Urban Outfitters Lesbian Kiss Gives Us (A Little) Hope

Urban Outfitters Lesbian Kiss April 2012 Catalog

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the new Urban Outfitters catalog out this week. In it, there’s a picture of two girls standing alone in a room kissing. Two girls! Kissing! It’s caused quite an outrage with radical conservative groups, including the one who tried to get JC Penney to fire openly gay Ellen DeGeneres from their ad campaign–those ladies do NOT like this Urban Outfitters lesbian kiss–but we find it straight-up refreshing. No, it doesn’t exactly forgive other uncool things Urban Outfitters has done in the past, but it does give us hope that maybe (just maybe) they’re rethinking things and realizing that two people loving each other–regardless of what gender they happen to be–is a cool thing and doesn’t hurt anybody.

Fingers crossed that this is just the first in a line of many, many more open-minded moves from Urban Outfitters. Who knows–maybe they’ll change their ways so much that one day we’ll even want to start shopping there again!

What’s your take on the Urban Outfitters lesbian kiss? Do you think it’s no big deal? Do you shop there even though they’ve done some pretty dodgy stuff in the past? Let us know everything in the comments!

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  • itdoesntmatter

    hey dont be a hater to gay people they are people too. my grandma is gay and she had a kid (my mom) and she turned out fine. also its not fair for politics to get in the middle of peoples lifes espesially because this country (america) was built on ideals of equal rights for every person no matter what religion (or if you dont have one) or what you like in a person as far as if they are gay or striaght.

  • samantha

    i think this campaign is wrong.

  • tammy

    All we need to do now is get those stick thin lesbians some food! They’re grossly underweight, but it’s one step in the right direction!

    • Sydney

      Rude. Calling someone “grossly underweight” is just as cruel as calling someone fat.

      • Sharlee

        She’s not being rude. She’s saying how it can simply make so many girls self-conscious because those models are so skinny. 😐

  • Tiffanyy

    I honestly can’t stand homophobia. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. One of the best quotes ive ever heard was “I love people not genders”. That’s beautiful and for people to discriminate us out of ignorance. Why stop gay couples from getting married and adopting children who need loving parents? Or even creating their own children? How is it anyone’s business?
    I don’t think Rick Santorum is a mean person, if that makes sense. I grew up in a Christian home, so I understand where his beliefs come from. He feels that every child is a gift, therefore they should all be kept. Although I don’t believe that children who are a product of rape or incest should have to live, I do think peopleshould be more responsible about having sex. Its kind ridiculous though who keep having abortions because they can’t take a pill or rap it up, like for goodness sake -.-‘
    I do think this article has a very liberal bias, which is a bit hypocritical, seeing as this is an article about people who have a conservative bias.

  • Luna

    I like to so mach so I want to do it naw

  • girish

    super kisssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Melo

    I think this ad campaign has little to do with the CEO and his opinions. Marketing is marketing and attractive girls kissing is going to catch people’s attention and sell.

    Remember the saying any publicity is good publicity? That’s what this is. If radical conservatives are like “hey look at this horrible catalog picture” and they decide to protest it and it makes it on the news, it means people (not just conservatives, but everyone who watches the news) are going to see it and there are going to be people who will look at it and probably check out what else is in the catalog.

    Everyone has a right to their own political, moral and spiritual beliefs. But when it comes to making money people will sell them all out.

  • Missfiction

    i think thats nice.

  • Chelsea

    Wow, these comments have really gotten out of hand. I will try my best to get my point across in the most non-bias way, but still question some of the comments I found particularly disturbing.
    Okay, let’s start with the issue of gay-rights. This is obviously a huge theme in the article, and is a topic that is truthfully very hard for me not to be bias about. It is honestly ghastly some of the things the LGBT community have to hear and go through in our society. It honestly makes me sick. Luckily, most comments like these were not on this comment board and tended to be much more thoughtful, but there are still some things I would like to address. Obviously, everyone of us deserves not only their own opinion and voice, but they deserve their own life. Their own choices in life. I know the word “choice” for a lot of homosexual people is a hurtful one, but to keep things simple, I will use it. I find the steps to a more loving community who can except all forms of marriage is one of the bigger revolutions of my generation. This country is beautiful in its diversity of religion, cultures and peoples. So believe me when I say that I both believe in religious freedom and gay-rights.
    The animosity between “liberals” and “conservatives” (I hate both of these terms) just fuels our need to try and control how we think everyone else should live there life. But honestly, there is no reason for this to be so personal, it is politics. The government should not regulate our personal lives and our individual freedoms. I also seriously bash on the people who have said that other people ignorant, or “brain-washed” for writing their comments. I don’t care if they were commenting on something I was against, that’s just not okay.
    Abortion is such a touchy subject for so many people. Quiet honestly, I really think this article could have done a better job on keeping the bias comments out. It is not that a child (even one that was made from the conception of rape) is not a gift. It’s just that it’s not yours to say if the mother who was put in the monstrous and awful situation, her choice to keep it or not. I completely and totally understand those who are pro-life, but that doesn’t mean that the they should force this OWN decision on other women, especially because of all the repercussions of having a baby in ANY situation.
    I don’t care what your stance is on either of these topics, I respect your opinion and your right to do what you will with them. But I will not accept harassment on groups of people, including gays, pro-life, pro-choice, liberal, conservative, christian, atheist or anything else.

  • Karen

    All of you are doing exactly what you are complaining about.

    Yes, there is a bias and a lot of contradictions in the article but if you actually looked at anything on this website, you’d see that most of it is like that. It’s made to be like that! When you read it you feel as if your talking to an actual person, with their OWN opinions, and you are. All of the ideas in this article belong to the author and in her mind, she is completely right in what she’s saying. And in your mind I’m sure you are too, but it doesn’t matter, it’s not your article!! So shut up.

    Also, saying that kids read this that haven’t yet formulated their own ideas about things, is stupid. Think about it. How are you going to formulate your own ideas about something if you’ve never learned anything about it or heard anyone else’s opinions? (You can’t.)

    Abortion is a choice. It’s every girls OWN choice. I don’t care if your pro-life or pro-choice or pro-abortion, if you can’t see that whichever category you label yourself in is YOUR choice, then your probably not comprehensive enough to have a choice. It can be formulated or based on your religion or political party or whatever else but it’s YOUR’s! Your entitled to your own opinion on it, therefore, every other girl is. As for saying it’s scientific fact that a baby isn’t an actual person until after they’re one-plus years old just says that your not only gullible but you’ve also never made a baby laugh, which is emotion, or had a baby prefer a food or toy or be allergic to something. No matter where you stand on abortion or what level science you’ve taken, once you’ve had a baby and it’s outside the body, screaming, crying, eating, sleeping, etc, it’s alive and although it’s not yet developed mentally to know it’s self-aware, but it is. It cries when it’s hurt and smiles when it’s happy. It IS a person. If said baby is the production of a rape, the person who was raped may not believe so, but it could possibly be a blessing to someone else. You didn’t choose your parents or your conception and neither did the hypothetical baby.

    All of you are arguing with your opinion and not straight facts and that’s why nobody’s winning. Just like some of you said, you (usually) can’t change people’s opinions with your own. Being a member of the LGBT community is also a choice and it’s also a choice whether or not your approve, disapprove, or are neutral to the issue.

    All of you need to calm down and realize that YOUR choices and YOUR opinions do NOT mean shit to anyone who disagrees with you!! (=

    This is an article about a clothing line and homosexuality. These issues have been taken way out of proportion.

  • Teresa

    This is a reply to everything that was referring back to my post. Some of you do bring up some really great points. The purpose of my post wasn’t to make the author or anyone who has beliefs that I went against feel bad, but to make gURL.com think about what they are doing. Their audience largely consists of young girls who haven’t really been able to formulate an opinion on things like this yet. The way that they’ve phrased this article makes it a threat to a young girl who is easily swayed. I believe that gURL.com needs to lay off their personal opinions (or at least present both sides to an argument) so that they aren’t influencing the next generation of American voters.

    In reply to the people who said that I was pushing my beliefs on gURL, that truly wasn’t my intent. What I was trying to do was point out the inconsistencies of their arguments and present facts to support my own beliefs- not make them belive what I do. On the other hand, to the people who talked about me pushing my Christianity on them, I really couldn’t disagree with you more. First, I made one comment about my God. It wasn’t offensive in any way. I merely stated that He was forgiving and that He could wipe a repentant person’s slate clean. Second, as a Christian, I am called to not be ashamed of His name and to be an ambassador for Him. I’m sorry if you disagree with me (and I’m honestly not trying to start a fight or sound disagreeable), but I can’t and I won’t shut up about my God.

    Last, I would like to reply to the critisism I recieved for speaking out against abortion. One girl in particular asked me if I had studied abortion. In fact, I have studied both sides on an intensive level. In all of my research, I came to the conclusion that the fetus actually is a child. You said: “but most abortions happen within the first 12-14 weeks. The baby hasn’t even begun to form yet.” Then what is it that the abortionist have to remove? What is it that is making the mommy sick and making her belly grow? This is an article from babycenter.com talking about a baby’s developement at 12 weeks- ” Your baby’s face is changing. Her eyes, which started out on the sides of her head, have moved closer together and her ears are almost in their final position.Now is the time when the tissues and organs that have already formed in your baby’s body grow rapidly and mature. Your baby’s intestines, which start out as a large swelling in the umbilical cord, will begin moving into her belly cavity about now. ” As you can see, the baby already has a face, eyes, ears, organs, intestines, and a belly. Really, I’m not trying to criticize anyone who is pro-choice, I’m just asking you to reconsider what you’re saying. I’m not trying to push my beliefs on you. I’m just presenting you the facts and letting you make your own decision.

  • Juls

    ^^ I agree with Teresa.

  • boomtiing_ox

    ^the rest of the girls on here? no hunnehbunch.
    all of what you said is bs that christianity has warped your mind to believe.
    homosexuals have a right to be just as miserable as all the other married people 😉
    abortion isn’t killing a child since it’s not alive and the fetus hasn’t developed (obviously after a period of time you cannot perform an abortion since you’re too far gone).
    no woman should have to ask forgiveness from god for choosing to have an abortion; HER CHOICE, HER BODY, HER LIFE.
    do you agree that pregnancy from rape is a gift? if so your sick and your existence is questionable.
    it seriously worries me there’s still people like you living in the stone ages where it’s wrong to abort, wrong for gay marriage and all this other shxt.
    biatch please.

  • Merine

    Woot! This almost-half makes up for their anorexia shirt!

  • Jennifer

    Hypocritical is the first word that comes to mind.

  • juliagrace

    Well, people can believe whatever they want. I believe that if two people love eachother, they should do whatever the crap they want! If the UO CEO is a conservative prick, that’s his problem!

  • lola 555

    Another question for everybody (especially Teresa) :

    If someone told you that you were ugly, dumb etc. would you be upset? Yes, of course. Are you allowed to tell the person what they are doing is wrong? Yes, of course. But these are the person’s beliefs and shouldn’t be able to say them even if they maybe hurtful? Noooooooo!!!!!

    Its like in this Awesome article, if you’re views and beliefs are hurtful to others there is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself. What this article is doing and what the CEO is doing are completely different!!!!!!

  • lola 555

    it aggravates me to see people on gURL (look at Teresa’s post) who believe that fetuses are babies, never mind children. IT IS NOT A CHILD IF IT IS STILL IN THE WOMB, IT IS A FETUS!!!!!! This has nothing to do with beliefs, this is science!!

    Ask yourself this: Would you rather that you were born into family that could not afford to support you and didn’t want you, or be aborted to live as another person, in a family that did want you very much? I hope you chose option 2.

  • Jasmine

    Teresa, in the first two paragraphs, everything you said was completely true. But this is an article, no one is forced to think like the author. All this is her thoughts, and opinions.
    Second, the whole abortion thing, its completely unnecessary. The fact of it is, we all have different opinions and beliefs. And in that third paragraph, you too, are pushing your beliefs on people. So you now, are doing exactly what you’re calling out the author for doing. I am not pro abortion or anti abortion, its a personal thing. That should only be the business of the person who is pregnant. Yes, killing someone is a sin in the Bible, but “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”
    We don’t all believe in God or Bible though, and then it becomes just a moral issue. And different circumstances lead to different decisions when it comes to abortion. This article should not have became such an issue to you, if you don’t agree with it. Then don’t worry about it, I’m sure it will not harm you in anyway.

  • Teresa

    Okay. Let’s get something straight here. You’ve spent this entire article talking about how it’s wrong to judge homosexuals for what they believe in and what they do. Yet you have the nerve to turn around and judge the CEO of Urban Outfitters for what he believes and does. You have the nerve to judge Rick Santorum for what he believes and does. You openly contradicted multiple things that most Christians strongly believe, therefore judging them. And you seriously expect the people who read this article to not judge homosexuals? How does that even make sense?

    Second, it sounds like Urban Outfitters is a more conservative company. You voiced that you were upset that conservative groups asked them to get rid of the homosexual shirts. Essentially, you said that you were upset that conservatives were pushing their beliefs on Urban Outfitters. By writing this article and bashing them for not supporting gay people, aren’t you pushing your liberal beliefs on them? Aren’t you doing the same exact thing you’re mad at conservatives for doing?

    Third, can I ask you a question? Do you believe that it’s right to kill a child? I should hope you said “no”. What about one that’s still in the womb? It’s still a child. Is it right to kill it then? If you said “no” to the first question, you should say “no” to this one too, right? For clarification, I’m not bashing anyone who has had an abortion. I don’t believe they made the right choice, but God will readily forgive anyone who is truly sorry and has asked Him for forgiveness.

    I challenge you to reply to my comment and answer the questions I’ve asked you. It won’t take you long, I’m sure. But it is something that I (and I’m sure the rest of the girls on here) are interested in hearing.

    • Mimi

      Someone took this article a little too seriously…

    • Caitlin

      I’m just gonna quickly reply to this- Your first point is good. It’s a bit of a paradox though, because now you’re yelling at gURL for expressing THEIR opinion about something. So it’s a circle.
      Second, this is in no way ‘pushing their beliefs at U.O.’ There’s no guarantee that they will see it; in fact, they probably won’t. And another thing, just because someone supports gay marriage, does not make them a liberal. That is a very wide (and wrong) stereotype. Most liberals do, yes, but someone can be democratic and also support gay marriage.
      Third…ok. This is where I’d start to get mad and pull up some facts but I’m not up for a debate, just trying to make you see some sense. Have you done research on abortion? I have. Did you know that the fetus isn’t even conscious? In fact, babies aren’t self-aware until 1 year or 18 months. So saying that it’s a life is a bit of a stretch, if you knew anything about abortion. I agree with you that getting an abortion when it is fully formed is obviously stupid and wrong, but most abortions happen within the first 12-14 weeks. The baby hasn’t even begun to form yet. How can you say that’s taking a life that hasn’t even begun? Furthermore, if someone gets raped and becomes pregnant, how is THAT right?
      And yet again, you are forcing your beliefs on us by mentioning God. We are not all Christians, nor do we have to be. So when you say he will forgive us, well, that doesn’t mean shit to me because I will never ask for forgiveness.
      I challenge you to think about what I’ve said yourself, rather than let a book think for you.

      • sara

        The moment of conception to birth, it doesn’t matter, a life is a life, they don’t have to be conscious??! Are plant’s conscious? They are still considered life. The only reason someone should carry out an abortion, is if rape has occurred, or the mother might lose her life. It doesn’t matter what religion you are to believe that, this is what I, and may others believe. The only thing that I dislike about this article is that it bashed Rick Santorum, and that made me feel like it was a liberal article. I don’t have a problem with libreral, 99.9 percent of the people i know and lover are liberal, but i do have a problem with this article taking on a political view. Even if Rick santorum said that about Rape, it does feel left sided. Someone also said any child from anyone is a blessing. The mental damage someone has resulting in rape, might not enable them to care for the child, or ever love, or look at the child. If you are a rape victim, them it is your choice to terminate the pregnancy. Abortions are NOT a form of contraceptive people. Save lives, please do not distroy them.

    • Jessica

      You need to get a life… This cat may help


    • Dangstraight

      Amen sister. Amen.

    • hellogirl101

      Yeah i agree… It’s wrong to judge all those conservative groups who are just trying to stand up for what they believe in. I mean we thought that the pro-anna shirt was wrong. Whats wrong with them thinking that displaying homosexuality as an innocent act, is wrong?

    • Sophia Tydings

      I totally agree with you! As for the writters…This is my first time on the website and I am shocked. The thing that stood out to me the most was how you bashed Rick for saying a pregnancy resulting from rape was a gift from God!! Isn’t any child under any circumstance a blessing!? Thats like saying you don’t believe a mother of a child who was concieved by rape should be loved! I know that’s a bit of a stretch but its true. Also if by “equal rights for women” you mean that he is pro-LIFE and thinks women should not have the choice to kill a baby than that is NOT unequal rights. It only means equal rights for the child to LIVE. …I will definately not be using this cite again.

    • olivia

      I don’t get how this article judges homosexuals. I just think it’s article about a ignorant, idoit turning around. Second, I don’t think they’re pushing libreal views on them. They probally just want it to be equal and for them not to be swayed by what radicals say you know. Third, Every woman should have the choice of abortion. I think the woman who have them are sad but they know they have to do it. Just because you don’t think it’s the right choice just respect it and know that what they went through is a painful emotianal journal and it wasn’t easy for them.

    • Steve

      I also find it odd that when a person states they are pro-choice, if you ask them what their stance is on the death penalty, they are opposed to it. They weep for the dammed while damming the innocent.

    • Kaitlyn

      Teresa, the plain and simple fact is that a fetus is not a sentient being during the first trimester. Being a sentient being is also what allows doctors to remove artificial ventilation from patients in a coma. Other than the abortion stance, I agree with your other comments. Judging others is not a reflection on them, it is a reflection on you. This applies to everyone. Also, regardless of hat you believe about abortion, it will always be a choice for women. You can not take that away from us.