I Can’t Believe He Said That

Dating is weird. A guy asks you out, you feel awesome, you meet for dinner, the movies, or whatever, and then all of a sudden it becomes judgement day.

A few weeks ago, some dude at a party asked for my email. I blushed and handed it on over. And I blushed more when he wrote me saying he’d like to take me to dinner. Right on!

We met before dinner to see a comedy show, and some joke got made about vegetarians and French fries. He laughed and said he knows a vegetarian who totally eats french fries. “You know,” I said, “I’m a vegetarian and I love French fries too!” Silence. “Well, actually,” I continuted, “I am a vegan.”

He never replied, and changed the subject–but later I got curious and asked him if he’d still have asked me out if he’d known I was a vegan. I couldn’t believe his response:

He paused, gave it (at most) two seconds of thought, and simply said “No.”

No?! I couldn’t believe I was being written off for being compassionate to animals and good to the earth.

Sometimes when someone tells you a quality about you that is a deal-breaker for them, it can be tempting to dismiss that quality about yourself or promise that you’re not that way. In my case, I looked him right in the eye and ordered some vegan ice cream–not caring one bit if I ever saw him again.

You’ll Never Believe The Gross E-mail This Dude Sent A Girl!

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  • Heather

    I don’t believe this guy is a sleazebag at all! I’ve heard all my friends that are girls say that they can’t date a guy that does this or that so why can’t a guy have an opinion either? I have certain deal breakers myself that might scream shallow to you guys but it’s just something I can’t live with. For example, I could NEVER date a guy that didn’t like dogs or was a vegetarian. It’s too complicated because I love meat and would cook it. I don’t want to cook 2 separate meals or go to a vegan restaurant. That’s just NOT what I want or could handle. He’s not a jerk, he’s just not wanting to waste your time. I think he’s a great guy who knows what he wants.

  • Fabulosa09

    what a shallow jerk-off…I dont judge ppl who are vegans (more food for me lol). seriously though, a person petty enough to break it off over something like that obviously doesnt deserve you. dont feel bad though. I been pushed to the side due to preferences. for instance, my bf dumped me because he wanted to give me anal sex, but I dont like it. He wanted to find someone that would. Brush your shoulders off. you’ll do better. *God bless*

  • stp81091

    Some of the comments on here are pretty ignorant. I AM a vegan, and am extremely healthy. You can get everything you need from a plant-based diet except for vitamin B-12, and the only reason you can’t get that as a vegan is because it is found in soil, and after all the washing and processing it gets completely washed off the plant. It is found in animals beause they eat the soil. This guy was a total asshole for losing interest in her because of her dietary preferences. It’s called “grow up” !!

  • sinead

    he should have asked you out its not your choice if you want to be a vegan

  • Matilda

    I am glad you stood up for yourself and didn’t feel the need to change your eating habits to accommodate your date. However, I can see his side a bit. There are a few vegans and vegetarians out there, who for whatever reason feel the need to force/ persuade others to adopt their dietary plans and that people who eat meat are somehow ignorant flawed people. I understand not all vegans/ vegetarians are like this, when I meet someone new who identifies themselves as such I can’t help holding my breath and waiting for them to tell me why eating meat is so awful. And I really don’t want to deal with that hassle, or them thinking I am some kind of murderer and socially inferior because I like steak and bacon.

    People are gonna make many judgements about you: how you dress, your religion, and even your dietary preferences. And some people may not ask you out because of them. What you consider assets may not be considered so by everybody else.

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  • Karen

    Being a vegan is a choice, yes, but its a stupid one.

    Humans were born to be omnivores. No matter how many supplements or tofu you eat, your not going to get all the nutrients and vitamins you need to be healthy.

    Animals eat Animals so your logic is completely flawed. I understand wanting to protect animals, but in reality your not saving any animal by becoming a vegan, but you are harming one, yourself!

    If you really want to do something about the meat industry, get better working conditions and more inspections and more rules.

    • madi

      it’s not harmful being vegan or veggie. I’m a veggie. I’m not unhealthy at all, in fact i’m fitter and healthier than almost all of my friends who are meat-eaters. It’s not a stupid choice, it’s her and ours choice and if it’s not harming us who are you to judge?
      And you saying about animals eat animals, yes they do – but they don’t keep animals in cages,transport them to slaughter houses in tiny vans causing them immense stress, force feed them, electrocute them when they kill them, take them away from their mothers when they’re young. And the animals do it to survive, we do it for the pleasure of eating them.
      I know you dont’t agree with these views, but it’s not your place to criticise.

    • Peace

      Ok, I don’t get where you’re coming from, you decided to be an omnivore, she decided to be vegan. I really doubt you can look back to the first human and see, yes he was an omnivore, thus means that all human life from this point must be an omnivore to be healthy. Vegans can be healthy, even healthier than the average person, I know some that are. Also, your logic is flawed because rabbits, giraffes, deer, etc. do not eat other animals. Being vegan is a good part in doing something about the meat industry because if there is no need for animal flesh to be sold for human nutrition then it would shut down. Why are so many people brain-washed into thinking that veggies don’t get enough nutrition?

      Love and Peace!

  • linz

    I personoally don’t understand why someone chooses to be a vegan, its really not good for you becasue you don’t get nearly enough of the protien and iron and like 8 other things that you can only gain from meat, i’m lactose intolerant so i need calcium tablets to make sure i have enough. nearly all vegans are deficient in all of vitamins and minerals since they don’t eat meat and dairy ect or use supplements (which can never replace real food with the nutrients). i don’t understand why people choose it

    • Maki123

      i am vegan myself and it is not as hard and vitamin deficient as you seem too think.i believe that you need to do more research on the topic before you make such harsh judgments, many vegetables have all the nutrients that are needed for the human body to function, sometimes even more. the only vitamin that a vegan diet may be sufficiently lacking in is B12 and that is because it is found in soil and unfiltered water which are things people don’t usually eat. i’m not saying that veganism is the best choice for everyone because we all have different nutrition and bodily needs, but most people are under educated about the nutrients in food. here’s some links to help you out: http://www.vrg.org/nutshell/vegan.htm#protein

  • Tatyana

    If you love animals so much, why are you eating all their food? Plus guys don’t really care for fussy girls who can’t eat anything.

    • Emma

      Jeez! Don’t judge her beliefs! Isn’t that what the jerk-face here just did? Live and learn, hon.

  • Emily

    That’s one of the stupidest reasons I’ve ever heard for a guy to say no. I’m sorry, that really sucks butt :/

  • lonelyinwinter

    Good for you! I’m glad to hear you didn’t back down or try to hide what you believe in! I’m a vegetarian myself, not a vegan, but still frowned upon by certain people for doing something they don’t understand. People like that are so closed minded they really don’t deserve your time! Just because someone isn’t like you doesn’t not mean you should just brush them off! Reading this made me happy… At the end lol! Stay strong with your beliefs!

  • Lara

    I love this. We should have things we like about ourselves and hold to them. Instead of thinking we need to change to get people to love us, we all need to remember that we are most lovable when we love ourselves!
    Here is a link from my blog about doing that – http://www.theloveinhereyes.com/2012/01/24/how-to-attract-the-guys-you-want/