Funny (But True) Things We All Think At The Salad Bar

She said: Oh, you know–I’m trying to eat veggie today. No chicken for me–although you’re right, it looks delish!













She said: I’m so glad we’re eating healthy for lunch!


She said: Slices of onions?? How is this a salad topping? Who in the F puts RAW ONIONS on their lunch, come on.


She said: Hmm…the ranch dressing has 150 calories in 2 tablespoons.


She said: What are you talking about? Spinach, bleu cheese, hummus and beef chili will make a GREAT combo, duh.











She meant: Great. Now I have to gag down all of this awful mix just so I don’t have to hear “I told you so.”






What’s your favorite thing to get at the salad bar? Are you always as healthy as you think you’ll be, or do you splurge with croutons, cheese, and all those yummy desserts? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Anna

    She said: What’s the point of this being a SALAD bar if there’s 4-meat pizza halfway down it?!

    She meant: Damn, we should’ve just gone to Pizza Hut, so me having three slices would look normal.