WTF? 10 Insane Overreactions To “Hot Problems”

Move over Rebecca Black. There’s a new so bad, it’s good–but still really bad–YouTube vid out there. And yeah, we’ll admit that the message of “Hot Problems” is totally wrong and it’s pretty nuts that their parents probably paid for this and the talent level here leaves a lot to be desired. But the craziest part of this whole thing is the outrage it’s caused. Come on! They’re teenage girls! Like, you (or I) never did anything silly for attention? Nothing they’ve done has warranted the bonkers attention they’ve gotten. YouTube commenters are losing their minds over this video! They’re talking physical pain, apocalypse and murder. Seriously, guys? It’s a 3 minute video. We say, get over it.

Watch the video and then check out 10 of the most insane comments on “Hot Problems.” Do you agree with any of them?


Yes. This is how terrorism works: you sing a song poorly and innocent people die. Totally.

Somehow, we doubt that.

Death penalty by firing squad? Um, no.

At any given moment there are now 367 Ke$has roaming the Earth. Fact.

So, we’ll admit these girls don’t seem like the brightest . . . but sluts? Yeah. We’re not okay with you calling any girl a slut, Mister. Here’s why.

Every time I watch this video a clown jumps out of my closet and punches me in the face too. No, wait, what?!?

Singing songs badly almost always results in pregnancy; just look at the pregnancy rates of karaoke singers. The stats are staggering!

Now you’re talking, the art of sandwich making is so sexy. Hello, isn’t Subway everyone’s top turn on?

We’ve spoken to our lawyers and we think your case has merit. Straight to the Supreme Court!

Hey, it worked in Mean Girls–and it was totally reasonable then too!

Nope, not creepy at all.

What do you think of the “Hot Problems” video? Hot or NOT? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Fudge bucket

    When they said tht they had problems they rlly weren’t joking

  • Julia


  • Megan Ramsey

    Their parents didn’t pay for this. In an interview they both admitted they couldn’t sing and made it for fun. They knew it was horrible and made it as a JOKE for their friends. They are not the next Rebecca Black (THANK GOD) and they know it was horrible. If you guys are going to make a article at least look into the background of the video. If a 13 year old girl can understand they weren’t being serious, so can you.

  • Gypsy

    I agree people tend to go overboard with comments, give most bored people the opportunity to *troll* and they will. But these girls do not deserve any sort of praise for this atrocity either. The end of the refrain, “sometimes we lie” is not good any way you look at it. Just because someone thinks they are “hot” they reserve the right to lie whenever they please? This combined with the horrible beat, lack of tone or harmony and failing with the lip sync is more than enough to cause a barrage of negative comments. If you really take these comments close enough to heart to be impacted in any sort of way, perhaps you should just forget to scroll down and read comments on anything, because trolls gonna troll.

  • Not A Hot Girl

    I think YOU overreacting. They’re being fucking conceded by singing poorly. Although, I applaud that they don’t use auto tune. Kudos.

  • Mina

    Ok they cant sing. Im just being honest.

  • Christen

    Do you really not understand the purpose of a joke? None of these comments were being serious (except maybe the Rebecca Black one, because I know I feel the same way). These were just people making jokes about the song. It’s hyperbole, do you really not understand?
    And if the author of this does get that and was trying to be funny, she didn’t do a very good job of it.

  • Matt Neputin

    The interesting thing is that you seem really offended by the comments of some 13 year old kid.
    (Youtube commenters)

  • Rae

    Apparently someone doesn’t understand the concept of “trolling” or “sarcasm”…

    In all honesty, it’s disgusting what these girls are saying and it’s even more disgusting that there’s even an article about these comments because they “overreact”?

  • jinpayne

    You guys need to learn how to take a joke, these comments are all funny, especially when its about this crappy song.

  • Karly

    That was… Whoa… The music itself was catchy, and the words well at least they didn’t try to teach us the days of the week but Rebecca Black has also risen in my books too! I find it hard to believe that in this day and age of Auto-tune these girls didn’t use it. I don’t know whether to applaud their bravery or just shake my head and shiver. I mean them no harm and I think that with training they could be good, lots and lots of training, but this is not hot.

  • Penis McManly

    This is why women shouldn’t vote

  • Disappointed

    Jesus, the comments were funnier than the article

  • ann

    i think these r 2 VERY confidant girls singing badley….but hey so what….yeah they r cute and they no it….whats with all these really bad comments….jealousy is a very ugly thing…get over yourself people please….

    • MB

      *I think that these are two very confident girls singing badly, but hey. So what? Yes, they are cute and they know it. What’s with all these really bad comments. Jealousy is a very ugly thing. Get over yourself people. Please.

  • Missy

    Ummm…are you serious? There’s such a thing called harmony which is what they need and just a waste of time and money putting that up online. there’s no need to overdo the comments about being physically hurt or them getting hurt or whatever but i think that not so nice comments would appear…

  • (L)iveyourlife.

    LOL I think it’s supposed to be a joke. or they’re trying to make a catchy song with a stupid message and horrible singing to get famous – sound familiar? Rebecca Black clones!!
    “we’re just like you, except we’re hot.” I like it. hahahaha

  • Rachel

    YouTube flamers tend to enjoy the thumbs up they get for talking about violence… 😛 I just don’t even understand why people give them thumbs up for it at all. It’s a miserable, horrible song, and it drives me batty, but do I think that they’re sluts? No. They should be physically harmed? Hmm… NO. But that’s the risk YouTube comments always run, sadly.

  • A

    I’m actually embarrassed for them…
    Their problem is that they can’t sing. o_____o

    • secret

      Are you serious? Cause i think anyone well anyone that understands this knows its a joke! 😛

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  • Kayla

    Okay, not only does this song have a message that nobody will actually raise their hand and say “I relate to this” –who is that conceited–but their singing shouldn’t be called singing. It’s in this really bad in-between rap and attempting to carry a tune place. I am sad to say that I’ve actually bumped Rebecca Black up in my book. She’s actually singing, albeit badly, not doing whatever these two are doing.

    • Lilian


    • dave

      agree. they’re lipsyncing to a ridiculously bad song. isn’t the idea of lip-sync to make you seem to sing better than you really can?

    • Reed

      agreed. i think it might have been better if they were actually singing, or if i knew whether or not they’re being serious.