Love And Work Really Can Mix–Look At Nina And Ian!

ian somerhalder & nina dobrev found a balance between love and work

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous pair? |

Everyone is always crowing on about how love and work do not–and should not–mix. And that can definitely be the case in certain bad situations, especially if the coworker you fall for is a complete douche or your boss. But what if it’s Mr. Gorgeous himself, Ian Somerhalder?

This weekend Ian and his on (and off!) screen girlfriend Nina Dobrev seemed to be more in love than ever as they strolled around the Coachella Music Festival in their best hipster outfits.

But really, haven’t The Vampire Diaries costars always been one of the cutest celeb couples? I love how these two can spend hours on set with one another and still be so totally smitten kittens when the cameras stop rolling. No drama, no scandalous sex tapes or embarrassing public brawls–just a seriously adorable pair.

ian somerhalder & nina dobrev

The look of love! |

But how do they make it work?

Super Support
One of the biggest problems with dating a coworker is potentially competing with your man–if you guys have similar positions that could create tension. But Ian seems to always be so supportive of Nina and vice vera.

No Clingyness!
Plus, they also avoid another workplace romance pitfall: constant togetherness. These two clearly have separate lives and interests of their own, which is an absolute MUST in any relationship!

ian somerhalder & nina dobrev

What's so LOL you two? |

So this summer if you find yourself falling for your fellow server/ice cream scooper/intern, don’t automatically assume it’ll end in disaster…but only go for it if he’s as hot (and supportive and generally awesome) as Ian–and if you think you can stay as cool as Nina!

Do you end up crushing on your coworkers? Do you think Ian and Nina are the exception to the rule or is on-the-job love underrated? Tell me everything in the comments!


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  • Renee Kay

    Actually, I’m a waitress at a Pizza hut and my man is a delivery driver there. It’s the happiest relationship I have ever been in. We just have to remember that personal and professional are kept separate.