling of the word “paid?”

    • SexyChicka

      Don’t they have editors 🙂

    • Nicolly

      “God, and I thought poelpe were actually starting to accept different sexual orientations!” I think that poelpe are overall, but there will always be homophobia (and prejudice in general). It can be reduced but there will always be some poelpe who are ignorant.

  • emmadilemma98

    no! wheres lena????