Ask A Guy: Do Guys Judge Girls Based On Her Clothes?

Hi Ethan,

Do guys judge girls based on their clothes? Since it’s getting warmer out, I’ve stopped wearing tights with my skirts and dresses. Do guys judge a girl if she wears kind of revealing clothes? Or do they just not even notice?

We may not be able to discern Vera Bradley from Juicy Couture (both specialize in tube tops, right?), but all guys notice “revealing.” As I pointed out in a previous post, males are generally more visual creatures who are highly responsive to images. When a girl walks down the street in a super-short skirt and a tight t-shirt, nearly any heterosexual dude will turn and look (or, if he’s with his girlfriend, will do everything in his power not to look). It’s just the way we’re biologically programmed.

But it’s much more difficult to make blanket statements for what guys think when they see a girl in revealing clothes, because it really depends on how conservative, religious, or lascivious (i.e. “horny”) each one is. Sexually suggestive clothing drives some dudes crazy, while others find anything showing even a little bit of skin absolutely abhorent. It all comes down to the fashions a guy finds attractive. (Hey, even Snooki found love, right?)

[caption id="attachment_62084" align="alignright" width="200" caption="In the end, wear what makes you happy! | happy girl

Individual preferences aside, I do feel that in general, moderation will best help you lure in your love interest. In other words, try to get him imagining without actually revealing much. Subtle hints of womanhood may help to lure him in, but make him work for the privilege of seeing the rest!

However, don’t forget that whatever you wear is ultimately your choice, and you shouldn’t feel you need to dress in any particular way for a guy. Regardless of what turns on one dude versus another, if you stick to wearing what makes you feel comfortable, you’ll often attract the type of person you’re aiming for in the first place. Fashion is one of the most empowering – and certainly the most observable – forms of self-expression, so define yourself as the person you want to be!

Good luck!

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  • Katie Tuck

    Me and a really close guy friend were watching a movie on the couch and he gets up and goes and gets me a pair of his sweat pants because they were more comfortable than what I was wearing. I didn’t ask him to and it was pretty random, he’s never done that before. Why did he do that?

  • samantha molina

    my bf walks me to class so i always make him late and i feel bad

  • Avg279

    There is a guy in my school and I kinda like him, so i occasionally stare at him and talk about him, once we were walking in a group(school trip) and I got really exited because there was reception and I could text my friend and I would not say he is my friend, so later he started teasing me that I am texting my bf which I do not have and I never had. Does it mean that he likes me? I also find him looking at me for a second, he suddenly becomes really quiet and serious. He is really immature and considered as popular and I am a “looser” reputation. Also before I tried to talk to him but he pretended to ignore me and than I knew that he heard me but I found that sort of offensive.

  • Llilly


  • Barbie.LuvzU

    Well idk…it depends he dosent want a girl dreesing bummy ..but what girl dosent judge how the guy looks…society has became where beuty outside is same idk i guess he would judge alittle..but mostly focus on apperance and personality…i guess thats how it is… 🙂

  • Countrygurl

    I’ve stuck with pretty much the same fashion stuff for a few years. I barely ever try to wear the clothes that are only gonna be in style for a while. If a guy doesn’t like what I wear then they can go find a girl who wears what they want. But my guy doesn’t judge the way I dress and I like that <3

    • Ethan Fixell

      Sounds like you’ve found a good guy — stick with him!


  • georgia

    hey..look..i am twelve years old..and i like meny boys..but i am overweight and nobody likes me back..there is a guy that was my boyfriend and he didn’t care about my weight but know he doesn’t show that he want’s to talk to me..he is not my bf eny more..and call him like 10 times a day..but he says that a anoy him…what sould i do? i tryied to not call him but i dont want to loose him..and there is another guy my love of my life…but he only likes thin girls but i am fat…i tried to loose weight but i can’t…what sal i do?

    • Kelly

      First of all, the best thing a girl can have is confidence. it does’t matter if you’re overweight as long as you take what you got and work it! Secondly, if your ex is saying that it’s annoying when you repeatedly call you should stop. I get not wanting to lose him but if you guys are broken up and it doesn’t seem as if you guy’ll get back together again soon then just try to keep it to a minimum of maybe calling every other day. Lastly I’m sure that guy you’re interested in now doesn’t “only like skinny girls” I believe that truly love conquers all including looks so let him get to know you and if it’s meant to be, it’ll be and if not then there are plenty of fish in the sea! 🙂 good luck

    • Jess

      I agree with Kelly. Forget about trying to impress him and focus on yourself. You’re 12. I know that losing this guy seems like the end of the world, I’ve been there but it’s best if you let go. Maybe he’ll miss the attention and seek you out but there’s no point in coming off as crazy or obsessive (which believe me, you seem to be doing). There will be other guys who like you for you.

      At 12 losing weight shouldn’t be an issue for you unless it’s a health concern. If you really want to change, take up a sport for the summer. Soccer is a good start, there’s a lot of running but it’s not too difficult to learn. Softball is also a fun one. There’s less running and a bit more skill involved but I loved it when I was your age and it’s a full body work out. Also, give up all the unhealthy snacks. A bunch of little things will make all the difference! Good Luck Georgia! I hope we helped a little. – Jess

    • carley

      you shouldn’t be worrying about bf/gf relationships when you’re only twelve. enjoy life while you are still a kid, and dont try too hard to lose weight, because chances are, as you get older, your body will just naturally get thinner.(im not gauranteeing it) but in early middle school, my friend was pretty chubby, but as she grew taller, she started getting thinner and thinner.(she wasnt even on a diet or anything) now we’re 15 and she’s about average weight. and as for the boy issues…. most teenage boys and girls arent mature enough to know what they want in a partner, so dont waste your time worrying about a boy that probably wont matter in a year or so. boys can be really shallow and will only care about your appearence sometimes. and even if you get skinny, that doesnt mean a boy will like you. Im 15, and i have always been skinny and i can only name a couple times a boy has shown intrest in me. when you get older, you will learn more about who you are and so will boys. and although there will still be boys that only like girls based on physicall appearance, there will also be boys that care much more about your personality, and who knows, maybe in a couple years youll find a nice guy that likes you for your personality, and thinks you’re cute (but dont try to take things to quickly!) but for now, be patient, and show him that you dont need him, because a 12 year old doesnt need a bf to be happy 🙂 all u need is good friends and a good life. 🙂

  • Sammie

    My BF does seem to like it when I wear mildly revealing clothes, and I’m fine with that. I wore short skirts with bikini tops and strapless shirts anyways, so why not? It’s a win-win situation for me.

    • suehey

      my bf too he likes it, as he says they can look all they want but your mine 😛

    • Adro

      I know im only 15 but i like a girl when they wear a long sleeved shirt that is a little tight around their chest, with jeans.

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