Your Complete Guide To Easy Environmentalism


Go green when you're getting so fresh and so clean. | Source: Shutterstock

Watch Your Water Usage

We totally take water for granted, just because, well, it’s there. But just because water is a somewhat renewable resource doesn’t mean it’s okay to let it go to waste, especially when so many women and girls don’t have access to clean water at all. Luckily, there are really easy ways to save H20.

Don’t get us wrong: Taking a bubble bath once in a while, especially when you’ve had a rough day, feels great. But regularly taking showers instead of baths saves an insane amount of water–and time!

Other quick and easy ways to save water? Using a dishwasher for a full load over hand washing after dinner will conserve some precious agua. You can also turn off the water while you brush your teeth, and you can suggest your folks look at cheap devices that will make your toilet use a lot water.

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