Reader Hookup Confession: My Sister Was In The Room While I Had Sex!

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My sister saw my boyfriend and I having sex… or at least heard!!!

She was hiding in my closet, waiting to scare me… but I’m guessing she didn’t expect my BF and me to walk in half-naked. I thought she was at a friends house and that we were home alone. We started undressing, unwrapping the condom, all that stuff, and then we got right into action. We were being pretty loud since we thought we had the house to ourselves.

I thought I heard some sounds coming from the closet, but just ignored it. When we were done, we got dressed – and all of the sudden, my sister ran out of the closet as fast as she could! My boyfriend and I looked at each other, completely shocked. I ran after her, but I think she finally made it to her friends house. She hasn’t made eye contact with me or really talked to me since then, and it’s been a month.

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  1. avatar Amber says:

    well fwiw i think it’s a turn on. i saw my sister and her boyfriend doing it and just stayed hidden and watched her give him a blow job. it was amazing. she didn’t swallow and so much spilled out. i like to touch myself when i think about it.

  2. avatar Jillian says:

    If that had been my brother I would never he the end of it! I mean…he would probably tell me–and my parents–everything he heard over and over again.

  3. avatar leah says:

    OMG!!!! she is gonna need some therapy poor kid

  4. avatar The_true_me1423 says:

    Lol so so so so embarrassing lol :) XD :) :{D

  5. avatar Countrygurl says:

    Woww… That’s really embarrassing for you and your sister. AND your boyfriend, I guess. Well it’s a good thing your sister didn’t tell?

  6. avatar Alexis says:

    you just made me so happy to be an only child my hook-ups are always and always will be little sibling free

  7. avatar Alex (andra) says:

    How old was your sister D:

  8. avatar Chelsea says:

    Omg! Shame you both must feel REALLY awkward :/

  9. avatar basschick says:

    oh my goodness, how embarrassing! for you AND her! XD how old was she?!

  10. avatar Noelle says:

    LOOOL must have been soo embarrassing i am just hoping she wasn’t super young

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  12. avatar Missfiction says:

    Omg lol “me” lol

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  14. avatar Me says:

    Wow, that’s really embarassing! How ols was she, maybe you could get away with telling her you were wrestling (lol) :)

  15. avatar Monika says:

    Well, I have two nieces and one of them is 6 so If me and my Boyfriend ever did somheting like that and she saw, I would have been dead. (If she told)

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