Your Complete Guide To Easy Environmentalism


Save money <em>and</em> the planet by swapping with pals instead of hitting the mall! | Source: Shutterstock

Wear Green

You already know how to don green on your face. How about the rest of you?

A lot of waste comes from just one trip to the mall. Think about it: Receipt paper, plastic bags, food court containers, gas… It adds up, not just in the environment, but also in your wallet. So how can you go green in your wardrobe?

There are a few things you can try. Organic clothing doesn’t use pesticides, which is always a good thing. Sustainable fashion is made from natural and recycled materials (you can check out some of sustainable styles here).

Other options? Vintage stores let you recycle and reuse clothes that are new to you–and you’ll probably be the only one at school with each item!

Another alternative? If you and your pals are sick of what’s in your closets, why not organize a clothing swap? You can help each other pick out new-to-you ensembles without breaking the bank–and it’ll ease up on your carbon footprints, too!


What are your tips for easy environmentalism? Do you have any tips on conserving energy, trees, or water? Do you recycle? Let us know how you go green in the comments!

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