WTF? 10 Insane Overreactions To “Hot Problems”

Move over Rebecca Black. There’s a new so bad, it’s good–but still really bad–YouTube vid out there. And yeah, we’ll admit that the message of “Hot Problems” is totally wrong and it’s pretty nuts that their parents probably paid for this and the talent level here leaves a lot to be desired. But the craziest part of this whole thing is the outrage it’s caused. Come on! They’re teenage girls! Like, you (or I) never did anything silly for attention? Nothing they’ve done has warranted the bonkers attention they’ve gotten. YouTube commenters are losing their minds over this video! They’re talking physical pain, apocalypse and murder. Seriously, guys? It’s a 3 minute video. We say, get over it.

Watch the video and then check out 10 of the most insane comments on “Hot Problems.” Do you agree with any of them?


Yes. This is how terrorism works: you sing a song poorly and innocent people die. Totally.

Somehow, we doubt that.

Death penalty by firing squad? Um, no.

At any given moment there are now 367 Ke$has roaming the Earth. Fact.

So, we’ll admit these girls don’t seem like the brightest . . . but sluts? Yeah. We’re not okay with you calling any girl a slut, Mister. Here’s why.

Every time I watch this video a clown jumps out of my closet and punches me in the face too. No, wait, what?!?

Singing songs badly almost always results in pregnancy; just look at the pregnancy rates of karaoke singers. The stats are staggering!

Now you’re talking, the art of sandwich making is so sexy. Hello, isn’t Subway everyone’s top turn on?

We’ve spoken to our lawyers and we think your case has merit. Straight to the Supreme Court!

Hey, it worked in Mean Girls–and it was totally reasonable then too!

Nope, not creepy at all.

What do you think of the “Hot Problems” video? Hot or NOT? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Megan

    Over the top literal much Gurl? Whoever wrote this article shouldn’t be allowed to roam the internet. They’ll get their arse kicked by trolls.

  • Simone

    you mispelled mispelled lol

  • thetomboy

    It was really stupid. but hey, they’re teens and were probably just bored. Get over it.

  • Rayne

    I agree with the 6th comment, this song caused me physical pain. I winced each time one of them sang. And seriously, even Rebecca Black, who is by no means a good singer, is better than them.

  • alamii

    personally i think they deserve those comments. first of all, the lyrics were by far the worst i’ve heard.they directed an insult to women through this part of the song “hot girls have problems too we’re just like you. EXCEPT WE’RE HOT.” the only reason why they’re famous is coz people are making them a laughing stock.

  • gURL

    I think you guys should lighten up. Most of those were jokes, no one really means them except a couple people being stupid and even then…

  • Matilda

    I saw them in a interview about their video. They aren’t conceited at all, they were just a couple of friends who decided to make a song as a joke. They are also pretty self-aware, they knew they cannot sing well so they spoke the entire song.

    I don’t understand the people who comment and feel the need to hate. It seems that youtube commentators are drama queens. I don’t know why anyone thinks the anonymity of the internet somehow gives them a free pass to be obscenely cruel and vulgar.

  • Steffy

    Not to be rude, but some comment I think they exgarated(missed spelled). But if i had to choose I rather listen to Justin Bieber (if your a fan, its not to be rude). They really can’t sing and the vedio had no since to it except that they are rich and “hot”? I hope she doesn’t try to make a new vedio. Also Friday wasnt good either

  • Britta

    They were cute til they opened their mouths. Aren’t they like 12? And if your first instinct was to make a racist comment, you can go kill yourself. I just saw a fat black girl with no weave go super ghetto in Macy’s wearing a tube top. This hardly compares. Arm waving, ridiculously loud cursing, the works. Also, this video basically sums up why MTV is no longer popular.

  • Lulu

    The only thing that’s an overreaction here is this blog post. Youtube’s comments are always full of sarcasm and ill-received comedy that some people don’t get. All you’re doing here is stating the obvious and not getting any of these reactions.

    It takes 15 seconds to leave a long Youtube comment, yet, it takes 2 seconds for someone to read and misconceive that these are serious.

    Go die in a fire (AND YES, THIS IS SARCASM),
    Lulu McDonald

  • John

    I think its stupid that there’s entire page dedicated to “mean” comments towards this song. If you put something that sucks (and sometimes even if it doesn’t suck) your going to get people who will verbally assault you. They knew what they were getting into. I’m sure we all laugh at the people who go on American Idol and can’t sing. I also doubt that you cared when you laugh at them because they were bad and they should know it. Get over mean comments on the internet this is the real world and it has people that want to hurt your feelings.

  • Andrew

    This song is awful and in fact its an attack towards women. Everything they say their not in that song can be seen by their actions in making that song. The lyrics “Hot girls have problems to, we’re just like you except we’re hot…hot….hot” Is by far the worst lyrics. I will be surprised if they both don’t end up on 16 and pregnant. The only thing this video did better than Rebecca Black’s is that they got someone who wasn’t underage to drive the car

  • Zayne

    Are you kidding me! To the people who wrote the comments back to the people who posted comments on the actual video, you are an idiot to take any of that seriously. The girls who made the video were obviously trying to be stupid and the people who wrote the comments were too. I can’t believe you took every comment as seriously as you did you retard!

  • ash

    Whoever wrote this article must’ve really ran out of things to talk about. A lot of these people are joking and being sarcastic. That’s what people do on youtube. They can say whatever they want about these girls, if you upload a video to youtube, expect to get comments that might be negative. So I say if you cant take it, dont out dumb videos out on the internet.

  • An actual intelligent person

    Okay, first of all, if you didn’t realise; EVERY ONE OF THOSE COMMENTS ARE NOT LITERAL. Really? I can’t even believe an article like this exists. I came here thinking you meant people raging in all caps and being way too over-the-top, but if you actually think these comments are at ALL insane you’re either a noob of youtube, or just an idiot. These comments are jokes, some aren’t funny, but not one of your responses to said comments are.
    Now, would you kindly just leave the internet (and just so you know, that ISN’T LITERAL)

  • Taylor

    Out of all of those, two or three were overreactions. The resy were bad jokes. Get it together.