I Have Hairy Legs And I Like It That Way

my leg hair

Doesn't look so bad, does it?

Razors. Wax. Depilatories. Electric needles. None of those things touch my legs, because honestly: I’m happy with my leg hair.

I first got the idea to stop shaving my legs in high school, when I was shocked to see a friend’s hairy legs sticking out from under her skirt. When I asked why she’d let her leg hair grow, she said something like, “I don’t see why I have to shave.” This seemed like a perfectly good answer, and so, out of my own curiosity, I decided to stop shaving immediately, after five years of doing so religiously.

Fast forward many years, and here I am, sitting around in shorts with my leg hair visible in all its glory. Once I grew out my leg hair and got used to the feel of it blowing in the breeze (got to admit, that was pretty weird at first), I came to the same conclusion as my friend: why do I need to shave my legs? Because commercials and magazines tell me I need to? Because it’s expected of me by my society? It has no impact on my health, intelligence, or, truthfully, my ability to get dates. (One rather conservative guy, upon learning my legs are au natural, asked me, snidely, if guys ever date me. Yes, idiot, they do. And I would NEVER date anyone who cared so much about leg hair that it would be a dealbreaker. Appreciate me for me, not for having hairless legs).

Can I touch it?” people ask me, upon seeing it. I guess having hairy legs makes me somehow exotic. I’m happy to let folks feel it, and they frequently seem startled that it’s soft. Yep. Soft leg hair. It’s not long; I just measured it at about 1-1.5 cm, and much like your arm hair or your eyelashes, it hits a certain length and stops growing. Don’t pay attention to that “if you shave it and let it grow back, it’s super dark and worse than ever,” because it’s not.

Some consider me lucky: my leg hair is pretty light-colored and doesn’t grow heavily; I’ll admit it’s possible I’d be more self-conscious if it was dark and/or thick. As it is, you can’t even tell from a few feet away that the hair is there, and maybe that’s one reason I’m comfortable not shaving. It’s nice to not worry about stubble, nicking myself, paying other people to rip the hair out of my follicles, or feeling like I can’t wear a skirt unless I take care of my legs first. It’s freeing, and I don’t even think about it any more.

To answer a question people ask all the time: yes, I do shave my armpits. I grew out that hair once, and I didn’t mind how it looked, but having hairy armpits made me even more in need of deodorant, and I drew the line at being stinky. So yes, smooth pits, although I’m also lazy about keeping them stubble-free.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without shaving? Have you ever thought about letting your leg hair be natural? Could you ever commit to having hairy legs? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • morgan

    I went 5 months without shaving my legs and I got ridiculed for it so much. Although it didn’t really bother me, I eventually shaved. I recently decided to quit shaving again. I might start back up though during summer, unless I’m feeling extra brave. I don’t know any other girl who doesn’t shave her legs. I just wish more people would go all natural.

  • Stephanie

    I dont like hair on my legs, underarms, or bikini. I feel it is uncomfortable and I dont like the way it looks. I dont care if everyone else stopped caring, even before i was allowed to shave i didnt like having leg hair. I wish i could mentally make everything below my eyelashes stop growing.

  • eddie miner

    I like hair on a girls legs.Jus a little hair like yours.It is a fetish of mine.

    • Sid

      Yeah right weirdo.

      • smithca1988@yahoo.com

        No it is true, I don’t care about hairy legs what I hate is what is called major facial hair on women. These women have to get rid of the facial hair.

  • Rufuyakai

    Hi 🙂 im rufuya from philippines, i have a hairy legs 🙂 and it doesnt matter to me , i was born like this , so ill be die like this 🙂 some said do shave it , take some medicines , wax it , do something about that etc. but i refused them ! I just said to them that what ever i have , its Gods wonderful gift to me that i need to show and be proud of it , love or hate me , no problem about that ! I love my hairy legs <3 because the real essence of being beautiful is not in the flawless skin , its about the real you and how you express yourself 🙂

  • Rei

    I actually find leg hair on women pretty hot~
    Hairless legs, hairy legs, they can be both attractive. I’ll date someone whether they have leg hair or not, because there are far more important qualities to worry about in a romantic partner.

    What bothers me is the double standard around body hair: Women are expected by men to keep their bodies smooth and hairless, and to have bodily hair growing is considered some sort of travesty that is met with comments like “please shave/laser/etc.”–in other words, people demanding that they remove their bodily hair just because they dislike it. Meanwhile, no expectation is made of men, which carries some pretty nasty implications.

    So do what you want with your body. If you like your body hairy, that’s fine. If you like to shave, that’s fine too. But please do it because you want to, not because society tells you to.

    • Kayla

      I agree that it is a double standard. I am a very hairy woman that when I shave it comes back long the very next day. I am very self conscious when getting into a relationship with a guy because a lot of guys where I live like their ladies hairless wearing see threw shirts and shorts that show their lady bits. I’ve even been dumped many times for both my conservative clothing and how I don’t shave every day. So I always feel pressured into shaving.

      • Kayla

        Not to mention when I lost my virginity the guy I lost it to went around telling people i was a hairy monster which then made me more self conscious about shaving.

  • T

    Hi! I don’t shave my legs either… but it’s mostly cause I’m too lazy…and even though I like the feel of my shaven legs, the day after it’s just stubble and ingrown hair and shit… oh well still too lazy!

  • Nyteling

    I’m 17 and I live in a rather small town where apparently it’s customary for women to shave their legs. I hate it. I graduated last year and for the 5 years of highschool, I was bullied and ridiculed. This lasted 2 years before they realised I didn’t care. However, I did wax for important occasions (formal, debutantes etc) since my mother forbid me of using razors. I love going natural and it makes me feel good when I see stuff like this. It let’s me know I’m not the only one who loves their hair! <3

  • David

    I love a natural woman. Its sexy
    So Im behind you 100%

    • natural hair lover

      I recently asked my wife to grow out her hair everywhere on her body I love her leg hair her pussy hair for armpit hair we’ve also got into pegging and I’ve enjoyed that to both of these things are news to me but I really really grown fond of it but he recently when she gets mad at me she called me gay and says it out to be with a man that couldn be further from the truth why does she do this and what should I do about it I’ve enjoyed the natural state and don’t want to change it I know I’m not gay but it does hurt my feelings when she says there’s any advice

      • natural hair lover

        Stupid tablet speak to chat I love her armpit hair and we have got into pegging even my tablet is insulting me

  • beemack

    I love the look and feel of womens unshaved legs. I don’t know why some women destroy the looks of their beautiful legs with tattoos.

  • Some nigga

    This has got to be one of the most disgusting posts I’ve ever seen shave your god damn legs!!

    • Sid

      I bet you don’t.

  • Feeling sadly hairy girl

    hi, im asain and i really have hairy legs and i like it and everything but some people like make fun of me by it. I dont wanna shave my legs but i dont want to make it all darker and everything! can anyone help?

    • emmy

      I love hairy legs and hairy women

    • beemack

      do not listen to the critics. women with unshaved legs are the sexiest and the hottest women anywhere.

  • jose

    I am happy about girls, who have found freedom in being natural.

    Yes, hairy legs are not looking so bad.
    Actually, they look very nice and feel soft.

  • Blake Bedford

    Im 16 and i love girls that dont shave. I mean hair is a natural thing i dont understand why it has to be shaved. I actually find it more attractive for a girl to not shave at all not only because it looks hotter but because it shows confidence in themselves.

  • Theo

    My wife doesn’t shave her legs/armpits in the winter and I LOVE it. She is so hot, even after 23 years of marriage, she turns me on. I love it when she wear pantyhose with hairy legs. A mature and smoking hot women!!!!

    • mehboob butt

      i also same to you. i love natural beauty. my feeling very hot when i see lady with hairy legs.

  • doesnt matter

    as a man, i think this is perfectly right.
    i do find it less attractive though (its not my fault, ive been brainwashed since age 0) but i wouldnt care a about it not one bit if i dated a girl with some hair on her legs (depends how much and if she shows it to everyone, keeping your legs covered so you dont disturb other people is one thing, but having a lot of hair and wearing mini skirts while riding a crowded bus is something else, generely i wouldnt care, and even if i did care, women shouldnt care about what i care about their legs!)
    also i think if i had a girlfriend, it would be reasonable for her to shave her legs just for my enjoyment, and if she new it was for me and not for the razor blades companies, i dont think she would have minded shaving her legs, i know i wouldnt mind shaving mine xD

  • Salomeja

    Hi! I’m raped how you get along with your nature. First, I’m from Europe and, maby, my english is a little imperfect. Sorry for that. Next, I feel unconfortable during shaving prosedure. That hurts me. So, I do it when there is neccesity such as going to swimpool or if I want to wear a skirt. However, I want to praise you. Yeach, that’s the reality. That’s how we, women, really look. So, that’s it:)

  • Stephen Williams

    Body hair on women was a very accepted thing up until the 1920’s. Prior to that decade ALL American women did not shave anywhere on their body. Then the razor blade companies went on a campaign to maximize profits by spreading the lie that leg and underarm hair was “BAD” on women. Women began shaving those areas, but the pubic region remained untouched until the late 1990’s when that lie about body hair spread to the pubic region. This enabled corporations to rake in untold sums on razors, lasers and waxes to satisfy misplaced notions of vanity. Bottom line…the pubic region on both men and women needs to remain unshaven, it was NEVER addressed in the 1920’s as it was a ‘private” area out of public view. Some of the classiest women in history sported full pubic bushes and it is indeed a classic, iconic look on women. It is not “unhygienic”, “bad grooming” or “a 70’s thing”. Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Bettie Page and Elizabeth Taylor all had thick full bushes. Kate Middleton has a full bush and Prince William LOVES it. Leg and underarm hair were never shaven in Europe and it was as accepted as a natural part of a woman’s body. The key is every woman should have CHOICE and not be put down for what she chooses. If you like your legs unshaven, so be it, plenty of men share your like. I am male and I love body hair on women.