Your Complete Guide To Easy Environmentalism


Green looks good on everyone. | Source: Shutterstock

Earth Day is an awesome reminder of why our planet is awesome and that we should protect it, but environmentalism is something you can take part in 24/7, 365–because it’s so easy!

It’s totally not about being preachy or greener-than-thou, either. It’s more like respecting where you live and leaving it in good shape for the people who come after you. Think of environmentalism as treating your time on the planet the way you would behave if you’re sleeping over your best friend’s house: you clean up after yourself and act extra polite, because her parents don’t have to like you or invite you back, right? Similarly, though Earth can’t kick you out, it can bite back in terms of climate change, endangered species, and health problems from air and water pollution… And as of yet we don’t have any other planets to house us!

You don’t need to run out and buy a Prius or take drastic measures like starting a self-sustaining farm or anything like that (though if that’s your thing, go for it!). You can take small steps every day that will eventually become second nature to you. Changes in your daily habits that you will barely notice can make a more than noticeable change in how healthy our planet is.

Bonus: A lot of these tiny changes will actually make your life easier and better. Sweet deal, right?

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